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Grading Cannabis: What Makes it Top-Shelf?

Checking out any online dispensary will give you access to an abundance of cannabis products to choose from for your next smoke sesh. But how can you distinguish between strains and find the highest quality bud for your budget?

Thanks to improvements in cannabis grading, it is easier than ever to identify top-shelf weed and buy with confidence.

What is Top-Shelf Weed?

Top-shelf weed is another way of referring to cannabis products that are of the highest quality available on the market. In terms of cannabis flower, these buds will exhibit superior qualities that are likely easy for the average consumer to identify.

Aesthetically speaking, top-shelf weed has an attractive and vibrant appearance. This high-quality cannabis will have a robust look and is described as being fresh and vibrant.

Smell is another indicator of top-shelf weed. While there are variations in specific scents across different strains, high-quality bud should offer a distinct and robust aroma. It should smell pungent but not grassy or chemical.

Examining your bud through touch can also provide information about its quality. Top-shelf weed should be sticky and slightly spongy from the trichomes (the source of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant). It shouldn’t be dry or crumbly when handled. It should never feel wet or damp. Any bud that feels excessively light or airy is likely less potent.

What is the Grading Scale?

Not everyone has the time or interest in examining weed by hand to determine whether it’s top shelf. The cannabis grading scale helps simplify the process and gives consumers easy access to the best bud for their buck.

There are technically several systems currently used to determine cannabis quality, but the “A–AAAA” grading scale is the legally approved system most widely used by experts. This grading scale allows consumers to quickly and easily identify their weed quality without even opening the package.

Single-A (A) weed finds itself at the bottom of the cannabis quality scale. This bud is not recommended for smokers and is more favourable for vaporizers. Smoking this marijuana could come with unappealing side effects such as headaches or dizziness.

One step above Single-A weed brings us to Double-A (AA), which is typically higher in THC content and of mediocre quality.

For those looking for some reasonable bud, Triple-A (AAA) weed might check all the boxes. This cannabis will have a decent appearance and deliver solid smoke. Those looking to stay in the AAA price range but who want superior quality, look for weed with the AAA+ label.

Quad-A (AAAA) is king when it comes to the cannabis grading scale and is considered by experts to be top shelf. This weed is ranked highest in all characteristics and will provide a pungent odour, distinct,sharp flavor, and smooth smoke.

Buds will have a healthy physical appearance with visibly intact trichomes. AAAA+ cannabis boasts the maximum quality potential for those looking for the best bud on the market.

Check Out the Grade to Get What You Want

The cannabis grading scale helps consumers avoid lesser-quality strains and to make informed buying decisions. A quick scan of the rating on a package will provide the necessary information to know exactly what you’re getting before taking the plunge and adding it to your shopping cart.

Finding high-quality bud is nothing to stress over, thanks to online dispensaries, which make it easier than ever to buy top-shelf quad weed online.

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