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How to Choose a Cannabis Strain

How to Choose a Cannabis Strain

Not only can Canadian consumers now order marijuana online for delivery, but they also have more choices than ever. When you buy weed online, you can find high-quality products at much better prices than you’d find in local stores. You’re also treated to a massive selection of cannabis strains.

With so many options, it can be hard for customers to know how to choose a cannabis strain. Some people pick based on the type of strain, such as indica, sativa, or hybrid. However, you can also make your choice based on flavor, potency, or quality. Here’s a guide on how to choose the perfect cannabis strain.

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain On Type

While every cannabis strain is unique, they’re divided into three broad types – indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Indica and sativa are the two main varieties of cannabis plants known for producing marijuana. Hybrid strains come from plants that contain a mix of indica and sativa genetics. Here’s the difference between the three types.

Indica strains – These strains come from cannabis indica plants. Indica strains generally have higher levels of CBD than sativa strains in addition to varying levels of THC. As such, these are considered the best strains for physically and mentally calming effects.

Sativa strains – Sativa strains come from cannabis sativa plants. Sativa strains often have higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD compared to indica strains, although this can vary. These are considered the best strains for mentally uplifting and physically energizing effects.

Hybrid strains – When you cross indica plants with sativa plants, you get hybrid plants. The strains these plants produce contain a mix of indica and sativa properties, meaning they’re often physically relaxing and mentally energizing. Hybrid strains can vary in their genetic ratios but are ideal for those who want balanced effects.

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain On Potency

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain On Potency

Another factor that users often consider when choosing a cannabis strain is potency. Potency refers to the power and intensity of the effects, so strains with a reputation for being potent will generally hit you harder. Highly potent strains can also be beneficial for those looking for medical relief.

You can usually determine the potency of a strain based on its THC levels. Strains with around 15 – 19% THC will give you moderately powerful effects, so strains with THC levels of 20% or higher are considered high-THC strains and are ideal for those who want hard-hitting psychoactive effects. Of course, some users may prefer strains with lower THC levels if they’re looking for milder effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD). can also have an impact on potency. For instance, strains with particularly high levels of CBD will often feel milder and easier to manage as CBD can tame the effects of THC. Other cannabinoids and terpenoids can also impact how powerful the effects will feel, and levels of these can vary widely from strain to strain.

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain On Flavor

Whether you choose a high-THC indica strain, a mild sativa strain, or anything in between, you can also narrow your choice down based on flavor. Each strain has a unique aroma and taste, some of which are stronger than others. Since you’ll experience the flavor of the product you choose when you smoke or vape it, many people choose a strain with an enjoyable flavor.

The flavor of each strain largely comes down to its terpenoid profile. Every strain has a unique makeup of natural aromatic compounds known as terpenes. For instance, strains that are high in limonene have a sweet, citrusy flavor whereas strains with more terpinolene will be earthier and muskier.

It can be hard to remember the unique properties of each terpene, so it’s better to check the product description of each strain to determine whether you’ll like the flavor. For example, you may prefer gassy strains or exotic strains. Some strains are also named based on their flavors, such as Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough.

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain On Quality

How To Choose A Cannabis Strain On Quality

Some cannabis users are picky when it comes to quality and want a strain with more bag appeal. Fortunately, cannabis strains are often graded using an A to AAAAA grading scale to clue buyers in on how fresh, flavorful, and colorful the buds will be. Although low-quality strains can still be highly potent, high-quality strains often look, smell, and even taste better.

A-grade strains are usually very poor in quality, often having a high content of stems and leaves which makes them unpleasant to smoke. However, AA strains are a good option for budget-conscious cannabis consumers. Although they won’t be as fresh, flavorful, and colorful as higher-quality strains, they can still give you potent and enjoyable effects.

AAA strains are arguably the best choice for those who want a mix of quality and value. Although they won’t always be perfect, they’ll still have plenty of color, flavor, and potency. Those who are particular about quality will prefer AAAA strains as these will certainly boast satisfying buds.

Where To Buy Cannabis Strains

No matter whether you choose the strains you buy based on their type, flavor, potency, or quality, the best way to get them is to buy online. When you buy cannabis online from a trusted seller, you can browse detailed product descriptions and reviews to make informed buying choices. You can also sort products based on all kinds of factors.

Low Price Bud offers a huge range of cannabis strains that you can order for convenient home delivery. Not only can you browse products and sort them based on the qualities you want, but you can even choose to build your own 7g, build your own half-ounce, or simply buy the individual strains you desire.

Cannabis strains aren’t all that you can order, either. If you’re craving something a little different, you can also find an incredible selection of cannabis concentrates, edibles, vapes, accessories, and CBD products.


When it comes to how to choose a cannabis strain, you can decide based on type, potency, flavor, quality, and various other factors. The best way to choose is to check out individual product descriptions and customer reviews to determine whether the strain will suit you. Luckily, you can find all the strains you need online at Low Price Bud.

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