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Shatter has a flawless amber glass transparency, and is known as the cleanest and purest kind of extract. it is one of the most beautiful marijuana products on the market today, and is also referred to as shatter weed, shatter wax, or marijuana shatter.

Similar to other marijuana extracts, shatter is dabbed or vaporized by consumers using a water pipe or vape pen. It has a potency that can reach up to 90 percent cannabinoids per weight, and offers an efficient and smoke-free way to consume marijuana.

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Buy Shatter Online Canada

What is Shatter cannabis? Also referred to as shatter weed, marijuana shatter, or simply “shatter”, it’s one of the best cannabis concentrates you can find. While there are many potent cannabis products out there, shatter dabs often contain 80 to 90% THC, meaning it only takes a small amount to get powerful effects. 

Shatter yields euphoric effects and medical benefits for users and you can buy shatter online in Canada hassle-free.

Effects of Shatter

Like marijuana, shatter has many positive effects and benefits for users, although the type of effects you’ll experience depend on the shatter strain you choose. Indica shatter provides a powerful body high that helps relieve stress and pain whereas sativa shatter enhances your mood, energy, and creativity. Hybrid shatter provides a combination of indica and sativa effects, making it highly versatile. In most cases, shatter weed provides an intensely euphoric and relaxing experience.

Medical Benefits of Shatter

Shatter also has various medical benefits. Its strong effects make it useful for pain relief and reducing inflammation. It can also help you tackle inflammation and sleep better. Many users also find that the uplifting effects of shatter help relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. Shatter also boosts your appetite. Shatter effects are long-lasting and can provide relief for symptoms for many hours.

Shatter vs. Cannabis Flower

When should you use shatter instead of cannabis flower or weed? If you want stronger effects and higher THC levels, shatter is a prime choice. Its potent properties are useful for those with a high tolerance for marijuana. The medical perks of shatter can also help those who need to relieve severe symptoms of pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and other ailments. Cannabis flower is better for those who want a milder, more manageable high.

Shatter vs. Cannabis Concentrates

What’s the difference between shatter and cannabis concentrates? Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate or extract, closely associated with budder, crumble, and other wax concentrates. Shatter is more fragile and glass-like than other dabs, making it easy to shatter into small pieces. It’s one of the most popular cannabis extracts due to its unique structure and potent THC levels.

How To Use Shatter

Smoking Shatter: Small dabs of shatter can be mixed with weed in a joint, bong, or pipe. Make sure you combine it with plenty of ground cannabis flower or tobacco – this will help the shatter burn and prevent it from sticking to the paper or damaging your glass bowl.

Vaping Shatter: You can vape shatter with a concentrate vaporizer or dab pen. This involves applying your shatter and applying a high temperature to release flavorful THC vapor. The best temperature for vaping shatter is between 157 – 232°C (315 – 450°F).

Dabbing Shatter: With a dab rig and dab torch, you can apply a dab of shatter and vaporize it for extremely strong effects. Dabbing brings out the full potential of your shatter and isn’t recommended for beginners as the effects can be intense.

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