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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Vape Pen

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Vape Pen

Vaping cannabis is a great alternative to smoking, especially for users who want a safe and enjoyable way to inhale their favorite strains of cannabis. Vaporizing involves heating your cannabis products to release rich, cannabinoid-filled vapor without any smoke. Not only does it feel smoother on your lungs, but research suggests vaping cannabis gives you stronger effects.

But if you want the most enjoyable marijuana vaporizing experience possible, you’ll need to choose the best cannabis vape pen for your needs. Some portable vaporizers and vape pens are designed for use with dry herbs or cannabis concentrates, but you can also find oil vaporizers that you can use with a wide range of weed vape cartridges and oils. Here’s how to choose the best cannabis vape pen.

What Kind Of Products Do You Want To Vape?

One of the first things to consider when choosing a weed vape pen is what kind of products you want to vape. Different vaporizers are designed for use with different types of products, such as dry herbs, concentrates, or oils. As such, it’s important to choose the right device based on exactly what you’re planning to vape.

Dry herb vaporizers are the right choice if you want to vape your favorite cannabis flower strains. You can simply add a nug of your chosen strain into the chamber of one of these devices for smooth and potent vapor. You can even sandwich a small amount of hash or kief between your weed for stronger effects.

Concentrate vaporizers or dab pens are necessary if you want to vape marijuana extracts such as shatter, live resin, and budder. Alternatively, you should invest in an oil vaporizer if you want to use cannabis vape oils. Some are also designed for use with cartridges or pods. You can even find disposable cannabis vape pens.

Disposable Or Reusable?

Many vape devices can be used over and over again. For instance, dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers can be recharged and filled with all kinds of products, leading to many great vaping experiences. Many oil vaporizers can also be recharged and refilled, although you can also use disposable oil vape pens.

Those who are interested in vaping flavorful cannabis vape oil should invest in a vape kit, such as the Bob Vape Kit. Not only does this device come with a vape cartridge of your choice, but you can also buy a selection of Bob Vape Carts when you need to refill it. Simply attach the cartridge to your device and you can start vaping instantly.

Disposable vape pens are a good choice for those who want convenience but don’t plan on vaping frequently. These devices come pre-filled with potent cannabis vape oil, allowing you to start enjoying smooth cannabis vapor right away. You can find plenty of great disposable pens from brands like So High Extracts, CG Extracts, Straight Goods, and Diamond Concentrates.

Disposable Or Reusable Vape Pen

Indica Or Sativa?

Another thing to consider when choosing a cannabis vape pen or cartridge is whether you prefer indica or sativa effects. Indica strains are generally considered better for relaxing and soothing effects whereas sativa strains are known for unleashing your happiness and creativity. Of course, you can also choose hybrid strains if you want a mix of indica and sativa properties.

When using a dry herb vaporizer, you can simply choose between indica, sativa, or hybrid weed. You can also find all kinds of concentrates if you’re using a concentrate vaporizer. If you’re using vape cartridges, you can also choose between a variety of strains like Blueberry (Indica), Durban Poison (Sativa), and Gelato (Hybrid).

The same applies when you’re choosing a disposable cannabis vape pen. If you want deep physical relaxation, the Straight Goods Master Kush Disposable (Indica) is a good choice. For uplifting effects, try the Diamond Concentrates Blue Dream Disposable Pen (Sativa). For a soothing yet mind-enhancing hybrid, consider the So High Extracts Wedding Cake Disposable Pen (Hybrid).


If you’re looking for a mind-bending psychoactive high, you’ll want to use a disposable vape pen, vape cartridge, or strain that’s high in THC. THC is the psychoactive chemical responsible for delivering the intense physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation that cannabis is known for. However, not everyone wants to get as high as possible.

Those who want milder and more subtle effects often prefer using CBD products. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that won’t get you high yet is still said to provide many of the same benefits as cannabis. Most cannabis vape pens are high in THC, but you can also find great CBD vape products for when you want a mild yet enjoyable vaping session.

For a good CBD vape pen, you might want to try the Diamond Concentrates – Charlotte’s Web 1:3 THC-CBD Pen. With three times as much CBD as THC, it’ll give you a subtle high that’s perfect for relaxation and health benefits. For an even balance of THC and CBD, try the Diamond Concentrates – ACDC 1:1 THC-CBD Pen.

Which Flavor?

Many users enjoy vaping purely for flavorful hits. When you vaporize weed and cannabis concentrates, it brings out more of the flavor of your favorite strains, leading to a particularly enjoyable experience. Marijuana vape cartridges and disposable cannabis vape pens are also packed with flavorful vapor.

Cannabis vape carts and pens often use extracts from the best-tasting strains, such as Green Apple, Tropical Zkittlez, and Lemon Skunk. These products are always great choices if you’re looking for the most mouth-watering vaping experience possible.

Some vape products even mimic sweet fruit flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, and blueberry. Some even taste like cookies, cotton candy, or mint. It’s best to try a variety of vape pens to see which flavor you enjoy the most.

Which Flavor cannabis Vape juice


There are tons of cannabis vaporizers, cartridges, and even disposable pens to choose from. Whether you prefer to vape weed, marijuana concentrates, or flavorful cannabis vape oils, there’s a suitable option for you. Fortunately, you can find a range of cannabis vapes, concentrates, flower strains, and more at Low Price Bud.

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