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Mixed Shake/Trim (AA-AAA)

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Mixed Shake/Trim is only recommended for cooking oils or making edibles. We don’t recommend smoking this shake. 



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Just as the name suggests, this is your bargain-basement shake option. It’s affordable, clean, and ready to use in just about any infusion or extraction. Expect a mixture from all the strains we carry.

Why buy a bag of shake? Shake and trim from premium bud makes for an excellent cannabis concentrate, cannabutter, or edible. The shake leftover from the trimming process is still packed with potency, but much more affordable than premium bud. If you love to make your own concoctions at home, like hash, Rick Simpson Oil, or tinctures, a bag of shake and trim is your new best friend. The shake/trim is a mixture of all types of buds on our menu, making it affordable and always a happy surprise.

Weight1000 g

Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (112 grams), Half pound ( 8 Oz ), Full Pound ( 16 Oz )

29 reviews for Mixed Shake/Trim (AA-AAA)

  1. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    i grabbed 5 zs of this on a whim its full of popcorn buds and bottom of the bag goodness honestly i got 4 zs of AAA to AAAA popcorn buds for 40 a bag and one bag of shake that had very little bottom of the bag goodness and a bunch of stuff that made quite good edibles but thats a 4 to 1 ratio for $40 a bag your smoke habit just got cheaper enjoy fellow enthusiasts

  2. Lookin4Quality (verified owner)

    For $40 I’d say it’s worth it for sure. Had a lot of bottom shake in my oz but there was also tiny nugs shattered throughout. Was definitely a mix of a lot of different strains. Smelled of a nice pine, fruit and gas mixture. Fingers were pretty sticky after checking out the oz. Could be an excellent way to stretch out your regular buds. Or just smoke this alone, should get you right still.

  3. Patrick Benoît (verified owner)

    Amazing .. i buy 2 and i have 26gr of bud

  4. Isjadp01

    Good quality with little stem very impressed

  5. Shaneweed (verified owner)

    3 oz of bud in qp

  6. Matthew Robertson (verified owner)

    My experience is closer 2 half and half. With some little bits of bud still left in the shake.

  7. Slayernation204 (verified owner)

    Bought 2 oz I thought mine would of had some bud in it but it’s great smoke otherwise will plan on buying again

  8. Edward Carriere (verified owner)

    Guess I got unlucky, I bought 3 of these and 1 cali bubba. The cali bubba and 2 of these were all dust and one was all leaves. very very few small nugs, less then a quad total. It’s not bad for the price by any means just a little dissapointed with what I got compared to the photo or other comments.

  9. Jay3C5 (verified owner)

    I bought 2zs strictly off the comments and wasn’t disappointed, I got about 24gs of nugs. Only wish I grabbed a Cali bubba pack (wasn’t out when I ordered) it does seem like the packs vary in quality but for the price I don’t think there’s any room for complaints, well done for a good low priced high quantity flower

  10. Thashiznit (verified owner)

    Not the best for smoking unless your lucky i guess but great for cooking my butter was kind of nice ! Sure i will buy again!!

  11. Fred Caines (verified owner)

    Not as pictured that’s for sure but it’s smokeable just going to make butter can’t beat the price

  12. Stanv (verified owner)

    Once opened I was happy to find a bag of trim. Great thing is its not jst trim. It had lots of popcorn buds. They literally had a sticky note on the bag that says POPCORN NUGS

  13. Slayernation204 (verified owner)

    2nd time ordering and this time it was even better thanks LPB

  14. Jackie Cacciottolo (verified owner)

    Got this to make butter and ended up with some buds to smoke too thanks LPB

  15. C Hoekstra (verified owner)

    mostly bud

  16. papito sangria (verified owner)

    bought a QP and i am happy with my purchase. there are nearly no stems and i found it good enough to be smoked without any problems! if you are broke or want cheap weed, this is the ultimate way to go!

  17. Crystal Widdifield (verified owner)

    Amazing deal for the price

  18. AbnormalApple

    5 stars for edible material and over count by so much. always a pleasure to deal with lpb

  19. Ivory Prince (verified owner)

    wow lightning fast delivery smells great 👍 thanks

  20. Vatreni18 (verified owner)

    Leaf trim. Payed $20 ounce, got 2. Will be using it to make butter. After wards I may increase my star rating, depends on the results, lol.

  21. MrDisastrous

    Very pleasent shake for sure! very fine and interesting smell

  22. Yu Pao Pan (verified owner)

    Read all the comment ppl getting Popcorn/nug in there bag… i order a pound and could not even fine a single Popcorn/nug.
    But its very good price if one is making Edible and Add a topup to your there Joint….

  23. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    this is no longer the same product that i originally reviewed up top this is just machine trim its good enough for what it is if your looking for the product that i wrote the original review for its their Bottom Bags/Shake goes for $60 an ounce and worth every penny.

  24. Carl chayer (verified owner)

    Fir the price its good, I smoked it and it was enough potent to have a great buzz, i do recommend

  25. EyeWoke

    For $25 a zip, it is reasonable. My bag had zero nugs and infinite stems and leaves grinded into a soggy powder that smells like hay. But listen, this is shake. It’s not meant for smoking, it is meant for edibles, which is great for me, so value 4/5!!

  26. EyeWoke (verified owner)

    For $25 a zip, it is reasonable. My bag had zero nugs and infinite stems and leaves grinded into a soggy powder that smells like hay. But listen, this is shake. It’s not meant for smoking, it is meant for edibles, which is great for me, so value 4/5!!

  27. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    actually this last bag i got was really good even ended up smoking some of it just to try harsh and leafy tasting but hey it got me high so better than expected this stuff makes great edibles and decent extracts but i dont recommend smoking it unless your broke and in need but in a pinch it will get the job done so im raising my rating to 4 stars

  28. Adelarde (verified owner)

    Got a oz for $20. Had bits of Kief scattered through out the bag. Nice pre-rolls

  29. brandon faria

    this is a grade lower and cost 40.00 less then the double aa one i found on a new website is this good to order ?

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