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What Are THC Distillates? How They Are Made And Best Way To Use Weed Concentrates

Weed Concentrates For Beginners: Top 5 Ways To Consume THC Distillates

A decade ago, the primary methods of consuming cannabis were smoking flower or using edibles. Weed concentrates were unheard of as they only existed in the connoisseurs’ world. Today, we have lots of options when it comes to ultra-potent cannabis products, and if you think products such as shatter or wax are as strong as it gets, THC distillates are about to unlock another level of experience for you.

Today you don’t have to consume the whole bud to get high. Cannabis concentrates have made it possible for a small piece – the size of a grain of rice to blast you off to outer space. What is the best way to use distillate? Can you add them to joints and bongs?

This article tells you what distillates are and how to consume distillates for maximum benefits.

What Is THC Distillate And How Are They Made?

You may have heard of weed concentrates such as shatter, dabs, budder, wax and crumble before. These concentrates test between 70% THC, with some going up to 90%. But what if this isn’t potent enough for you?

Enter THC distillates. A THC distillate is the end product of –  wait for it – distillation. Distillation involves separating the chemical components of a liquid using controlled evaporation and condensation.

Every chemical compound in the mixture has a specific boiling point. When the mixture is heated, and the boiling point is reached, the compound is vaporized and transported to another chamber, cooled back into a liquid. This is the same process used for THC distillate.

A THC distillate is, therefore, a weed concentrate that has been stripped of all other cannabinoids, terpenes and plant compounds, leaving behind a specific compound – in this case, THC. This process  is also used to make CBD isolate. 

Distillates can have up to 99%+ THC, making them the most potent cannabis products you can buy online from a mail-order marijuana dispensary. But how are THC distillates made?

How Are THC Distillates Made?

There are several ways to make weed concentrates. Some processes use solvents such as butane to create BHO concentrates such as shatter, wax and caviar, and there are solventless (physical) processes used to make products such as rosin, kief and hash.

Distillates are made using a short-path distillation process, eliminating the need for solvents or physical methods to create a clean and pure concentrate.

Short path or “fractional” distillation involves the distillate being moved a short distance to separate compounds. This process is performed in a lab using specialized equipment so the producers can manage temperatures and pressure.

An extract is fed into one flask that is gradually heated to vaporize the compounds. The vapours are then vacuumed into fractioning tubes and condensing flasks, where they are cooled down to their original liquid state. This process is repeated several times until the final result is almost pure.

This process works because the desirable cannabis compounds – cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids have different boiling points. This makes it possible to remove one compound after the other, gradually separating them until you get what you want.

The end product of the distillation process is a thick substance that looks like honey in colour and consistency. 

How To Use THC Distillates

One of the advantages of THC distillates is that you can consume them in any traditional cannabis consumption method and the newer ones, such as dabbing and vaping. But can you eat THC distillate? Is THC distillate safe to smoke? Here are various ways you can use weed concentrates.

1. Add THC Distillate To Edibles And BeveragesAdd THC Distillate To Edibles And Beverages. Buy weed online.

Wondering if you can use THC distillates to make edibles? If you have ever bought edibles such as gummies online, chances are you have already eaten THC distillate. This weed concentrate is the most preferred extract to infuse commercial edibles and beverages for several reasons.

One is that it’s already decarboxylated, so you don’t have to go through the time and labour-intensive method of activating THCA molecules. All you have to do is infuse it into the product and get baking.

THC distillates are also used to make beverages. But can you mix distillate in water? Can you add it to any drink? The answer is yes, you can. Distillate can be added to coffee, tea, honey, water and any other beverage you like.

You can drizzle distillate THC into almost any food item and make it work. Be it a smoothie or a salad. The best part is that it’s already decarboxylated. It also has no scent or flavour, so you don’t have to change your recipe, and it’s potent, so you only have to use a small amount.

2. Vape THC DistillateMan vaping THC Distillate

Can you vape weed distillate? It’s possible to administer a distillate through a vape pen, but you will need one with a reloadable tank designed for a variety of liquid or solid concentrates. Vaping THC distillate also works better if your device allows you to adjust the temperature. Alternatively, you can start by adding a few drops to a less potent cartridge.

3. Sublingual Application

This is one of the easiest ways to consume weed concentrates. Take the high potency distillate, place a drop or two under your tongue, and hold it there for up to a minute before swallowing. The THC will be absorbed into the bloodstream via the dense network of capillaries under the tongue.

Effects will kick in between 15 to 30 minutes, quicker than edibles but still slower than inhalation.

4. Dabbing – Using A Dab Rig

You can dab a THC distillate using a dab rig for an almost instantaneous kick. Heat the nail or e-nail to the recommended temperature using the dab tool, scoop a bit of the THC distillate, apply it to the nail, and inhale the vapour.

5. Add To A Joint, Blunt, Spliff Or BongCannabis joints and vapes. Buy weed online in Canada.

You can add THC distillate to any old-school method of consuming cannabis to add an extra kick to the flower. THC distillate is very potent, so you will only need to sprinkle a few drops on top of the flower before you close up the joint, spliff or blunt.

If you are using a bong/bowl, put a layer of some flower, add the distillate and cover it up with some more flower. Then strap in for a wild ride!

Where To Buy The Best THC Distillates Online

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3. So High Extracts Granddaddy Purple DistillateSo High Extracts Granddaddy Purple Distillate Weed Concentrate. Buy weed online in Canada.

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