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What Are CBD Topicals & How do They Work?

What Are CBD Topicals & How do They Work?

When it comes to products that Canadians are using to relieve all kinds of conditions, there is none more popular than CBD. Out of all the CBD products that exist, topicals are getting a lot of coverage right now.

We are beginning to understand why topicals and creams are so good. But if you have no idea what they are, then you’re at the right place.

In this article, we will look at what exactly CBD topicals are and how they work. So with all that said, let’s start, shall we?

What Are CBD Topicals and Creams?

A topical is a name given to any skincare product that is infused with cannabidiol. It is really that simple. Out of the many topicals that exist, CBD creams are Canada’s favorite products. These creams are exactly what they sound like.

They are creams infused with cannabidiol. The great thing about creams is that they are meant to be topically applied to our skin. We simply rub a bit of CBD cream on an area that experiences pain and inflammation, and we’re good to go.

But that’s not the only reason why they’re so popular. CBD is very beneficial for us, and Canadians can use it to treat all kinds of problems.

While most of you are familiar with CBDs pain-relieving effects and ability to manage chronic pain, we can also use it for better sleep, for treating acne and other skin conditions, for stress, anxiety, to reduce inflammation, and more.

Simply said, CBD creams and topicals offer something different to users. Unlike inhaling, vaping, or orally consuming cannabidiol, topicals offer users a different consumption method that involves rubbing creams, lotions, and lip balms on our skin.

How Do CBD Topicals Work?

The next question we have to ask is how exactly do these products work? CBD works through the endocannabinoid system. This system makes it possible for us to experience the effects of CBD topicals. The ECS is made out of a lot of receptors.

But it is the CB1 and CB2 receptors that make it possible for us to experience the effects of cannabidiol. These receptors can be found throughout our body and they bind with our natural endocannabinoids.

A large portion of receptors can be found under our skin. This is why creams are so effective. The moment we apply the CBD cream to our skin, it gives the body a kick-start. Unlike other methods, topically applying CBD is very fast-acting due to the before-mentioned reasons.

What Are CBD Topicals Good For?

If you’re new to cannabidiol, then you probably aren’t aware that it is highly beneficial. Let’s see what exactly CBD topicals and creams are good for?

Beating Stress

Stress is a huge reason why many Canadians are using CBD creams. The stress-relieving properties of cannabidiol make it one of the best ways to relax after a stressful day at work. Not only that, but since the nature of creams is to be fast-acting, you’ll experience the effects in no time.

Relieving Pain

A huge reason why Canadians are using CBD creams is to relieve pain. The way CBD topicals do that is quite straightforward. Namely, you’re meant to apply the cream to an area of your body where you experience pain.

Help You Sleep

Sleep is an important activity. But sadly, up to 40% of Canadians aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. As you can imagine, depriving yourself of this vital function can harm your life. More so, it can develop into something more serious. Chronic sleep issues can be even more dangerous.

From having high blood pressure to risking strokes, managing this issue should be a top priority. One way to solve all of your sleeping problems is to take CBD creams. The way CBD does this is by affecting the ECS.

Since this system helps regulate our wake-sleep cycle, we can manage our sleep much better by implementing CBD creams into our nightly routine. More so, CBD also impacts the many factors that prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. One of these is anxiety.

For Anxiety

Much like stress, anxiety is a disorder that manifests in multiple ways. From fears of speaking in public to OCD, anxiety can negatively impact your life. One way to solve the problem is by rubbing CBD cream. The calming effects of cannabidiol make CBD creams an effective anxiolytic.

Finishing Thoughts

For Canadians looking at different ways to take CBD, look no further than topicals and creams. Not only do these products offer a fast-acting and effective consumption method, but taking them is very convenient. Lastly, we hope that our article will help you easily understand what topicals and creams are, how they work, and what they help with.

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