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The Best Weed Chocolate Bars Canada

Are you looking for a delicious way to get your daily dose of the potent THC? Try our THC-infused weed chocolate edibles. They feature mouthwatering creamy, nutty, and astringent notes typical with ordinary chocolate, but with a THC twist.

You’re guaranteed premium products when you buy weed chocolate at LowPriceBud, as we only work with the best manufacturers in Canada.

Our weed chocolate edibles are also great for users looking for discretion, a high dosage, and convenience. The weed chocolate edibles look like typical chocolates so that you can pop a piece in your mouth, and everybody around you will be none the wiser.

To ensure you can properly dose cannabis, all our weed chocolate bars are labelled to indicate THC content in the entire bar and each piece of chocolate. Indulge in premium products such as this  MOTA – Black Chocolate Cubes or MOTA – Milk Chocolate Bar. or Chocolit – Chocolate Bars which boast 500 mg of THC.

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Delectable Weed Chocolate Edibles Guarantee A High That Lasts

Since our weed chocolate edibles are infused with THC concentrates, it is no surprise that even a small bite from our delicious drool-worthy chocolate treats will send you on a seemingly endless psychedelic ride.

But don't start the chocolate gouge-down session yet. Unlike vaping or smoking, edible effects don't set in immediately. You'll have to wait 30 to 90 minutes for the edible effects to kick in.

You'll ride that high wave for hours when the effects finally kick in. The best part is the high comes on slow and builds up, picking at the second or fourth hour.

Buy Weed Chocolate Bars Online At The Best Dispensary in Canada

LowPriceBud has the best weed chocolate bars online. So when you're looking to buy weed chocolate, please browse our online dispensary to discover the largest collection of weed chocolate bars in Canada.

From Potluck Chocolate – Toffee 300mg THC to MOTA – Dark Chocolate Bar, and even some sensational Herbivore Edibles – Kookie Krisp Chocolate Bars, everything will be a delight to indulge in.

When you buy weed chocolate at our online dispensary in Canada, you're guaranteed fast shipping direct to your door step anywhere in Canada.