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What are the Different Types Of Weed Concentrates To Buy Online?

There are many ways to consume cannabis, from smoking, ingesting through edibles to vaporization. While smoking has been the most common method of consumption, weed concentrates are slowly taking precedence, especially with experienced consumers.

But what are cannabis concentrates, and why are they so popular? Weed concentrates aren’t exactly a new way of consuming marijuana. Concentrates have existed for as long as weed has probably existed but not as we know them. 

An example of early weed concentrates is hashish, which has been in use since as early as the 13th century. But if they have existed throughout history, why aren’t they the most popular consumption methods? What exactly are weed concentrates, and which ones should you buy?

What Is A Weed Concentrate?Weed Concentrates and dab tools. Buy cannabis concentrates online. Buy weed online in Canada at online dispensary low price bud.

Weed concentrates are exactly that – concentrated forms of marijuana compounds. The weed plant has three desirable compounds, the cannabinoids – primarily CBD and THC – the psychoactive compound that gets you high, terpenes, and flavonoids.

A cannabis concentrate is a product that is refined to contain higher levels of cannabinoids – can be all or a specific one, terpenes and flavonoids, than the plant it’s extracted from. 

A THC concentrate is a solution/ extract containing very high THC levels than the plant. Weed concentrates are made through either solventless extraction or solvent extraction methods. 

Solventless extraction methods are mostly mechanical and employ the use of pressure, temperature, or even physical agitation. Popular concentrates created through this method include hash, rosin, and kief. 

On the other hand, solvent extraction employs the use of a medium (solvent) that strips cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds from the plant material before it’s evaporated, leaving behind a weed concentrate. 

But what are the common types of weed concentrates?

Types Of THC Concentrates That You Can Buy Online In Canada

Cannabis concentrates are categorized by the method used to extract them from the raw cannabis plant materials. Weed concentrates can be grouped into solventless cannabis concentrates, and solvent cannabis concentrates.

Solventless THC concentrates are extracted using physical methods that filter, pressure, or heat the raw plant material to obtain the cannabinoids and terpenes. These methods may include using tools such as rosin press, ice and water, and sieve screens.

Solventless concentrates are popular with cannabis connoisseurs because of the natural extraction process and no solvent residues. 

Solvent-based extractions use a solvent such as butane, CO2, ethanol, or propane as the medium to dissolve the cannabinoids that the weed plant contains. These methods are preferred for large-scale extraction as they produce purer concentrates than physical methods.

After the solvent dissolves the terpenes and cannabinoids, the mixture undergoes an extra process to purge the chemical living behind a concentrate. These concentrates can be further classified into oils (CO2) and Butane Hash Oil (BHO) depending on the solvent used.

Solventless THC Concentrates

1. Hashhash weed concentrate for sale from low price bud mail order marijuana online dispensary for weed online.

Hash or hashish is a cannabis concentrate that originated in Afghanistan. It is made by collecting trichomes from a cannabis bud by rubbing them, then scraping off the resin and trichomes and compressing them into a rectangular bar or a sphere.

Hash can be consumed through dabbing or broken down and added to a bowl with flower, joint or blunt to add to the THC potency and taste. Looking for the best quality hash in Canada? LowPriceBud has authentic Katema Gold Moroccan hash at the lowest prices in the market.

2. Rosin

Rosin is formed by applying heat and pressure to a cured cannabis bud to extract the cannabinoid and terpene-rich resin. This process creates a thick, syrup-like substance with a deep yellow colour. This substance is the resin from the trichomes that contains terpenes and cannabinoids.

3. Kief/Dry SiftKief and dry sift for sale from online dispensary low price bud. buy weed online. buy weed concentrates online.

Kief is a powdery, THC-rich material made up of the crystalline outgrowths on the surface of a cannabis bud known as trichomes. Kief can be made by gently rubbing the bud against a screen, or you can wait for some to accumulate on the bottom of your grinder.

Kief has a higher THC and terpene content as it is made up of trichomes. You can consume kief by adding it to a joint or bong or pressing it further into rosin, further removing the plant materials.

Tired of waiting for kief to build up in your grinder, get this high-quality Blue Dream Kief from LowPriceBud today, and we’ll ship it anywhere in Canada.

Solvent Based Cannabis Concentrates

1. CO2 OilSolvent Based Cannabis Concentrates CO2 oil.

While most people don’t consider CO2 oils as concentrates, they are, at least by definition. CO2 oils are made using an industrial process that uses pressure and carbon dioxide to isolate cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds.

CO2 oils can further be refined to create distillates, sauce, live resin, and other concentrates. LowPriceBud has great offers on So High Premium distillates with Banana Kush terpenes if you are looking to buy weed online at the lowest prices in the market.

2. Butane Hash Oil Extracts (BHO)

Butane hash oil extracts are cannabis concentrates made using pressurized butane solvents to strip cannabinoids and terpenes in a closed-loop system. BHO dabs are popular among cannabis consumers because of their flavour and high THC potency, ranging between 70-90%.

BHO can be made into a number of different products by tweaking the process a little bit. They include:Butane Hash Oil Extracts (BHO) from the best online dispensary in Canada low price bud.

• Shatter

This is a thin and brittle cannabis concentrate, usually clear or amber in colour. Shatter looks like a thin sheet of glass and tends to shatter when handled. Do you want to try these types of weed concentrates? Get premium LPB OG Kush shatter for the ultimate dabbing experience.

• Wax

This is a weed concentrate made through the same process as shatter, but because of the way it’s handled, it has a softer, more gooey consistency. It’s sticky and therefore requires a dabbing tool to handle. 

• Live Resin

This is a cannabis concentrate made from fresh frozen cannabis buds. Growers flash freeze buds as soon as they are harvested and send them for processing to preserve the more delicate terpenes. Live resin is popular because of its strong aromas and flavours from the high terpene content.

A great example of live resin is the High Voltage 1g live resin from LowPriceBud, Canada’s top mail order cannabis dispensary. High Voltage 1g live resin for sale. THC concentrates to buy online in Canada from mail order marijuana dispensary for weed online.

• Crumble

The same process that makes BHO wax can be tweaked – by increasing temperature and moisture to create a drier, honeycomb-like weed concentrate called crumble. This concentrate is used for dabbing and can also be added to a joint or bowl for added potency.

If you want to try crumble, LowPriceBud has just the product for you. Alien Space Cookies crumble made from the 50:50 indica/sativa Alien Space Cookies strain. This crumble has a strong kush aroma and delivers balanced body and mind effects.buy weed concentrates Alien Space Cookies crumble from online dispensary low price bud.

• Caviar

Weed caviar is created by dipping buds in hash oil to add potency and then drying them. Caviar is almost similar to moon rocks – another type of weed concentrates made by dipping buds in hash oil then rolling them in kief.

Where To Buy THC Concentrates In Canada

Weed concentrates are an excellent way to get out-of-space high using a smaller amount of product than you would typically use. However, you have to ensure you only buy high-quality concentrates from online mail-order weed dispensaries that can guarantee the safety and quality of their products.

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