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An oz of bottom of bags/shake for $70! The bottom bags/shake are from our menu ranging from AA-AAA+ flowers. 

The Bottom of bags and Shake are great for cooking, making oil, or could be smoked. The trims are a mixture of all types of buds on our menu. 

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Weight1000 g

Oz (28 grams)

25 reviews for Bottom Bags/Shake (Smokable)

  1. Chris Brown

    hey if you bought this how about a review is it any better than the 40 bags of their normal bottoms what kind of returns did you get did you try smoking any??? any opinions appreciated thank you very much my fellow enthusiasts

  2. Zachary Hiscock (verified owner)


  3. Jean-sebastien Landry (verified owner)

    Sa coche beaucoup de petite bud 🙌

  4. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Good for the price

  5. Matthew Garcia (verified owner)

    Wow! I got 20 grams from a oz of nice popcorn buds. 60 bucks is a steal.

  6. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Not disappointed

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    Well this is the first site of many that ACTUALLY SELLS SHAKE NOT TRIM labelled as shake…. I got three ozs was a couple gs over weight
    Popcorn nugs no bigger than a quarter I haven’t separated the buds yet so I don’t know the ratio but So far I’m please I like haven’t a mix of buds that way you don’t get sick of the same shit after a week and it stops getting you high but no not this it looks lovely the shake looks like pre ground bud I’ll definitely be back!!

  8. OntarioAuthorized (verified owner)

    love it

  9. JT (verified owner)

    Nice!! Good quality Shake… lots of popcorn

  10. SebQc77 (verified owner)

    Ordered 3oz. Received a mix of 49.1g of popcorn and small mixed strains buds (up to 1g) and 19.3g of shake with less than .3g of stems. Was a bit dry but not overdried and throwing a humidity pack in both jars helped.

    No bad smell and was a still bit stinky. Obvioulsy, as it’s mixed strains, well, it’s mixed scents. No surprise here.

    Grinded some nugs and gave a try in a joint and it was surprisingly smooth and tasty, mostly on the kush aroma palette. The fun part is maybe next time it will be fruity or gassy, who knows lol. It’s that kind of surprise jar that you can let around with some paper to roll some ad hoc fattys whenever you feel to (or any other adult). Burned clean leaving some grayish ash.

    Felt an Indica buzz from the joint that was sedative a bit and relaxing but I was able to have things done. It’s probably a mix of indicas and hybrid buds so pretty much an any time smoke.

  11. Mustybigounce (verified owner)

    This is an amazing buy if you are on a budget I personally have ordered it twice now and both times it was perfect. I ordered an ounce at first it was mostly popcorn not probably a 1/4 was shake and it was bottom bag shake not the sifted trim some sites try to sell you that’s no good for smoking or really anything. Shake burns well put a small pinch in a bowl as soon as I got each bag. Gives a potent indica like high . Every time seems a bit different and it’s awesome. Second order ended up being 5 oz as a bunch of buddy’s tried it and wanted it themselves as it’s a great deal. . Upon buying large amounts be prepared for one bag as I was expecting individual bags for me and my buddy’s but upon receiving a 5 zip baggy I scaled them all out (and I scaled a bit over every baggy approx between 28.10 – 28.40 a bag) and still ended up with almost a. Eighth extra which was pretty cool ! Will probably be buying more

  12. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    hey LPB can we get a quarter pound, half pound and full pound option on this product please its your only shake option that is sold strictly by the ounce please add more options to buy higher weight at greater discounts like all your other shakes thanks muchly from a huge fan of all your guys hard work Chris B

  13. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Great deal

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    Oh man this is a steal of a find good bud with real shake not trim no complaints for this price pfft

  15. Maxboys.420 (verified owner)

    J’ai ressu 18g de bud et 11g de shake pour le prix j’adore… bon goût, bon buzz même le shake se fume seul dans un joint 👍

  16. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Little more shake this time but not bad…. I like to mix it with other buds

  17. jessekodiak (verified owner)

    I am what could charitably called a heavy daily smoker and this product is the best. As it has a more than one variety it doesn’t get boring or allow you to get used to its effects. It tends to not be overly dry and it keeps very well. It has a good mix of buds and shake. Keep it up LPB as this is a gem

  18. james (verified owner)

    Just got 4 ounces delivered. First time buying online so I was a bit trepidatious. I ordered on Friday expecting it Tuesday. It arrived today (Monday).

    Packaging arrived tight and smell-free. I ordered 1/4 lb but I had called it 4 ounces because it’s exactly that…four separate 1 oz (28 grams) bags. This was nicer than I expected.

    Each bag separately vacuum-sealed in well designed pouches thoughtfully and politely branded.

    Each bag weighed between 28 grams and 30 grams. It was a nice mix of size in each bag.

    Upon unzipping the crisp lines of the packaging, I inhale that first living breath inside the package.

    There’s a nice hint of fruit in my nostrils. I’ve always loved that first smell of a new weed in my possession.

    It’s like that very first kiss with your crush.



    The unknowns of buying online. It’s buying weed ONLINE.

    I would write more about the smoke, if you want me to.

    The first time I ever smoked, I had no idea what it would feel like. Make me addicted? I was told by adults that people can die from smoking weed?! Am I going to get super paranoid?

    Let me say. This is good weed if you’re on a budget. Like I am.

    They’ve made my worries about buying from Low Price Bud disappear. Everything they advertise is beautifully delivered.

    Shopping with LPB is like finding $100!!!

  19. GoMeR (verified owner)

    My batch this time had a nice light fruity smell to it great deal

  20. jeenyus73 (verified owner)

    happy with the number of different strains obviously from different bags, its great for the value, weather smoking by its self or blend with some other flower, not a bad buy

  21. GoMeR (verified owner)

    A few nice g buds in it again a nice smell great deal

  22. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Decent bag again lots of little buds light smell great price

  23. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Again and again great deal

  24. Lucas Smith (verified owner)

    so ive bought 3 ounces of this stuff in total and its the best deal ive had on weed ever. 3/4 of this is popcorn nugs 1/4 shake and the shake is smokable and only get harsh near the bottom of the shake. Only found a few stems in the bag handful of big dark leaf’s but amazing value will definitely buy again. free eight i got was also great quality smoked decent but was really potent.

  25. GoMeR (verified owner)

    Got a few nice buds in this 1 thx lpb

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