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10 Advantages of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

10 Advantages of Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

When most people think of magic mushrooms, they probably think of vivid hallucinations and sensational spiritual trips that last for hours on end. However, not every magic mushroom experience is like that. Although taking 3.5 grams or more can give you a classic psychedelic trip, many people prefer microdosing magic mushrooms instead.

Microdosing magic mushrooms is an approach that involves taking a very low dose – usually less than 1 gram. While this generally isn’t enough to make you start hallucinations or lose touch with reality, it’s still more than enough to enhance your mood, creativity, and senses. That way, you can experience the subtle benefits of psilocybin without embarking on an intense psychedelic trip.

There are many benefits to microdosing magic mushrooms instead of taking a larger dose. Some people find that microdosing allows them to experience the uplifting effects they want without any negative side effects. Some even find that microdosing helps them improve their creativity and focus. Research suggests that microdosing psilocybin could even have mental benefits.

If you want to know more about microdosing and how it could help you, here’s a guide to 10 of the biggest advantages of microdosing magic mushrooms.

1. Microdosing Can Improve Your Mood

When people trip on magic mushrooms, one of the most common effects they report is euphoria. The mental effects of magic mushrooms are particularly potent, and taking a large dose can make you feel especially joyous, giggly, and happy. It can even help you forget about your worries and stress.

With that said, you don’t need to take a significant dose of magic mushrooms to experience these euphoric effects. Even a very small magic mushroom dose can enhance your mood. What’s more, microdosing allows you to experience these mood improvements without dealing with the powerful effects of a regular psychedelic trip.

A 2022 study even found that psilocybin microdosers reported greater improvements in their mood and mental health than non-microdosers. These findings suggest that microdosing is the best approach for those who want to use psilocybin to improve their mood.

2. It Can Help You Avoid A Bad Trip

Taking a moderate to high magic mushroom dose can be great if you’re an experienced psychonaut. It can send you on a fascinating trip full of sensational visuals and introspective thoughts. Many people even claim that their magic mushroom trips feel like spiritual or life-changing experiences.

However, not every user has such a positive experience. Taking a high dose of shrooms can make you lose touch with reality. Your hallucinations and thoughts will seem real, and while these will often be positive, they can also be negative. Some users end up having a “bad trip”, characterized by disturbing thoughts and scary hallucinations.

This is another one of the major advantages of microdosing magic mushrooms. You can avoid hallucinations, delusions, and other potentially negative effects simply by taking a smaller dosage. The experience of microdosing isn’t nearly as intense as a classic psychedelic trip – but this is preferable for those who simply want to experience the pros of psilocybin without the cons.

Microdosing Shrooms Can Enhance Creativity

3. Microdosing Shrooms Can Enhance Creativity

Psychedelics and creativity often go hand-in-hand. For instance, many artists, musicians, writers, and other creative types use sativa cannabis strains to unleash their creative potential. Many people also find that the intense mental effects of magic mushrooms can also be perfect for enhancing your creativity.

A 2018 study explored the effects of microdosing psilocybin on creativity. Researchers made subjects perform creativity-related problem-solving tasks both before and after taking a microdose of psychedelic truffles. The study found that convergent and divergent thinking were both improved after a microdose of psilocybin.

Larger doses of magic mushrooms may also help users enhance their creativity. However, one of the key benefits of microdosing over macrodosing magic mushrooms is that it allows users to remain focused and lucid. As such, these creative enhancements can help people with working, studying, or simply performing creative tasks at home.

4. Microdosing Can Reduce Anxiety And Depression

Magic mushrooms were often seen purely as a recreational drug in the past. However, as time goes on, research has started to unveil that psilocybin can have a positive impact in various ways. For instance, some studies have found that the effects of magic mushrooms can help counteract symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A study from John Hopkins University used a combination of psychotherapy and psilocybin therapy on 27 participants with long-term depression. The study found that psilocybin usage resulted in significant decreases in depression both with and without psychotherapy. What’s more, these reductions in depression were still observed up to 12 months after treatment, suggesting that psilocybin treatment can have long-term benefits.

Another study examined the effects of psilocybin treatment on patients with life-threatening cancer. A long-term follow-up found that psilocybin treatment resulted in long-term reductions in anxiety, depression, hopelessness, demoralization, and death anxiety. Patients rated their psilocybin experiences as among the most meaningful and spiritually-significant experiences of their lives.

5. You Can Make Your Magic Mushrooms Last Longer

Microdosing magic mushrooms is a smart approach for many reasons. From a safety standpoint, you can avoid unwanted side effects and prevent bad trips. However, it also makes sense from a practical standpoint. Regularly going on intense, long-lasting trips can be time-consuming and it can also waste your shrooms far too quickly.

