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What Does Being High Feel Like?

If you’re looking to get high, then you’re in the right place. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to smoke weed and what it feels like on your first time. From deciding where and when to use marijuana, how long it takes for the high to wear off, and how to avoid getting sick, we can help. If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis, this is a must-read!

How to smoke weed for the first time

The first time you smoke marijuana, it can be a little overwhelming. What do you expect? You’re learning to use one of the most complex molecules on earth. The best thing to do is to try and relax. 

Smoking weed either by inhaling through the nose or mouth will get you high faster than other methods like dabbing or vaping. Both methods release THC evenly throughout the lungs, which means that with these methods, you’ll feel the effects sooner than if you had ingested it otherwise.

What it feels like on your first time

A lot of people aren’t sure what to expect when they smoke weed for the first time. But, once you know what to expect, you’ll understand why it’s not a big deal.

The effects of marijuana begin with its psychoactive properties, which are felt immediately after inhalation. As soon as your body digests the THC in your weed, it starts feeling the high. It’s important to know that this is only one part of marijuana’s effects; all other parts of it come later and work together to provide you with a full experience that varies from person-to-person.  The effects will also depend on your current mental state and the amount of cannabis that you have consumed or smoked. It’s also important to note that marijuana users do not lose their ability to reason as long as they’re still able to maintain consciousness.

Here are some of the effects that people feel:

  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Laughter
  • Hungry

How long does weed take to feel the high?

It doesn’t take long for marijuana to feel the effects of the high.   Typically, when smoking the cannabis flower (bud), it takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes for people to feel the effects.  With edibles, it can take up to 2 hours for the desired effects to be felt.   This duration depends on a variety of factors, including your tolerance, how often you use marijuana, and how much weed you smoke or ingest.

How long will the high last?

For most people, the high will wear off in about four hours after using marijuana. Some people might feel it for up to six hours, and others might feel it for ten hours or more.  The length of time you’ll experience the high is largely dependent on your tolerance level and also how much marijuana you smoke or ingest and what strain it is. However, as you get used to smoking marijuana, you’ll eventually develop a tolerance where you can enjoy a longer-lasting high.


With the right information and a little bit of preparation, your first time is guaranteed to be enjoyable and safe.  

Use the following tips to prepare yourself for a great first time experience.

  • Pick a strain that is best suited for your wants and needs.  Pay attention to the effects of the strain.
  • Don’t mix different strains of weed or ingest too much at one time or too quickly.
  • Take it slow, don’t go overboard and enjoy it!

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