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Cannabis resin contains a high amount of THC, which is the most psychoactive compound of marijuana. Its color can range from gold to red to black, depending on the plant’s strain, production method, and storage conditions.

Resin is sticky, sappy and luscious, and is primarily composed of cannabis trichomes. It can be smoked alone, but it is usually used along with other substances like regular marijuana, tobacco and other herbal mixtures.

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What is Live Resin? This flavorful and potent cannabis concentrate is known for being rare and hard to produce. Creating live resin extracts involves flash-freezing weed to maintain the terpenes and flavonoids, giving it a richer flavor in addition to very high THC levels. As a result, live resin extracts give you an intense, euphoric high and a range of medical benefits.

Finding high-quality live resin is usually difficult due to its complex extraction process. However, you can now buy live resin online in Canada hassle-free.

Effects of Live Resin

What are the effects of live resin? Since it’s a high terpene full-spectrum extract, live resin is just as powerful as it is flavorful – live resin concentrates can reach THC levels of up to 90%. You should expect an intense, euphoric high that relaxes your body and enhances your mood, although the effects depend on the strain you use. Indica live resin is better for pure physical tranquility whereas sativa live resin offers uplifting mental effects. Hybrid live resin strains offer a mix of indica and sativa effects.

Medical Benefits of Live Resin

With strong effects and delicious flavors, live resin is one of the best medical cannabis products. Its physically soothing effects can help with even severe symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, and other forms of physical distress. Its mentally uplifting effects also make it useful for counteracting anxiety and depression symptoms. It can also help counteract appetite loss and insomnia.

Live Resin vs. Cannabis Flower

Is it worth using live resin over weed or marijuana flower? The answer depends on your preferences. Weed offers lower THC levels of around 15 – 25%, making it easier to handle – especially for beginners. Live resin offers much stronger effects in addition to a rich flavor, making it ideal for those who want something more intense. Live resin can also help medical cannabis users with severe symptoms.

Live Resin vs. Cannabis Concentrates

Is there a difference between live resin and other cannabis concentrates? While it’s a type of weed concentrate, it’s very different from extracts like shatter, budder, and hash. Flash-frozen buds are used for live resin extraction and the terpenes are re-infused, making live resin much more flavorful than other dabs. This makes it one of the most sought-after cannabis products.

How To Use Live Resin

Smoking Live Resin: Adding dabs of live resin to a joint can enhance the flavor and effects. You can also add it to the bowl of your pipe and bong. Just make sure you mix it with weed – this will ensure it burns properly and prevents damage to your glass bowl.

Vaping Live Resin: Vaping live resin is the best option as it brings out the intense flavors and effects these concentrates have to offer. You can use a dab pen, concentrate vaporizer, or even an oil vaporizer with a live resin cartridge. The ideal temperature for cannabis extracts is usually between 157 – 232°C (315 – 450°F).

Dabbing Live Resin: Using a dab rig and dab torch, you can unleash the full potential of live resin extracts. Apply a dab of your chosen live resin strain to the banger, apply heat, and enjoy the effects. Keep in mind that dab hits are extremely powerful and not recommended for inexperienced users.

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