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Lemon Kush Strain Review: The Delicious Bud That Your Taste Buds Can’t Get Enough Of

Lemon Kush strain is a popular hybrid bud with a 50:50 mixture of sativa and indica genetics. 

It’s famous for its strong but pleasant citrusy scent from its high concentration of limonene terpene. 

Lemon Kush is, by all means, a celebrity strain. It is used worldwide for medical and recreational purposes and is preferred by many cannabis enthusiasts for its potent aroma. But despite its fame, there is still a lot to uncover about this bud.

This strain has disputed heritage with different breeders claiming to have created it from entirely different strains. But should you try Lemon Kush? 

In this Lemon Kush strain review, we look at the genetics, effects and health benefits of this popular marijuana strain in a bid to find out if it’s worth considering next time you purchase weed online. 

We will also look at the origins, appearance, aroma and flavour of this balanced hybrid and how it makes you feel when consumed. 

What Strain Is Lemon Kushtop of growing cannabis plant Lemon Kush Strain. Buy weed online in Canada low price bud cheap weed online.

What strain is Lemon Kush? Lemon Kush, also known as Cali Lemon Kush, is a balanced hybrid strain with a 50:50 indica to sativa ratio.  However, the genetics of this breed are ambiguous, with different growers and breeders claiming to have created the strain from different parent buds.

The general consensus is that this strain is a mix between the classic Master Kush indica and the Lemon G sativa strain. However, prolific breeder Alien Genetics – the creators of Alien Kush indica, claims that their variety of Lemon Kush is a cross between Afghan Kush and Lemon G. 

Generally, Lemon Kush is a product of a Lemon strain mixed with a Kush strain. The result is an award-winning combo known worldwide for its uber-fragrant presence and mixed sativa and indica effects.

While the heritage of this strain can be confusing, available lab results provide us with details of this strain, from its THC and CBD potency to its terpene makeup. 

Reports from Lab Analytics 360 show that this strain’s THC levels range from 16%-26% on average, although this could be higher or lower depending on the batch. CBD levels rarely go above 0.8%.

As we have mentioned above, this strain has a 50:50 indica to sativa ratio, which means it’s perfectly balanced. This ratio gives Lemon Kush Strain intriguing fit-for-all effects, making it an excellent choice for medical and recreational purposes.

This strain is known for its flavour and aroma that blend earthy tastes with sparkling notes of lemon and citrus to create an intense flavour. Here is Lemon Kush strain info:

Lemon Kush Strain Review: Appearance, Flavour And Fragrancefresh lemons and Lemon Kush Strain cannabis buds. online dispensary canada. order weed online.

Lemon Kush strain buds tend to be smaller than the average buds. They are well packed with an indica type dense bud structure. The colour ranges from light green to yellow but appears lighter due to the heavy coating of trichomes that cover the bud.

Orange pistils twirl around the buds, creating a sight that leaves most consumers in awe. The buds’ heavy coating of resinous trichomes makes them extra sticky, combined with their dense popcorn-like structure, make them extra challenging to break down if you are not equipped with a grinder.

Lemon Kush strain’s aroma and flavour are probably its strongest selling point. When you open a jar full of Lemon Kush buds, the first smell to hit your nose is the overwhelming reek of sweet lemon and citrus. 

When you start breaking the buds down to prepare a joint, the citrusy lemon aroma gets stronger, but underlying hints of earth and musk are also revealed, creating an intriguing scent profile that is unlike any other cannabis strain.

The strong Kush scents are soothing, and the herbal hints on this bud are both refreshing and energizing, and that’s before you even light it up and have a taste! So what does Lemon Kush taste like?

This strain is potent even in its flavours. Lemon Kush’s taste is also lemony, just like the aroma, but with notes of spice and tang. It’s deliciously sweet and leaves a citrusy aftertaste in your mouth long after you have enjoyed the bud. 

On the inhale, the strain delivers a creamy lemon smoke and carries a bit of spice notes, which complement the intense citrus flavours, creating a well-balanced profile that separates it from others. 

Unlike most lemon weed strains, you will not get any elements of diesel or ammonia aftertaste, a quality that makes Lemon Kush a favourite among cannabis consumers.

This strain’s lemony scent and flavour result from high concentrations of D-limonene terpene – a chemical compound that naturally occurs in citrus fruits – like lemons and oranges. 

This terpene has been found to have health benefits in various research studies, including anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Other terpenes found in Lemon Kush strain include myrcene and caryophyllene.

Lemon Kush Effectswoman playing guitar on her bed after buying weed online from low price bud online dispensary and mail order marijuana weed shop.

The smoke is harsh and fills the lungs quickly, often causing coughing. However, this sensation lessens as you consume the strain more and develop some tolerance. 

After the coughing comes the high – which may take around 5-10 minutes to kick in. At first, the effects are more cerebral focused, spurring an increase in creativity as the thoughts jump around freely and unrestricted. 

This makes it an excellent selection for creative work – such as art, music, or simply watching a movie or listening to music. 

Lemon Kush increases cerebral focus, but it also has spacey/headedness to it. Its high can also be motivating, which means you can use this strain before tackling your day’s tasks. 

This strain also has a bit of body buzz, which makes it simultaneously relaxing and uplifting.

However, the body buzz is somewhat minimal, and the physical relaxation is not extreme. Couch-lock is unlikely and not often reported.

This strain can be used any time of the day as this 50:50 hybrid does not have sedation or drowsiness-causing tendencies. This makes it one of the most versatile buds to order online in Canada. But does it have any medical benefits?

Lemon Kush Medical BenefitsMan showing signs of neck pain. buy weed concentrates online. mail order weed. buy weed online canada.

This strain is not all play; it can also benefit people with a wide range of conditions. Since it can be used at any time of the day, Lemon Kush is a favourite among medical marijuana users globally as it can produce benefits without causing tiredness or grogginess.

This strain is said to help manage chronic pain, muscle aches and other types of pains. Lemon Kush is known for reducing and deterring stress and anxiety as well as depression and other mood disorders. 

However, if you intend to use this strain, use caution as THC-induced paranoia and anxiety may exacerbate some conditions.

People with insomnia may also get a little boost from this nug due to its relaxing and soothing properties. Lemon Kush seems to be the ultimate do-it-all strain. 

However, it can also cause common side effects, including cottonmouth, headaches and red eyes. If you intend to order weed online in Canada, you may be wondering how much a gram of Lemon Kush goes for.

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