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Buy Edible Mushrooms In Canada

Looking for edible mushrooms in Canada? LowPriceBud is the online dispensary that fulfils all your cannabis and edible mushroom needs. We have a wide selection of premium goods, so there is something for everyone at the guaranteed lowest prices in Canada.

Gone are the days of mushroom foraging. You no longer have to walk for miles, tripping over decaying tree stumps to get a dose of edible mushroom psychedelic goodness. LowPriceBud has them closer to you.

All you have to do is buy edible mushrooms online from the comfort of your home, and we will ship them right to your doorstep. LowPriceBud edible mushrooms are sourced from reputable producers who guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the products.

Looking to buy edible mushrooms online? Here is our collection of premium mushroom edibles, from psilocybin gummies to mushroom chocolate bars!

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What Are Edible Mushrooms?

Before you buy edible mushrooms, what are they? Mushrooms are fungi that produce fruiting structures large enough to be seen by the naked eye. There are over 10,000 mushroom species, some of which are native to Canada.

Our edible mushrooms come in the form of regular candy, such as gummies and chocolate bars. So don’t expect a few stalks and caps in the packaging. These are highly potent, psilocybin and psilocin-infused candies that not only deliver the effects and health benefits of magic mushrooms but also delight your palate.

At LowPriceBud, you can find edible mushrooms from different species, such as this Blue Raspberry jelly from Panaeolous cyanescens’ Blue Meanies, Room 920  Grape mushroom jelly from Psilocybe cubensis’ Golden Teacher or this delicious Blue Meanies Milk Chocolate Bar.

Why Should You Buy Edible Mushrooms Online From LowPriceBud?

There are many types of mushrooms in Canada. Some species are edible, some are poisonous when consumed. Buying edible mushrooms from LowPriceBud eliminates the guesswork, as we only stock products with 100% safe mushrooms.

These mushrooms also taste refreshingly better. Imagine getting your daily dose of psilocybin through a delicious chocolate bar or grape-flavoured gummies. Our edible mushrooms are also easy to dose, so you can easily share them with your friends or microdose them.

These edible mushrooms in Canada are a great addition to your fun bucket or when you need deep introspection, creative boosts or just connect with nature.

Buy Edible Mushrooms Online In Canada

At LowPriceBud online dispensary, we have different types of edible mushrooms perfect for you. From chocolate bars and jelly to gummies, these delicious treats deliver a potent dose of psilocybin and psilocin and leave you wanting more.

Order edible mushrooms online today, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep anywhere in Canada!