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How To Smoke A Joint Without Rolling Papers

How To Smoke A Joint Without Rolling Papers

It always helps to stock up on rolling papers. That way, you can always roll a joint when you need one whether you’re smoking with friends or enjoying a solo session. But while rolling papers come in handy, they’re not essential. If you’re not a fan of rolling joints or simply run out of rolling papers, it’s still possible to smoke a joint without rolling papers.

Some of these methods will require other materials to allow you to roll an alternative kind of joint. Some of them are even easier than rolling a joint, meaning you might prefer using them in the future instead of needing to buy new rolling papers. Whichever way, they’re sure to help you out when you’re out of rolling papers. Here’s how to smoke a joint without rolling papers.

Corn Husk Joints

Corn husks are one of the most popular alternatives to rolling papers, especially if you’re looking for a completely natural product to roll your weed with. Not only are corn husks nice and thin, but they also burn slowly and smoothly, making them very similar to rolling papers and a great choice for smoking weed with.

Rolling a corn husk joint is slightly trickier than using rolling papers. You’ll first need to cut away some thin strings of your corn husk – these will be used to tie your joint and keep it in place. You can then cut your corn husk into a thin rectangle, similar to the shape of a rolling paper. It’s best to leave it out in the sun or even put it in the oven for a few minutes to dry it out.

Once your corn husk is nice and dry, simply put your weed in the middle and roll it like you’d roll a rolling paper. Naturally, a corn husk might not stick together as well as a rolling paper, so use the strings you cut earlier to wrap it together. You can then light one end of your freshly made corn husk joint and inhale from the other.

Empty Cigarette

Ever emptied a cigarillo to make a blunt? You can do the same thing with cigarettes to make a joint without rolling papers. This process is quick, easy, and all you need is a leftover cigarette and some ground weed to make it work. It also helps to have a thin, pointy object to empty your cigarette with.

Start emptying the tobacco from your cigarette from the top. It helps to use something pointy such as a pen or even a dab tool, but you can also empty a lot of the tobacco by gently twisting the cigarette. Be gentle while you’re doing this as cigarette papers are thin and can easily tear if you’re not careful.

Once your cigarette is empty, grind your weed until it’s as fine as possible and use it to fill your cigarette. Use your pointy object to push it down and add more until you’re left with a tightly packed cigarette full of weed. You can also mix your weed with tobacco if you want to make a spliff – this will enhance your high with the effects of nicotine along with THC.

Empty Cigarette

Tobacco Leaves

Tobacco leaves are another interesting alternative to rolling papers. Much like corn husks, they’re thin, organic, and offer a nice smooth burn when you’re smoking weed from them. Plus, you’ll get an extra buzz from the tobacco if you use tobacco leaves to roll a joint, making for a unique high.

Rolling a joint with a tobacco leaf is similar to rolling a joint with a corn husk. You’ll want to cut out a nice, thin rectangle. You might also want to make some knots out of small strings to tie your joint together. After that, roll your joint as you usually would using the cut-up tobacco leaf and tie it up using the strings.

Using tobacco leaves might give you more of a blunt than a joint, but it’s a great way to smoke your weed nonetheless. Of course, you can also simply grab some hemp wraps or cigarillo papers if you want to make matters easier for yourself.

Bong Or Pipe

While it’s not quite the same as smoking a joint, having a bong or pipe will always come in handy when you don’t have any papers. These devices make the whole process of smoking much easier. You won’t need to waste time rolling joints – simply put some of your favorite weed in the bowl, light, and inhale.

Pipes are a good choice for those who want convenience and portability. While they come in many shapes and sizes, weed pipes are usually small enough to fit in your pocket, meaning you can use them to smoke weed while you’re out and about or even take your pipe to a friend’s house.

Bongs are generally much larger but also have the added feature of a water chamber. When you smoke your weed, it’ll be filtered through the water to remove impurities and make your hits much smoother and cooler. Bongs can also give you huge hits, meaning it usually won’t take long to get a satisfying high using a bong.

Buy Pre-Rolled Joints

Buy Pre-Rolled Joints

The easiest way to smoke a joint without rolling papers is to simply buy some pre-rolled joints instead. Pre-rolled joints are expertly rolled, meaning they’ll be tight, satisfying, and packed with plenty of weed. After smoking your first pre-rolled joint you might not even want to go back to rolling joints yourself.

You can buy pre-rolled joints online and many types are available. Whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa, or hybrid high, you can find a high-quality pre-rolled joint to suit you. You can even buy moon rock joints if you’re looking for something harder-hitting.

No matter what kind of pre-rolls you choose, buying pre-rolled joints can save you a lot of time and hassle. In some cases, you might even find buying pre-rolls more cost-effective than buying weed along with rolling papers, especially as you can buy multipacks of pre-rolls.


If you don’t have rolling papers or simply want another way to enjoy your weed, these are some of the best ways to smoke a joint without rolling papers. While you can use alternative materials such as corn husks or tobacco leaves, the best option is to simply buy pre-rolled joints and smoke them right away. 

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