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Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC

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A whole crunchy hazelnut in a delicious creamy filling, all encased in a crispy wafer shell covered with milk chocolate and gently roasted hazelnut pieces. With a golden wrapper, it gives our choco a unique out look. Always presented in a stunning box!

Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

Choco Chill gives you the best flavour and quality bang for your buck:

With 400mg THC divided into 4 pieces of 100mg THC, there’s nothing holding you back from having a high quality edible experience.

All of our Sweet Chill edibles are made using pure lab-tested.


Indica, Sativa

4 reviews for Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC

  1. Felix

    I take 1 about an hour before bed and fall asleep fast and sleep through the night like rock

  2. Dai 98

    I would recommend as a night time strain and it’s exactly amazing for insomnia best sleep i’ve had in a long time

  3. Hippopus

    made me high and easily fall asleep

  4. popcanc1 (verified owner)

    So tasty , pop one in and get ready to play vid games !

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Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada
Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada
Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada
Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada

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Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada
Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada
Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada
Buy Sweet Chill – Choco Chill 400mg THC online Canada

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