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What Is Weed Caviar

What Is Weed Caviar?

When you want something stronger than cannabis to get you high, cannabis concentrates are always a good option. These come in various forms, with some popular examples including shatter, hash, and wax. However, one of the strongest and most flavorful cannabis concentrates you can find is weed caviar.

Often referred to simply as caviar, this concentrate is a type of high terpene full-spectrum extract (HTFSE) known for its invigorating effects and strong flavor. You can find caviar in many strains and you can also use it in various ways. So what exactly is weed caviar, how should you use it, and where can you get it? Here’s a guide to weed caviar.

What Is Weed Caviar?

Weed caviar, or simply “caviar”, is one of the many cannabis concentrates currently available on the market. Concentrates are powerful products made by extracting the potent, THC-packed trichome of cannabis buds. Different concentrates use different methods of extraction, and some are more complicated than others.

Caviar is quite complicated to make as it’s a high terpene full-spectrum extract (HTFSE). These extracts are made using an extensive extracting, purging, and terpene capturing process. Not only is the THC extracted from the cannabis buds used, but the flavorful terpenes are also extracted and re-infused to make the extracts as flavorful as possible.

Terpenes are natural compounds that are known for giving each cannabis strain a unique flavor. They also contribute to the effects of cannabis, often making them more relaxing, more uplifting, or adding to their medical benefits. As such, HTFSE products like caviar are particularly flavorful as well as potent.

Why Use Weed Caviar?

Those looking for a strong high will enjoy weed caviar. These extracts often contain particularly high levels of THC and will hit you harder than various other types of cannabis concentrates. What’s more, caviar and other high terpene full-spectrum extracts are much more flavorful than regular cannabis extracts, making them a pleasure to use.

Another advantage of using weed caviar is that it’s easy to use and you have various ways to use it. Those who enjoy smoking joints can add some caviar to their joints. Those who prefer using a pipe or bong can add some caviar to their bowl. However, vaping is arguably the best way to experience the flavor and effects of weed caviar.

Like other cannabis products, weed caviar is available in various strains and you can choose the one you prefer depending on the kind of effects you’re looking for. Indica caviar will help you relax, sativa caviar will stimulate your mind, and hybrid caviar strains will give you a mix of physically relaxing and mentally uplifting effects.

How To Smoke Weed Caviar

How To Smoke Weed Caviar

If you want to use weed caviar, smoking is arguably the easiest option. If you’re already used to smoking joints or even using a bong or pipe to smoke your weed, then adding a little caviar will enhance the experience. Thanks to caviar’s soft and pliable form, it’s easy to scoop up and add to your weed.

Caviar won’t burn well in a joint by itself, so you need to mix it with cannabis. To smoke caviar in a joint, start by packing your joint with weed as you usually would. After adding your weed, take a scoop of caviar using a dabbing tool and apply it to your joint carefully. Finish rolling your joint and take a hit.

You can also add caviar to the bowl of your pipe or bong. Start by packing your bowl with plenty of weed before adding your caviar on top. The weed will help burn the caviar, and your hits will be much stronger as a result. Keep in mind that caviar will significantly enhance the strength of your joints and bowls, so use it carefully and don’t smoke too much too quickly.

How To Vape Or Dab Weed Caviar

Although smoking it with weed is the easiest way to enjoy caviar, vaping arguably offers a much more enjoyable experience. Research suggests that the effects of vaping cannabis are stronger than smoking. What’s more, vaporizing brings out more of the flavor of your products, which is perfect for experiencing the rich flavors of weed caviar strains.

To vape weed caviar, you’ll need a Concentrate Vaporizer, also known as a Wax Pen or Dab Pen. These devices are capable of vaporizing all kinds of cannabis concentrates, as opposed to Dry Herb Vaporizers which aren’t compatible with extracts. Add a dab of caviar to the chamber of your vape, power your device up, and enjoy the flavorful hits.

You can also dab weed caviar. Dabbing gives you some incredibly strong hits and can also bring out the flavor of your extracts. This involves using a Dab Rig, a device designed for dabbing. Apply a dab of weed caviar to the nail of your rig, heat it using a dab torch, and take a hit from the mouthpiece.

Where To Buy Weed Caviar

Where To Buy Weed Caviar

If you want to try it for yourself, you can buy weed caviar online right here at Low Price Bud. Various strains of caviar are available for convenient and discreet delivery all over Canada. Here are some of the most popular strains of caviar you can buy right now.

Peaches and Cream Caviar – If you’re looking for a sweet and fruity strain that will calm your nerves and relieve your pain, Peaches and Cream is a perfect choice. It’s a sativa strain made by crossing Chem Dawg, Super Silver Haze, Maui, and Grape Kush. It’ll make you feel happy, giggly, and stress-free while also offering soothing physical effects.

Death Star Caviar – Death Star is an indica strain that induces a sense of relaxed and blissful euphoria. You can use it during the day or night to help relieve pain, anxiety, and stress, and put you in a peaceful and care-free state of mind. It’s also known for its skunky, fuel-like aroma and taste.

Pineapple Express Caviar – Pineapple Express is one of the most popular strains out there. Known for its ability to boost your energy and mood while soothing your pain, it’s a popular choice for many users. Pineapple Express Caviar will make you feel amazing and tantalize your taste buds with its tropical flavor.


Weed caviar is a potent cannabis concentrate that offers powerful effects and flavorful hits thanks to its unique extraction process. Like other cannabis products, you can find various strains of caviar and use it either by smoking it with weed, vaping with a vaporizer, or dabbing.

The best way to get your hands on high-quality weed caviar is to buy it online. You can buy weed caviar online along with a wide range of other cannabis concentrates and alternative products at Low Price Bud.

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