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The Top 5 Weed Edibles to Buy Online in Canada

Buy Edibles Online: The Top 5 Weed Edibles to Order in Canada

There’s no better way to relax and enjoy your evenings than through an assortment of delightful cannabis goodies. What’s more, you can easily buy edibles online.

Whether you prefer to nibble some nuts, slurp a cold cuppa, chomp down some creamy cake, or squash some yummy gummies, we assure you can buy edibles online that will please your palate.

From cookie cakes, honey, chocolate, and sour swirls to bubble gum, weed syrup, and the good ol’ capsules. You can buy edibles online that take these and more forms. 

The broader legalization of cannabis has led to the emergence of all sorts of products claiming to be premium weed edibles. This can make it very difficult to discern genuine products. 

That’s where we come in. We have prepared this guide to give you a list of the top 5 weed products if you want to buy edibles online in Canada today. These products come correctly labelled with the amount of THC or CBD they contain to help you accurately dose and avoid overconsumption.

What Are Weed Edibles

Weed candy, THC gummies, and marijuana edibles from BC cannabis cheapweed dispensary. buy edibles online.

Cannabis edibles or cannabis-infused foods are food products infused with THC or CBD using isolates or oils.

Usually, you can make edibles at home by adding a few drops of THC concentrate to any meal you make. However, most cannabis connoisseurs prefer to purchase ready-made edibles because they are made with precise THC and CBD dosing.

One benefit of Canadian edibles is they present an easy way of delivery. You need to chew and swallow them like you would regular food. This is also its main drawback, as ingesting cannabis leads to delayed effects, which last longer.

This feature makes edibles ideal for patients who love the lasting effects of managing conditions such as pain, muscle spasm, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Why Do People Love Canadian Edibles

Woman eating Canadian edibles. THC edibles and weed candy from Low Price Bud dispensary for edibles online Canada.

Edibles are loved by medical marijuana users and recreational users alike. If you thought edibles tasted like clumpy grass or skunky with bitter notes, you’re in for a sweet surprise. 

For one, they take on deliciously mouthwatering food and drink forms prepared to be culinary masterpieces and to mask the strong, pungent cannabis odour.

Also, edibles are a great way to avoid all the adverse effects of smoking. Although smoking weed isn’t considered dangerous, it may still cause some respiratory health challenges.

Here is why people buy edibles online in Canada.

1. High Potency

Most edible recipes involve infusing cannabis concentrates. Concentrates usually possess a potency of up to 90%. This kind of potent cannabis product is infused into typical edibles. They are bound to have intense and more prolonged effects.

2. Delicious Diversity in Products

Cannabis can be infused into many different food products. If you hear edibles and your mind goes to cookies and brownies, you’re onto something.

The two have dominated the edible realms for decades, but now there are more forms, from chocolates, capsules, sweets, honey, and even syrup. But that’s not all. These treats come in different flavours, colours, and textures.

3. Affordable

You don’t have to break the bank to indulge in these delicious treats. You can get a packet of yummy cannabis-infused edibles at as little as $8 to $15.

4. Ease of Consumption (Beginner Friendly)

Smoking, dabbing, twaking, and vaping require some knowledge or specific tools that can be intimidating if you’re a beginner cannabis user. 

That’s not the case with Canadian edibles; you can hit the ground running with treats in the familiar forms of everyday foods you’re already used to eating.

5. Discretion and Convenience

Because edibles take on the form of everyday foods, you won’t draw any attention if you suddenly pop a gummy in your mouth in the middle of a work day. 

Edibles don’t leave out any traces—no clouds of smoke or musky smell of cannabis that will cloud your car, house or clothes.

6. Precise and Consistent Dosing

Overconsumption cannabis stories are not in short supply. You can easily overdose on cannabis if you consume high doses of it in edibles. This occurs mainly with homemade cannabis edibles infused with unknown amounts of THC.

The legalization of cannabis has led to safer ways of consuming cannabis edibles. Edible manufacturers sell edibles precisely dosed with CBD or THC. If you check the package, you’ll see the total amount of THC contained in that package and the amount you can expect in each treat.

Sometimes you’ll also get a dosage recommendation. However, for medical marijuana users, it is best to consult your healthcare provider for correct dosing.

7. Edible Effects Last Longer Than Smoking

When you smoke weed, the effects occur almost immediately, lasting 2-3 hours

That’s not the case with edibles. Downing some cannabis-infused goodies leads to a more extended latency period. This means the effects will take some time to kick in—sometimes 30 to 90 minutes.

