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how to roll the perfect joint

How to Roll the Perfect Joint

With the rise in use of glass paraphernalia such as bongs and the introduction of vape pens, rolling a good joint is getting less and less necessary over time. However, many smokers agree that there is nothing quite like a well-rolled joint, and we’re going to give you the rundown on how to make one.

Step One: Grind Your Weed

To ensure that you get a nice even burn down the joint, having properly ground weed is a very important step. While it’s possible to pick it apart with your hands, having a consistent grind makes packing and forming the shape of the joint much easier.

Step Two: Choose Your Papers

In rolling your joint, you have a multitude of options for which paper to use! We’ll give a quick rundown of the different types and what the choices mean:

–           Sizes: The most common sizes of papers you will see is 1 ¼ wide, followed by regular (single-wide) and king-size. When learning to roll joints, we recommend starting with the 1 ¼ wide papers as they provide a nice middle ground for new rollers – not too large where you have to use a lot of product, but not small enough to cause a hassle.

–           Ingredient: Between different brands of papers, you will find that each company uses a different material to make the papers. Whether it’s rice, hemp, or not specified – chances are the only difference you will find is a slight taste difference. Take some time to try them out and see what you like best!

–           Flavored: Some brands (like Juicy Jays) create flavored rolling papers for you to roll your joint with! These are rather divisive, with some people swearing by certain flavors while other people try to avoid them altogether. Again, this is really a matter of personal preference.

Step Three: Make The Filter

The filter (or carb) in a joint has multiple uses, including but not limited to allowing you a place to hold the joint without constricting airflow and preventing loose particles of cannabis from flying into your mouth on inhale. You can make this easily out of any thicker piece of paper (or thin cardboard) by making a W shape on one end and wrapping it with the excess paper until it feels solid.

Step Four: Rolling

Here’s where you might find you need some practice to make things perfect – and that’s alright. Many smokers take years to find the perfect roll for themselves, but this is a pretty standard guideline that can help you find that!

1) Hold your paper lengthwise with the sticky part facing you

2) Put the filter on whichever side your non-dominant hand is (left for righties, right for lefties)

3) Sprinkle the weed evenly throughout the joint

4) With your index fingers and thumbs, pinch the top of the paper and roll the weed back and forth until it rests in a small tube shape

5) After you get a nice shape going, tuck the side of the paper near you into the opposite, curling the edge of the paper tightly around the weed. If you’re having trouble catching the paper inside, tuck the corners first!

6) Once the paper is mostly rolled up, lick the gummed edge of the paper and continue rolling towards it until the gum creates a seal and sticks to the rest of the paper

Although it is possible to get rolling machines that will do the job for you, many people still roll joints for a reason – it’s fun, and you can come up with your own style that works perfectly for your preferences. For example, instead of using a filter – I personally roll one side of the joint tighter until it looks like the top of a pen, so it creates a bit of a funnel where the weed gets trapped inside and allows for a clean inhale with no particles flying around.

Feel free to experiment with your rolls – it’s a lot of fun and you might just stumble upon something special!

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