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Stock up for personal use or for distribution with the colossal selection of mail-order wholesale cannabis from Low Price Bud.

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We take care to work with the best cultivators in Canada to supply only the best for our online wholesale customers. If you want to buy weed by the pound, shop wholesale with Low Price Bud.

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We work with cultivators across the country to give you direct access to wholesale cannabis products in Canada.

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Looking for bulk flowers, edibles, or concentrates? Look no further. At Low Price Bud, we strive to provide our wholesale customers with the best bulk cannabis products available in Canada.

Mail Order Wholesale: Recreational and Medicinal

Buying medicine in bulk or inventory by the pound is available at the click of a button. Shop for edibles, isolates, and other cannabis concentrates all at wholesale prices.

Why Shop Wholesale Online?

Where else can you buy wholesale marijuana in Canada, but online? It’s the same beautiful bud we sell in the main shop but now available in bulk.

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Buy Wholesale Weed Online Canada

Want to stock up on cannabis for the foreseeable future? Instead of buying a few grams of cannabis or a couple of pre-rolls, you can buy wholesale weed for safe and discreet delivery. You can order bulk weed in quantities of anywhere from an ounce up to a full pound of weed. Not only will this give you more than enough weed for all purposes, but it can also result in huge savings.

You can buy wholesale weed online at Low Price Bud and tons of options are available. Whether you’re looking for a half-pound of your favorite strain or want to mix and match a pound of various strains, it’s easy to order all the wholesale weed you need.

Why Buy Bulk Weed?

Buying weed in bulk has various advantages. Many recreational users buy large quantities of cannabis simply to stock up on their favorite strains, whereas medical users order wholesale weed to ensure they always have the medication they need. Ordering wholesale cannabis reduces the stress of needing to constantly replenish your supply. Most importantly, ordering cannabis in bulk gives you huge savings over ordering small quantities.

Wholesale Weed Quantities

When you buy wholesale cannabis, you can order much larger quantities than you usually would. Bulk weed usually starts at an ounce (28 grams), but many users choose to order higher quantities such as a quarter-pound (112 grams), half-pound (224 grams), or even a full pound of weed (448 grams). The more you order, the less you’ll pay per gram.

Strains Of Wholesale Weed

Wholesale weed is available in a massive variety of strains. Indica strains are generally the best choice for those who want physically relaxing effects and relief for issues such as pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Sativa strains are known for delivering a mentally-stimulating high while also counteracting stress, anxiety, and depression. Hybrid strains give you a mix of indica and sativa effects. You can also mix and match wholesale cannabis strains.

Wholesale Weed vs. Popcorn Nugs

Should you order popcorn nugs instead of regular wholesale weed? Popcorn nugs are small nugs of weed that have been separated from larger nugs. These are sold at a lower price than regular wholesale weed as they’re less aesthetically appealing. With that said, small nugs are just as potent and flavorful as larger nugs, and you can get huge savings by ordering these in bulk.

Wholesale Cannabis vs. Craft Cannabis

Is wholesale cannabis better than craft cannabis? Craft cannabis strains are high-quality artisanal strains that are produced in small batches. These may be a better choice for cannabis connoisseurs who are serious about the flavor and bag appeal of their weed, but they also cost significantly more than regular wholesale strains. Ordering wholesale cannabis is a better option if you want large quantities of cannabis at a much better price.

Order Bulk Cannabis Online

If you want better savings, a bigger stash, and a wide variety of strains, you can order wholesale cannabis online right here at Low Price Bud. Simply sign up, add the products you want to your cart, and pay via e-Transfer. All orders are available for safe and discreet delivery throughout Canada.