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How can I tell if my bud is fresh or not?

Everyone who has been smoking cannabis flower for a long period of time has been through this before – you find an old bag hidden away in a drawer somewhere and can’t remember when you put it there, never mind when you got it in the first place. Is it still safe to smoke? Has the weed gone bad? With the influx of mail-order cannabis businesses and the inability to see your product before it is delivered, this has – rightfully – remained a concern in the consumer’s eye.
The good news here is that the bud (unless moldy) is still safe. However, it likely won’t be as good as when – or if – you smoked it before. As cannabis ages, changes in the chemical composition of the flower cause certain elements, such as the potency (THC and CBD content) and terpene profiles (smell) to degrade over time. Here are the things you should look for when evaluating how fresh your flower is:
–           Dryness: How much moisture is there in the flower? Freshly-cured bud won’t have the moisture of a living plant, but it shouldn’t be dry to the point where it is crumbling. If it does, this indicates that the bud has gone through some aging. Dry bud will burn faster, taste worse, and be harsher on your throat than the fresh stuff.
–           Sound: When you pull apart the bud, what do you hear? Typically, fresh weed will create a snapping noise. If it crackles, it could mean the weed is too dry. If silent, there is too much moisture – in which case the bud may not have been cured properly and you should keep an eye out for any mold on your flowers.
–           Smell: What do you smell when you open the container? Usually, fresh weed will have a strong scent of… well…. weed (skunky/fruity/earthy/some combination of the three). If you don’t really smell anything, chances are the bud is relatively old.
–           Potency: Does it still get you high? This change will be more noticeable as the other effects of aging become more prominent, but eventually your bud will not get you as high as it did before.
–           Mold: Although this is not a characteristic of the aging process but rather from the curing/drying process of growing cannabis and leaving too much moisture in the container, smoking moldy weed can be hazardous to your health. If you notice any unusual fuzz or mold on your bud, it is best to dispose of it to avoid any potential health problems.
In conclusion, your bud is likely still safe to smoke, but in the future there are multiple ways in which you can reduce the amount of damage done to your bud while in storage. We recommend storing your weed in an airtight glass container at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. To retain the moisture of the bud, you can throw a Boveda humidity pack in and that should do the job fine.

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