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10 Weed Etiquette Tips For Smoking With Friends

What Is The Proper Weed Etiquette When You Smoke A Joint With A Friend?

It’s no secret that cannabis is a popular social activity. But if you’ve never rolled with friends before, it can be tricky to figure out the weed smoking rules and weed etiquette when smoking weed in a group. Why? 

There are a lot of weed smoking rules and etiquette that govern the time-honoured tradition of getting high with other people—and not all of them are written down!

In this blog post, we’ll fill you in on some good weed smoking rules and etiquette with friends.

After reading the following ten weed smoking rules and etiquette, you should know what makes for an excellent joint session, get an answer to “what are the rules to smoking weed?” and how to incorporate these weed smoking rules and etiquette into your next smoke sesh.

Weed Smoking Rules And Etiquette: 10 Rules of Smoking Weed with Friends

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There are a lot of weed smoking rules and etiquette, but one of the most important rules is respecting your friend’s supply. This means that you should never take more than you need, especially if they’re low on supply. 

You want to ensure that your friends get high at least once in a while and not just leave them to the dregs at the bottom of the bowl.

If they don’t have enough left over for themselves, they’ll be upset and may not invite you over next time!

This also applies when buying marijuana from a dispensary. Don’t waste it by buying too much at once or trying to smoke more than what’s meant for one person.

Also, remember that It’s rude to ask someone else if they want some weed without offering any in return; just like food or drinks, sharing is caring!

2. Don’t Blow Smoke in Someone’s Face

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Second on our list for top weed smoking rules and etiquette is to ensure you don’t blow smoke in someone’s face.

It may be tempting to blow smoke directly into someone’s face when you’re passing a joint around, but this is not the time for it. 

People not interested in getting high don’t want your smoke blowing in their direction. We can all agree that this is common courtesy and something we should all do for each other, so there’s no reason to be rude!

Also, remember that some people might want to get high at first but then want to chill out. Giving them a quick break from inhaling weed smoke will allow them to return later, feeling more relaxed while still experiencing the effects of what they’ve already smoked (or eaten).

3. Pass It To The Left

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Which side do you pass a joint on? The well-known answer is “pass to the left.” 

This is one of the essential weed smoking rules and etiquette when it comes to smoking a joint with friends, and it’s also one of the easiest for newcomers to forget. 

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but passing a joint to your left means that you’re not only doing it because of tradition—it’s also practical! 

The person sitting on your right will be closer to the lit end of your joint than anyone else. So if you pass in that direction every time, they’ll get more smoke than anyone else (and therefore higher).

4. Know When To Pass

Passing a joint to a friend using proper weed etiquette. buy weed from weed dispensary for BC cannabis and cannabis canada.

Once you know what type of joint you’re smoking and who will join in, it’s time to decide how much of the joint everyone should have.

Joints are typically passed around, with each person taking 2 or 3 hits before passing it on. 

The number of hits depends on how potent the strain is and how much experience people have with that particular strain.

When learning the best weed smoking rules and etiquette, you must learn when to pass the joint on.

How Do You Pass a Joint?

It’s usually best if more experienced smokers set an example for those less experienced, especially when they first start smoking together. 

This section will answer how to pass a joint and which side you pass a joint on.

  • Hold the joint between your thumb and index finger. This is an excellent way to keep the joint from falling out of your hand and makes it easier for you to pass the joint if you don’t have a free hand.
  • Pass the joint with your other hand. The easiest way to do this is by holding one end of the roach between two fingers on one hand (generally your left) and then placing that same hand over the top of another person’s hands (their right).
    Then slide it off their right hand into yours as you pass them under their arm, giving them a “smoke break” and allowing them some time to relax before they have another hit of weed!
  • Don’t let go while smoking! If someone drops their part down into theirs, they can use their fingers or thumbs to push out enough smoke so that nobody else gets any unwanted chemicals in their lungs or mouth.

