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An edible cannabis experience is slightly different than a smokable one. Edibles come on slowly, to deliver powerful body high. Edibles are an excellent choice for chronic conditions. Shop for THC & CBD edibles in Canada, and you’ll note how boring the selection is. Want more? Shop online for edibles and find a massive selection of drinks, candies, chocolates, pastries, chips and more.

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What are Cannabis Edibles?

Cannabis-infused food and beverages have been consumed for hundreds of years, dating as far back as 100 BC. It was traditionally used as medicine in ancient India and China, before it was introduced into Western medicine in the 19th century. Edible options are prescribed to patients to treat several conditions, from pain to anxiety to digestive disorders. Today, edible weed products have numerous uses in the medical community, and are quickly becoming a popular choice among patients who are looking for a natural treatment with no unpleasant side effects.

Why Buy Cannabis Edibles?

  • Edibles are less harsh on the lungs. When you inhale cannabis smoke, you are also inhaling other toxins that can damage your lungs. People with weak lungs or those with medical lung conditions can experience the benefits of cannabis without having to inhale it by using edibles.
  • More intense body high. The effects that you will experience after consuming cannabis-infused products cause more relaxing and sedative feelings. With these, your body is very much relaxed, effectively alleviating any pain or discomfort you are currently suffering from.
  • Effects last longer. Although edibles take longer to produce a reaction compared to other methods of consumption, their effects last longer, going as long as 7 hours. The effects are also more intense, so you do not have to consume more.

Dosing with Cannabis Edibles

Every person is built with different internal habitats, so the impact of consuming cannabis edibles may differ. One person might feel the effects of edibles after eating a product with 2 milligrams of THC, while the other might need four times the amount to get the same result. If you are new to using weed edibles, it is best to start low and go slow. Generally, it is recommended that you wait for 60 to 90 minutes to feel its effects, so patience is key. The standard dose can vary in different markets and producers. For the average consumer, however, a standard dose is somewhere between 10 and 15 milligrams.

Effects of Cannabis Edibles

Both the CBD and THC compounds from the cannabis plant work together to create therapeutic results. CBD is proven to possess anxiety and pain-reducing properties while THC is responsible for giving feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Edible cannabis options are vast, which includes candies, gummies, capsules, chocolates, teas and sodas, to name a few. Because of wide range of compounds found in a cannabis plant, consuming weed-infused products offers a different kind of effect.

Buying Cannabis Edibles

Weed edibles have shown to be effective to our health in many ways, helping us cope with our physical and psychological conditions. Still, there is so much more to discover about this amazing plant as science is starting to look into this relatively old but returning medical ally. Although more studies are still needed to gain certainty on the medical benefits that cannabis can offer us, it is indeed hard to ignore the already evident positive results in all these years. Consider trying them to see for yourself. Get high quality medical cannabis edibles from Low Price Bud now!