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Top 5 Budget Buds to Buy Online in Canada

Save Money When Buying Weed Online: 5 Top Budget Buds At Our Dispensary

Everyone loves those premium AAAA quads, but sometimes budget buds will give you an equally amazing experience. Most importantly, they won’t break the bank! 

If you are looking for the best cheap weed for 2022, you landed on the right article. 

We have compiled the top 5 best budget buds in Canada based on overall quality, potency, terpene richness, and of course, affordability. 

We understand that finding weed on a budget is tough, especially the good kind. Fortunately, all of these top picks are available at the best online dispensary in Canada, LowPriceBud. 

That said, what are the best budget buds for frugal stoners and where can you get cheap weed? Keep scrolling to find out.

Top 5 Budget Buds in Canada

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Getting your hands on premium-grade weed on a budget can seem like mission impossible. However, you don’t need to go to the end of the world to save some cash and smoke some top-quality weed. 

We have looked high and low and browsed through every online dispensary in Canada for the best cheap weed you can get. This is how the following list was created. 

Below, you will find the best weed strains for broke potheads with excellent taste. 

Pick and choose your favourite low-priced buds and enjoy.

1. Passion Fruit AA – Best Budget Bud

Passion Fruit weed online Canada. Best Budget Bud from online dispensary Canada Low Price Bud. Cheapweed online.

A fantastic budget bud for people with an affinity for fruity delights is Passion Fruit, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica) with a refreshing tangy overtone accented by citrus and lemons. 

If you enjoy sweet and citrusy aromas with a sour earthy overtone, you will find this hybrid mouth-watering. As you burn the nugs, you will sense aromatic spices and fresh kush. 

Who is this cheap bud suitable for? Total beginners and people with low tolerance levels to the psychoactive compound need to have this bud in their collection. Since it contains between 16 to 20 percent THC, experts may need to adjust doses.

According to the users, the high kicks in faster than the speed of light. 

You can expect the first effects after the initial exhale as it launches the mind into a state of productivity, motivation, and complete focus. If you are a struggling artist, you will also benefit from this creativity-boosting cheap bud. 

Thanks to the moderate THC levels, Passion Fruit is suitable for treating medical conditions such as depression, headaches, chronic stress, chronic pain, and fatigue. 

Get this low-priced budget bud for $60 on sale. Quantities are limited.

2.  Orange Creamsicle AA

Buy Orange Creamsicle weed online Canada from Low Price Bud dispensary for BC cannabis. online dispensary canada to buy weeds online. cannabis canada. Dispencary.

The summer is here and we are all craving something refreshing for the hot summer days. This year, try this adult-approved sweet budget bud, the Orange Creamsicle AA. Although AA weed is not top-shelf, it is a fabulous option for people looking for affordable strains of weed.

According to avid Orange Creamsicle AA users, this bud comes dangerously close to the highest-grade cannabis strains out there, in terms of aroma, flavour, and performance. 

Weed strains such as Orange Creamsicle are most popular among Indica lovers. It is an Indica-leaning hybrid (70 percent Indica) with THC levels around 17 percent. 

Although the THC percentage may seem low to some people, this makes it perfect for beginners and stoners sensitive to the psychoactive compound. 

On top of that, it is potent enough to lull you to sleep and keep you sedated for a few hours. Medical patients dealing with bipolar disorder, depression, fibromyalgia, inflammation, stress, and PTSD may also benefit from affordable strains of weed like Orange Creamsicle.

Choose weed on a budget and shop for Orange Creamsicle AA for $50 on sale.

3. Holy Grail AAA

Cheapweed buds Holy Grail strain weed online Canada at Low Price Bud dispensary for mail order marijuana. weed shop. budmail. buy weed online canada. gummys and vape pens.

The quest for the holy grail is over. Head to LowPriceBud, your favourite BC online dispensary and get your paws on Holy Grail AAA, the hottest hybrid marijuana strain and best budget bud for summer 2022. 

This award-winning cheap weed is an evenly balanced hybrid (50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa) with THC levels ranging from 20 to 25 percent. 

For an AAA weed, it can’t get any better. According to users, the flavour and aroma can easily be compared to top-shelf herbs. Anyone who enjoys the aroma of kush with a strong spicy and citrusy smell will love Holy Grail. 

