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Luxe Shatter


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Every inhale of a Luxe Extracts concentrate delivers much more than full-spectrum potency and flavor. Enjoying their concentrates provides more than a pure and safe product meticulously extracted from artists with years of experience. When you experience Luxe Extracts, you have unlocked a lifestyle. One that embraces excellence, advocates cannabis, and celebrates a higher quality of life. After an inhale from one of Luxe Extracts cannabis creations you’ll never live any other way than Luxe. Their team of extraction artists delivers the essence of cannabis at its finest, crafting extractions that provide a full-spectrum experience. Each terpene and cannabinoid sends a whirlwind of euphoric and therapeutic properties through your every fiber. Let your endocannabinoid system marvel at the synergistic results of passion, education, and cannabis.

Weight1000 g

Indica – Skywalker OG, Indica – Pre98 Bubba Kush, Sativa – Ghost Train Haze, Sativa – Laughing Buddha, Hybrid – Trainwreck, Hybrid – Pineapple Express


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