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Pink Gelato Strain Review

Strain Review: Pink Gelato

The great thing about buying cannabis online is that there are so many strains to choose from. In addition to all the usual popular strains you’d find in a dispensary, you can also find cool and unique strains to try. For instance, if you’re looking for a sweet indica-dominant strain that’s bound to soothe your body and boost your happiness, you can try Pink Gelato.

Pink Gelato is a phenomenal hybrid cross between Gelato #33 and Pink Kush – two excellent strains known for their delicious flavors and enjoyable effects. As such, it’s no surprise that this strain offers a joyous and uplifting high along with flavorful smoke that goes down a treat. Want to know more about the effects and benefits of Pink Gelato? Here’s our Pink Gelato strain review.

Pink Gelato Strain Effects

Pink Gelato is a hybrid cannabis strain with an indica to sativa ratio of 80% to 20%. It also boasts extremely high THC levels of 26% to 28%. As such, you can expect hard-hitting relaxation when you smoke or vape Pink Gelato, albeit also with mentally-uplifting effects that’ll put you in a happy and peaceful state.

The mental effects are ideal for anyone who wants to tackle chronic stress or anxiety. From your first hit, you’ll experience a wave of invigorating euphoria that eases your mind and makes you forget all your worries. It’ll heighten your senses and make it easy to lose yourself in music, movies, or art. However, it might also make you feel mentally unfocused.

As for the physical effects, the body high will creep up on you. Initially, you’ll feel soothing waves throughout your neck, torso, arms, and legs. Soon enough, your entire body will be overtaken with a relaxing feeling that makes you feel incredibly at ease. Not only is this great for casual relaxation, but it’s also ideal for those looking to tackle painful conditions.

Recreational users will love Pink Gelato for its ability to make them feel blissful and carefree. With that said, some users might find it a little overwhelming. The high THC levels mean it’s a hard-hitting strain, and you’re likely to experience laziness, couch-lock, and the munchies when you use it.

Pink Gelato Medical Benefits

Pink Gelato Medical Benefits

Not only is Pink Gelato highly enjoyable for recreational purposes, but it’s also one of the top medical marijuana strains – especially for tackling problems like pain and chronic stress. Its intensely relaxing effects make it an ideal strain for combating a variety of physical and mental issues.

Since it offers a particularly strong physical high, it’s one of the best marijuana strains for pain and inflammation. The soothing effects can relieve you of any nagging pain and make you feel completely at ease. Not only is it good for injuries, aches, soreness, and inflammation, but it can also help with neuropathic issues like migraines.

The mental effects are also extremely helpful for medical marijuana users. It can instantly blast away chronic stress, putting you in an optimistic mind-state. It can also help with anxiety disorders, depression, and other mood problems. While it won’t eliminate these issues, it can help counteract certain symptoms and make them easier to deal with.

Some medical users might find Pink Gelato a little too strong for their needs. However, if other strains aren’t working for you and you need something stronger, then Pink Gelato is naturally a great choice. You can even vape it to get stronger effects and avoid the harsh drawbacks of smoking.

What Does Pink Gelato Taste Like?

As a cross of Pink Kush and Gelato #33, it’s no surprise that Pink Gelato is a great-tasting strain. If you’re a fan of sweet, dessert-like strains, then this one is sure to please your taste buds with its gelato-like notes.

The scent and taste are often compared to sweet vanilla and flowers, although you’ll also catch hints of skunk and earthy notes. Smoking Pink Gelato will give you sharp, flavorful hits whereas vaping it will make it even more smooth and flavorful.

Where To Buy Pink Gelato Cannabis

Pink Gelato is a somewhat uncommon strain and you might not find it in your local cannabis store or dispensary. Fortunately, it’s now easy to buy the strains you want online for convenient home delivery without any hassle.

You can buy Pink Gelato online in Canada from Low Price Bud. We offer incredible Pink Gelato buds at an attractive price, and you’ll get more value for your money the more you buy. You can also check out the product description and customer reviews to learn more about the strain before buying.

All our orders are sent in discreet packaging, meaning you’ll get your order safely without anyone knowing what’s in your package. We also have a long-running record for excellent customer care, so you’re in good hands. Just register an account with us and you can make your order today.

Alternative Strains To Pink Gelato

Alternative Strains To Pink Gelato

There are many reasons to love Pink Gelato, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only strain worth buying. Maybe you want to try something different or maybe you want another strain to use alongside Pink Gelato. Whichever way, here are some of the best alternatives to consider.

Dank Sinatra – Pungent, earthy, and packed with THC, Dank Sinatra is a good choice for hybrid fans. It offers a sensationally soothing indica-dominant high that’ll put you at peace and make it much easier to fall asleep.

Pink Runtz – This offshoot of the popular Runtz cannabis strain offers a perfectly balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics. As such, Pink Runtz will give you sharp mental stimulation along with manageable physical relaxation. It’s a good strain for any time of the day.

Strawberry Cream Cookies – Looking for a succulent sativa-dominant strain that’s just as delicious as it is potent? Strawberry Cream Cookies will hit you with a burst of cerebral energy and happiness while simultaneously relieving your body of pain and aches.


Whether you’re a recreational or medical weed user, Pink Gelato is a top choice. It’s potent, flavorful, and gives you one of the most powerful body highs along with uplifting mental effects. You can smoke it, vape it, or even use it for tasty weed edibles. You can buy Pink Gelato along with a range of other top strains and products at Low Price Bud.

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