Who should buy this weed online? Anyone who wants to feel uplifted, euphoric, happy, and relaxed needs Holy Grail. Medical patients looking for an alternative solution for chronic pain, insomnia, stress, nausea, and depression may also benefit from this balanced hybrid.

Find weed strains such as Holy Grail AAA at a better-equipped online dispensary such as LowPriceBud. Grab it now for as low as $5.00 and save cash on weed strains.

4. Strawberry Ice Cream Cake AAA

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake weed online Canada. ontario marijuana. edibles canada. pot shop to buy weed online. Dispencary.

There is always extra room for some Strawberry Ice Cream Cake budget bud. Stoners with an insatiable appetite for sweets will find strains of weed like Strawberry Ice Cream Cake AAA irresistible. 

Contrary to popular belief, what makes this Indica-dominant hybrid (70 percent Indica) special is not the overwhelmingly sweet taste and flavour. 

Even though the aromatic profile is what will have you craving for more, the real uniqueness of this cheap bud lies in its effects. 

Namely, according to users, this is one of those versatile strains of weed that can benefit many consumers. For instance, it is commonly used to treat mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and nausea. 

On top of that, people dealing with appetite loss and eating disorders will find this low priced bud helpful.

Thanks to its moderately high THC levels (ranging from 20 to 25 percent), it will also help you improve sleep quality. Whether you need help falling asleep or staying asleep, you will find relief with this budget bud.

Get Strawberry Ice Cream Cake AAA for just $5.00.

5. Cereal Milk AAAA

Cereal Milk budget bud from Low Price Bud dispensary. ganjaexpress. moon rock weed. cannabis dispensary. weed stores.

If you thought the creme de la creme of weed wouldn’t make it to the list of cheap budget buds, think again. 

Cereal Milk AAAA is one of the rarest evenly balanced hybrids (50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa) that you can only get at the best online dispensary in Canada, LowPriceBud. Hint, check out why we are the best.

Who needs Cereal Milk? People on the lookout for a cheap strain with a unique flavour and aroma will want to try this one. 

This mysterious strain gives off a creamy and sweet taste with hints of berries and fresh fruit. Imagine indulging in a comforting bowl of cereal and milk. That is what Cereal Milk smells like but BETTER. 

Based on the countless stoner reviews, Cereal Milk AAAA is famous for its fast onset and long-lasting high. 

Since it is a balanced hybrid with THC levels around 26 to 29 percent, you can expect the calming effects of Indica, coupled with the head high of Sativa. 

Overall, you are likely going to feel calm, energized, focused, and bursting with creativity. Introverts looking for weed on a budget may transform into social butterflies after ingesting Cereal Milk! 

Additionally, people going through depression, nausea, stress, and chronic pain will also benefit from this potent strain.

Buy weed online and get Cereal Milk AAAA for a measly $7.50.

How Can I Find Good Quality Cheap Buds?

Buying cheap strains of weed can be intimidating. Luckily, there is something you can do about it. 

Firstly, realize that quality does not equal THC content. If you look at some of the top-shelf flowers, you will quickly see that they are not always the ones highest in THC levels. 

The truth is that good-quality weed is characterized by an intricate arrangement of terpenes and cannabinoids, not only the psychoactive compound. This “arrangement of cannabinoids and terpenes” is what we call the entourage effect

When you consume good weed, the effects will feel elevated and otherworldly.

On the flip side, a flower that is dominant in THC but lacking in cannabinoid and terpene diversity will give you a short-lived and one-dimensional high. Remember that the compounds are what count, not the THC.

Besides that, when shopping for budget buds in Canada, you will want to look for a reliable online dispensary. Make sure that the source you purchase products from is transparent about flower storage, terpene content, overall quality, etc. 

Always choose a reputable online dispensary such as LowPriceBud.

Finally, you will want to check the handling and shipping (if you can!). Good quality flower is properly dried and cured. As a result, you get a smooth and tasty product free of nasty mould.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Strains of Weed?

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You can find excellent quality budget buds at LowPriceBud, your number one source for cannabis. Take a look at our wide array of products, ranging from dry herbs, concentrates, edibles, oils, pet stuff, and more. 

Buy weed online in Canada and save your coins.

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