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7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Dabbing Experience

7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Dabbing Experience

Dabbing was an act once reserved for the serious stoners in society. But in recent years, as more and more quality concentrates appear on the market, it’s popularity has increased dramatically. If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online and want to know how to dab like a pro, then here are seven tips for obtaining consistent flavourful and potent hits with your dab rig.

1) Keep Your Dab Clean

Regularly cleaning your rig ensures that you’ll get a smooth and flavourful dab each and every time. The more you use your rig, the more residue will stick to the exposed surfaces, especially in the banger. Over time, this will negatively affect the taste and make it harder to clean when you eventually get around to it.

Try using a cotton swab after each use to soak up any residue after each use. Another simple tip to help maintain a clean banger is to avoid dabbing when the nail is too hot.

Dabbing at lower temperatures will help keep the concentrate below the temperature where it approaches combustion and helps prevent the subsequent deposit of char and ash in the banger.

2) Hone the Temperature and Preserve the Terps

Dabbing at the correct temperature is key to getting the most from your dab. If it’s too high, you’ll destroy many of the delicate terpenes and create a harsh and flavourless vapour that may contain some toxic compounds.

If it’s too low, then you won’t reach the temperature necessary to vaporize some of the beneficial plant compounds that only vaporize at higher temperatures. Here are the different temperature ranges of interest.

  • Low-temperature Dabbing

157°C to 230°C constitutes low-temperature dabbing. At these temperatures, you’ll obtain optimal flavour as it preserves the delicate terpene content. It also allows for smoother, longer hits, but the downside is that you’ll experience a milder effect from the dab.

  • Mid-temperature Dabbing

230°C to 315°C is the mid zone, and most experienced dabbers consume their concentrates in the upper reaches of this zone. It provides the optimal balance between flavour and a solid high. 

  • High-temperature Dabbing

315°C to 480°C constitutes the extreme end. A concentrate heated above 480°C will likely combust, and this is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Dabbing at such high temperatures may provide strong effects, but it may also be harsh on the throat and expose you to some toxic compounds.

3) Use a Carb Cap

A carb cap is like a carburettor for a dab rig. When you place a cap over the banger or nail, it helps form a thick and flavorful vapour. Using a carb cap correctly will also help you to dab at lower temperatures more effectively.

While there are several types of carb caps available, they all serve the same purpose of trapping heat, restricting the airflow, and lowering the pressure to create a reduced boiling point for an improved dabbing experience.

4) Heat The Banger Evenly

Heating the banger evenly helps avoid cold spots (where the concentrate won’t vaporize) and hot spots (where it may burn). To avoid such issues, it’s best to start heating your banger beginning at the bottom and working your way up the sides. Oil can sometimes splash onto the walls, so even heating here will ensure minimal wastage.

5) Timing is Key

Some expensive dabbing rigs have a built-in temperature gauge, but most of us have to rely upon manual heating and trying to guess the optimal moment to drop the concentrate in.

To help ensure uniform temperatures for a more consistent dabbing experience, you can try timing how long it takes you to heat and cool to just the right temperature.

Using a timer while heating can help you achieve more consistency in your dabbing experience, along with the reassurance that you’ll obtain a consistent experience over time. The same applies to cooling.

Quartz bangers tend to hold their heat well and release it slowly over time. Once you know how long it takes to cool to just the right temperature, you can nail it each and every time for the optimal experience.

The temperature properties of nails tend to vary widely based on their thickness and quality. Very often, the only way to dial it in is to experiment with heating and cooling times as they relate to your own setup.

6) Use Gloves

Many forms of cannabis concentrates have a gooey and viscous consistency. When we touch them with our bare hands, we can easily transfer bacteria from our skin and contaminate or dilute the product. If you’re going to touch your concentrates, then consider using gloves to help prevent any degradation of your product.

To ensure minimal wastage, it’s best to avoid touching concentrates all together with your hands. By using a specialized dabbing tool to manipulate and dose your concentrate, you can easily avoid the problems mentioned above.

7) Preserve the Potency With Proper Storage

Even the best dabbing technique won’t save you if your concentrates lose their potency. Cannabis concentrates are relatively stable, but just like any other form of plant matter, they will degrade with time, especially when exposed to heat, light, or oxygen.

The terpene content of concentrates is particularly vulnerable to degradation, and this can occur even at room temperature. To preserve their potency optimally, it’s advisable to store your concentrates in the fridge.

If you buy or produce your concentrates in bulk and want to store them long-term, then your best strategy is to place them in an airtight container in the freezer.

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Dabbing is clean, efficient, and simple to perform. It meets the needs of experienced recreational consumers as well as medicinal patients who require higher than average doses to treat complex conditions. The benefits may be clear, but without proper technique and care, it’s all too easy to waste expensive concentrates through carelessness.

If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online and practice some of the above tips next time out, then at Low Price Bud, we’re here to meet all your concentrate needs. We’ve got an extensive range of quality concentrates that include shatter, rosin, live resin, and hashish, among others, and what’s more, they’re only a mouse click away!


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