5. Don’t Talk Too Much, Especially If You Have The Joint

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Keeping your mouth shut is always one of the best weed smoking rules and etiquette when sharing a joint with friends. Don’t talk too much, and don’t be rude, boring or annoying. 

If you’re smoking with someone who doesn’t know the difference between an Indica and Sativa strain of cannabis, don’t try to teach them the finer points of pot culture. They’ll learn soon enough.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is doing something wrong, don’t hesitate to step in and correct them!

6. Don’t forget your lighter!

Lighting a joint. dispensary for edibles and dab pen. weed shop. weeds online. Dispencary.

Lighters are essential for taking a joint. Unfortunately, they’re small and easy to lose. So,  you must keep track of yours if you don’t want to be stuck without one.

Lighters are also easy to break, so if your lighter is in bad shape or looks like it may break at any moment, purchase a new one before rolling it up.

It’s crucial that everyone has their own lighter when smoking with friends—no one likes the person who takes all the lighters out of the room and doesn’t share!

7. Be Cautious Of Pot-Shaming & Ensure Everyone Is Comfortable

One of the weed smoking rules and etiquette we must mention is ensuring you respect everyone’s space and choices.

Be mindful of others and ensure you’re not putting anyone in an uncomfortable position. 

This could mean ensuring everyone has a joint before lighting up or asking for permission before passing the spliff around. 

If someone says they don’t want to smoke, respect their decision and don’t push them into it—just like you wouldn’t with any other activity or hobby!

8. Don’t Be Stingy With Your Weed

Remember: your joint is communal. 

If someone asks for a hit from your joint, give them a few puffs to get things going. Of course, you can always take another puff of the same joint when it comes back to you!

If someone else in the group has some weed on hand, do not be afraid to ask if they’ll share! It’s not rude at all. You’re all friends here. So it’s just good manners for everyone at the table to offer a smoke now and then.

9. No Bogarting

We can’t fail to mention bogarting when discussing the best weed smoking rules and etiquette.

Bogarting is a term that refers to taking more than your fair share of a joint. It’s inconsiderate and rude, so don’t do it. If you’re sharing with friends, take only as much as is appropriate for you to handle.

And even if there are no other people around, smoking too much of the good stuff can lead to paranoia or feeling like you’re in another dimension. So, be careful!

10. Respect People’s Preferences And Tastes

Good manners are universal. Regarding weed smoking rules and etiquette, some rules are a bit more personal. For example, you might have noticed that friends and family smoke differently. 

Some people like to keep their joints short and sweet. Others prefer to chug on their bongs for what seems like forever. 

But no matter how you choose to consume your herb (or if you choose not), it’s important that everyone respects each other’s preferences and tastes while they’re smoking together.

Now that we’ve covered the ten weed smoking rules and etiquette, wouldn’t it be good to know what type of weed or joints to buy online next time you want to have a smoking session with your friends? 

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You should take it slow with such a high-potency product as Sesh moon rock joints. Of course, you can always smoke more if you see fit.

Sesh Hash Joints

Sesh hash joints are also made of 1g of AAAA flower. But the difference is that it is hand-rolled with high-quality hash. 

Hash is a cannabis extract that is typically brown or dark green and looks like a brick or ball. It is also interesting to know that hash offers more potency in a smaller amount than traditional pot. 

It usually contains between 20% and 60% THC, though its potency depends on the chemical content of the source plant. 

Sesh hash joint is sold for $16.00 in online dispensaries. 

Weed Smoking Rules And Etiquette; Final Thoughts

So that’s it! Following these weed smoking rules and etiquette, you can smoke a joint with friends in no time. 

The key is always having fun and being respectful of your fellow smokers. We hope this article helped you with some new ideas or at least gave you something to think about the next time someone offers you one of their dank joints! 

Stay tuned for more articles on cannabis, weed smoking rules and etiquette and other awesome things we want to share with all of our readers. 

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