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*LINDSAY OG is another one of Gasleak’s Craft Product!

Effects : Relaxed, Happy, and Euphoric

May Relieve : Pain, Stress, and Depression

Aroma : Earthy, Diesel, and Pungent

Lindsay OG is an amazing award winning strain that has been refined and perfected over the years. Named after a town in Ontario, Canada, OG Kush makes up the back-bone of this strain but it’s true origins remain a mystery. Lindsay OG has a wonderful gassy pungent aroma that turns into a great skunky, sweet flavour.  It is very potent and a couple puffs will get the job done.

Weight220 g

Eighths (3.5 grams), Quarter (7 grams), Half Oz (14 grams), Oz (28 grams), Quarter Pound (112 grams)


  1. 420Skywalker (verified owner)

    GasLeak continues to floor me with this Top Shelf Kush!
    A very potent Indica dominant strain that’s super smooth and has a nice earthy taste. The nugs look just as amazing as the other GasLeak strains I’ve tried (Mike Tyson, Wedding Cake and Rock Tuna) they are Caked in cyrstal, nice purple’s mixed with vibrant green colours, tons of orange hairs and very photogenic! Love this strain, deffenitly a nice smoke in the evening.
    This ones more of a creeper strain for sure. Right off the bat you get a nice buzz, but after 20 or so minutes your face melts off and it feels like you ran into a brick wall. The high leaves you smiling, hungrier than Starvn Marvn and constantly fighting off a very heavy, in your face, drowsiness.
    They Should call this strain NateDiaz OG because it’ll have you tapping like McGregor in the 2nd.

  2. BCLuke (verified owner)

    This strain is Dank! Strong indica great kush taste with knarly bud structure. Crystal coverage is perfect

  3. BreedWeed85 (verified owner)

    Nice strong indica tasty kush smell and flavor.. once at correct humidity level it’s nice and sticky.

  4. mattnchels

    This again is one of the better of the Gasleak Strains. Beautiful buds that are super dense and firm. Could break a window with some of these buds. This one also burns nice and white and has a nice smooth smoke and a strong high. Not exactly debilitating but very potent and a new favorite. One of my favorites of the Gasleak Strains

  5. TripleC (verified owner)

    Killer quad

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