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An In-depth Review Of One Of The Most Delicious Buds: Gelato

Gelato Strain Review: A Tasty Treat And Excellent Pick-Me-Up Bud

Ever smoked weed so good that you thought nothing else could beat that experience? There are two options, you were either smoking Gelato strain, or you thought your last strain was the best because you had not tried Gelato yet. 

Gelato is a strain that has become somewhat of a legend in the cannabis industry, adored by all, experienced and novices alike and valued by breeders and growers. This strain gained worldwide popularity in 2018. The same year cannabis became legal in Canada.

This celebrity strain is known for its high THC potency, good looks, strong flavours, and aroma that remind consumers of a particular frozen Italian dessert. It’s no wonder that Gelato won Leafly’s 2018 Strain of the Year Award.

According to Leafly, visitors on the cannabis review site spent nearly 435,000 hours in November 2018 checking out the strain’s details and availability at online weed dispensaries, way more than any other strain. But what makes Gelato so popular? What are its effects, and what is the best Gelato strain?

For that and more, this Gelato strain review looks deeper into this work of art to find out if it’s worth buying online in Canada.

What Is The Gelato Strain?Gelato Strain cannabis plants under grow lights. Gelato Strain Review from online dispensary Low Price Bud cheap weed online in canada.

If the name Gelato conjures up memories of a creamy smooth Italian-style ice cream in your mind, you already have an idea of what this strain is all about. Its aroma and flavour are a close representation of the flavourful dessert of Italian origin, but with additional effects and health benefits.

Gelato is loved by connoisseurs and cannabis novices alike for its tasty flavours, balanced highs and aroma. This strain is one of few that shines across the board, making sense of why it’s so popular in Canada.

This strain was created by Cookie Fam Genetics when they crossed Thin Mint Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet. The result was a hard-hitting strain with an impactful aroma and taste known as Gelato.

This delectable strain is well balanced, containing roughly 56% indica and 44% sativa genetics, which explains its simultaneously energizing, uplifting and relaxing effects. 

One of the features that stick out about this strain is the immense THC level – which according to lab tests, is about 18% in the lowest recorded tests. However, most specimens contain between 18-26% THC.

There are several Gelato strain phenotypes with varying potencies, flavours and effects. When talking about Gelato, most people usually refer to Gelato #33, also known as Larry Bird, after the legendary basketball player who donned the same jersey number.

Gelato #33 is the most popular phenotype and the main subject of this review. It is slightly indica and carries a THC composition that ranges from 20-25%, depending on the batch. But what are the other Gelato strain types, and which is the best?

Other Gelato phenotypes include Michael Jordan, also known as Gelato #45, in honour of Michael Jordan’s basketball jersey number. Gelato #41, also known as Bacio Gelato, is the most potent Gelato strain (the highest THC levels). It is known for its sedative effects that are likely to leave you couch-locked.

Mochi Gelato – phenotype #47 is a strain with a fruity and minty aroma known for energizing effects and the same delicious flavours and aromas. Gello Gelato – phenotype #43 is a cross between #47 and #41 and has more balanced effects and a piney, fruit-forward aroma.

Growers and cannabis enthusiasts have settled on Gelato #33 or Larry Bird as their favourite or “the best” Gelato strain. Here is why:

Gelato Strain Review: Appearance, Flavour And Fragrancebuy weed Gelato Strain from the top mail order marijuana online dispensary in Canada low price bud.

Gelato strains produce indica type small, compact and dense buds. The bud’s sugar leaves are purple and green with red and orange pistils that twist along the frosty sugar leaves.

These buds are covered by a super sticky coating of visible resin droplets, giving these nugs a visually appealing appearance that tends to leave most people in awe.

The purple hues of this strain come about when anthocyanins, a flavonoid contained in high quantities in Gelato strains, is stimulated by cold weather in the vegetative stage of the plant. 

Opening a jar of Gelato buds gives off a prominent and easily recognizable aroma. Aside from being pungent, this strain also has a sweet and fruity scent with hints of oranges and blueberry. When broken apart or combusted, you may notice a lavender, citrusy berry with woody hints. The sweet, herbal and earthy scent is what attracts some people to this bud.

When burned, the smoke from Gelato is thick, lung expanding and smooth. It produces a creamy sensation – which may explain the decision to name it after the Italian-style ice cream. This strain’s flavour is similar to the aroma, with fruity blueberry and orange notes. The taste of Gelato appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

Note that this bud is extremely pungent, so if you are trying to keep your consumption discreet, Gelato #33 may not be your best option. But what does this bud make you feel like?

Gelato EffectsMan relaxing listening to music at home after buying weed online from low price bud mail order marijuana weed shop.

This strain has a reputation of quick, hard-hitting effects that sometimes kick in before you even have the chance to exhale. Gelato’s effects start with a head rush that is focus-bringing and soothing.

This head rush progresses to a body buzz that forces you to relax and discourages much activity. However, it leaves you mobile and is unlikely to induce couch lock. Gelato is also known to cause altered perception and confusion, with some consumers describing its effects as “psychedelic.”

Time starts moving slow and you become sensitive to sounds, making this an excellent strain for daytime and early evening use and activities such as watching a movie or appreciating music.

This strain has a high THC content that soars up to 26%, which means a small dose of this strain is enough to cause the effects. So ensure you use it carefully, especially if you are new to cannabis.

Gelato is known for positive effects that usually leave you relaxed, filled with happiness, euphoric and creative. This makes it an ideal selection for creative work such as art and music. But does this strain have any medical benefits?

Medical Benefits Of GelatoWoman with stomach pain laying in bed at home. mail order marijuana canada. order weed canada. buy edibles online canada.

Gelato is a balanced hybrid that causes mental and physical effects that may help manage some conditions. Gelato’s body relaxing effects are said to help with managing chronic pain, inflammation, cramping and headaches.

It may help manage conditions that cause both pain and inflammation, such as arthritis. This strain may also help fall asleep faster if used in the evenings and may assist with insomnia and other sleep issues.

Gelato is also said to help with mental conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. However, it’s advisable to start slow to avoid overwhelming effects. 

Gelato has no out-of-the-ordinary adverse effects. However, it can cause some slight cottonmouth and dry eyes, two side effects that can easily be managed by staying hydrated before and after consuming this bud.

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