When they finally kick in, they’ll peak after about 2 to 4 hours, and the effects can last for up to 24 hours depending on your body weight, metabolism rate and how much you take. Buy edibles online today to experience these and other benefts.

Top 5 Insanely Delicious Canadian Edibles You Can Buy Online 

1. Herbivore Edibles – Jumbo Sour Keys Pack

Herbivore Edibles Jumbo Sour Keys THC edibles from Low Price Bud dispensary. Buy edibles online. Canadian edibles.

Looking to buy edibles online but only want the best? If you like your candy sweet and sour, give these Herbivore Edibles – Jumbo Sour Keys Pack a try. They come sugar-sour with a multicoloured, hard yet squishy key-shaped candy.

When you pop one in your mouth, you’ll feel the gentle sensation of the sugar granules rubbing against your palate as you suck on the candy.

As you squash it between your teeth, it will feel soft yet pleasantly chewy. 

The Herbivore Edibles – Jumbo Sour Keys Pack comes with three candies, each with 100mg of THC.

The candies also feature different shapes and flavours, from strawberry, banana blast, cherry colas, and watermelon. 

You can either get these individual flavours or get a Herbivore Edibles THC Mix And Match – 3 Pack, choose your favourite flavours and buy edibles online at a reduced price.

2. Mary’s Medibles – Triple Chocolate Brownie 150mg Sativa

Mary's Medibles Triple Chocolate weed cookies weed brownies 150mg Sativa.

These delicious chocolate goods are a product of Mary’s Medible—one of Canada’s most loved marijuana confections for people that buy edibles online. They manufacture the most delicious Canadian edibles.

The brand only uses the highest quality and organic ingredients to make its wide range of cannabis goods, including cookies, brownies, and chocolate.

Mary’s Medibles – Triple Chocolate Brownies is deliciously made by blending cocoa, chocolate chips, and chunks of white chocolate.

The chocolate brownie has a savoury taste enough to delight all chocolate lovers. 

When you chew on it, you’ll first taste the bittersweet and sour notes as the buttery texture melts in your mouth. Finally, the slightly earthy yet malty flavour bursts out as you swallow the delicious treat.

The cookie has 150mg of THC made with full spectrum Sativa weed. Full spectrum products contain all the essential cannabis compounds, including terpenes and CBD, to enhance the medical benefits.

If you’d like to try other Mary’s medical products or buy edibles online, check out Mary’s Medibles – Peanut Butter Cookies and Mary’s Medibles – Chocolate Chunk.

3. MOTA – Dark Chocolate Bar

MOTA weed edibles Dark Weed Chocolate Bar. buy edibles from dispensary for weed online Canada.

If you love chocolate, you can buy edibles online in the form of bars with some serious cannabis twist. MOTA – Dark Chocolate Bar is made by the Mota company, a well-known and loved cannabis Canadian edibles manufacturer and renowned chocolatier and confectioner.

MOTA – Dark Chocolate Bar is made by infusing 300 mg of THC into butter milk chocolate. You can separate the bar into six pieces so each piece can contain 50mg of THC.

4. Potluck Hard Candies – Cranberry Apple 300mg THC

Weed candy. Potluck Hard Candies Cranberry Apple 300mg THC edibles.

Looking to take a trip down memory lane to the good old days when stuffing candy on your cheek was a thing? Buy edibles online from LowPriceBud!

Try some Potluck Hard Candies – Cranberry Apple. These hard candies feature the classic flavour of sugary, tart cranberry-apple notes.

The candies will come sealed in a rectangular tin that holds 12 pieces of sweets, with each piece containing 25mg of THC.

The Potluck rooster also features similar delightful treats like Potluck Hard Candies – Sour Yuzu Lemonade and Potluck Hard Candies – Watermelon.

5. Boost Edibles – THC Gummies – Sour Green Apple – 150mg

Weed Edibles THC Gummies Sour Green Apple. Weed candy. Edibles online Canada.

If you’ve been looking to buy edibles online that are Kosher, organic, gluten-free, low-calorie cannabis treats, veer towards Boost Edibles – THC Gummies – Sour Green Apple.

These squishy treats have a granular sugar coating overlaying their sweet cheek puckering sour interiors.

Boost Edible THC gummies also feature other flavour profiles. You can try their CBD Gummies – Sour Lemon, Boost Edibles – THC Gummies – Strawberry or Boost Edibles – THC Gummies – Watermelon.

Get Yourself a Delectable Selection of Weed Edibles

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