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Are you looking for a potent, flavourful alternative way to get your daily dose of THC? Try some budder from Low Price Bud mail-order marijuana dispensary.

Budder is a cannabis concentrate that comes in a malleable, waxy state. To consume it, you can spread a layer on your rolling paper before adding your flower. You can also dab it, which is the most popular consuming method.

Concentrates like budder are usually near pure substances with up to 96% THC. This means a little goes a long way. With just a bit of this concentrate, you’ll enjoy a hard-hitting high that lasts longer.

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Ride a Superior High Wave With Our High Potency Budder Concentrate

When you're looking to buy budder online, turn to the Low Price Bud online store. At Low Price Bud, we've stocked up on Canada's purest and most delicious budder weed concentrate.

Whether you prefer the delicious and spicy diesel notes prevalent in Indica strains or love the sweet, fruity, tropical flavours common with Sativa strains, you'll surely find something that tickles your fancy.

Grab Budder – Gorilla Glue #4 for sensational chocolate-infused diesel notes, or stock up on Budder – Orange Creamsicle for a delicate creamy flavour highlighted by prominent citrus and vanilla notes.

If you smoke, dab, tweak or vape your budder of choice, the effects will come quick and hard. You'll enter a state of unimaginable euphoria where your new distorted reality will seem vibrant and colourful.

Ingesting budder or mixing it with food will lead to a delayed onset of effects so expect the high to creep in after 30 to 90 minutes.

Buy Budder Online in Canada at Low Price Bud

When you're looking to buy budder weed concentrate, turn to Low Price Bud. We boast the most diverse and highest quality budder online in Canada.

That's not all. You'll get the best budder in Canada at our online dispensary at guaranteed low prices.

You can buy individual budder strains like Budder – White Widow, Budder – Durban Poison, and Budder – Cherry Blossom. If you want to try out different flavours, you can also choose to Build Your Own Concentrate Half Oz 14 x 1g or Build Your Own Concentrate Oz 8 x 3.5g.