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What First Time Vapers Need to Know Before Their First Vaping Experience?

What First Time Vapers Need to Know Before Their First Vaping Experience?

Vaping medical marijuana is one of the most popular ways to experience its numerous health benefits.If this is your first time vaping, it might seem like there is a lot to learn. First off, you need to get yourself some kit and your favorite vape juice. While vaping is not exactly complicated, there are certain things you need to know about to avoid accidents. Read on to know some crucial information to make your first vaping experience a good one.

There are different kinds of e-cigarettes.

Many newbies call all devices vapes or e-cigarettes, but there are important distinctions between these two. Disposable e-cigarettes are easily available in gas stations but are not very powerful. Pen mods are a little more substantial, but they will not satisfy everyone. It is with vape mods where you will get all the fun. These bigger devices give bigger clouds that allow you to alter temperature and wattage to suit your preferences. 

Direct-to-lung vs. mouth-to-lung devices

It is important to distinguish between these two kinds because it means inhalation can be different. Mouth-to-lung devices like pod vapes and e-cigarettes draws vapor into the mouth before inhaling. It is similar to smoking so it is usually preferred by novices. Direct-to-lung devices, on the other hand, produce airier vapes and are directly inhaled into the lungs.

You might cough the first time you vape.

A survey showed that 57 percent of vapers coughed the first time they tried vaping. But for most of them, this is only a temporary effect, as 93 percent of them no longer coughed on their succeeding vapes. There are many reasons why a person will cough when they vape. Some might have propylene glycol sensitivity, while others simply have not mastered the right technique.

Vaping indoors might not be allowed.

Many places ban vaping in areas where tobacco smoking is already prohibited, like in bars, restaurants and workplaces. Other states might also have their own rules when it comes to vaping in some workplaces, restaurant and bars and might also ban its use along with tobacco alternatives.

Replacing Your Coils Regularly.

Coils are heating elements in your vapes that need to be replaced regularly. You will know when to do so because your vapes will start to have a burnt taste. Vaping coils should be easily available online, as well as in brick and mortar stores, and should be quite affordable. There are some automizers where you can use wire and wick to make your own coils, but this should be reserved for more experienced vapers.

Safely handle your batteries.

There are some devices that come with internal batteries that cannot be removed, while there are those that come with external batteries so you can swap them and recharge externally. However, these batteries can be dangerous if they are not properly looked after. To prevent accidents, buy your batteries from a reliable supplier. Also, do not carry them loose in your pocket; get yourself a carry case or keep them in the vaporizer. Once the plastic around the batteries start to wear down, responsibly throw them and get a new set.

Enjoy vaping medical marijuana!

Do not take vaping too seriously, especially when you encounter someone who wants to get into an argument about its relative pros and cons. Keep in mind that you started vaping for a reason and to not worry about what other people think. Do not be afraid to have fun with it. get your hands on your favorite medical cannabis strain and vape away as you enjoy all the wonderful health benefits it has to offer.

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