In contrast, microdosing magic mushrooms can help you make your stash of magic mushrooms last for much longer. By only taking a small dose every few days, you can experience sustained improvements in your mood and mental focus without ever dealing with the drawbacks of strong psychedelic trips.

Just like macrodosing, the benefits of microdosing can last for many hours. However, since the effects are far more subtle, you can still go about your day, take on all kinds of productive tasks, and remain in control of yourself while still benefiting from the uplifting effects of psilocybin. As such, it’s a great way to get the most out of a small batch of magic mushrooms.

It Can Improve Your Work Performance

6. It Can Improve Your Work Performance

Showing up to the office every day and trying to stay as creative and focused as possible can be tough. A cup of coffee can help, but sometimes you need something more to help you engage with tasks more fluidly and enhance your thinking. That’s why some people have started to microdose magic mushrooms to help with their work performance.

It might sound surprising to some, but it turns out that microdosing shrooms to enhance work performance is a very real practice. A Forbes article reported that Silicon Valley professionals use magic mushrooms to boost their careers. The creative enhancements, as well as improvements in mood and focus, can work wonders for many professionals.

While taking too much psilocybin can result in you becoming mentally unfocused, a very small dose can help you stay alert, focused, and creative throughout the workday. Some people use a microdose of shrooms once or twice a week to sustain these benefits and continuously enhance their mental performance.

7. You Can Try Various Strains Of Magic Mushrooms

The term “magic mushrooms” doesn’t refer to a single type of mushroom, but rather an entire range of species known for containing psychoactive chemicals. What’s more, even within certain types of shrooms – such as psilocybe cubensis – there are many magic mushroom strains to choose from.

Cannabis consumers are probably well aware that when they buy cannabis, each strain offers a unique aroma, taste, and appearance, along with different effects. The same applies to buying magic mushrooms – a dose of Golden Teachers could give you a completely different experience than a dose of Blue Meanies.

But with so many strains to choose from, it’d take far too long to trip on every single strain. One of the advantages of microdosing is that you can sample a small dose of various strains. That way, you can discover which one you enjoy the most before you take a larger dose. When you buy shrooms online, you can even Build Your Own Mushrooms Oz by mixing a variety of strains you’d like to sample.

8. You Can Microdose With Magic Mushroom Tea

The most straightforward way to microdose magic mushrooms is to simply cut your shrooms into small pieces, measure a dose of around 0.2 to 0.7g, then chew and swallow the portion you’ve made. However, eating dried magic mushrooms is often an unpleasant experience due to the bitter taste.

Fortunately, that’s not the only way to microdose shrooms. Many people prefer to brew their magic mushrooms into a refreshing cup of magic mushroom tea. The process is fairly simple – steep a portion of shrooms in hot water, add a tea bag, then strain the mixture into another cup to get rid of the excess shrooms. 

You can still use a microdose of your favorite magic mushroom strain while avoiding the bitter taste. You can even add extra flavorings to your tea such as honey and ginger. Adding lemon juice can even speed up the onset of psilocybin’s effects so you don’t need to wait as long to experience the mental enhancements of magic mushrooms.

You Can Use Convenient Shroom Capsules And Edibles

9. You Can Use Convenient Shroom Capsules And Edibles

You don’t necessarily need to buy dried magic mushrooms if you want to microdose psilocybin. Some types of magic mushroom products are ideal for microdosing. For instance, magic mushroom capsules and edibles provide convenient options for those who only want to take a small dose of psilocybin each time.

Magic mushroom edibles come in the form of tasty chocolates, gummies, and other food products infused with magic mushroom extracts. Each serving contains a small dose of psilocybin, and you can easily split a gummy or a square of chocolate into halves or quarters if you want an even smaller dose. You can find many tasty options, such as Watermelon Mushroom Jellies and Magic Mushroom Orange Milk Chocolate Bars.

Magic mushroom capsules are just as convenient. Instead of gummies and chocolates, these come in the form of handy pills that you can simply swallow and wash down with water. Like edibles, each serving of magic mushroom caps will give you a fixed dosage of psilocybin. Using Microdosing Magic Mushroom Capsules is one of the easiest ways to start microdosing shrooms.

10. You Can Buy Magic Mushroom Products Online

If you want to try microdosing magic mushrooms for yourself, the easiest way to get your hands on high-quality shrooms is to buy them online. That way, you can avoid the potential dangers of trying to pick shrooms yourself or buying them on the streets. Canadian consumers can simply order the products they want for convenient, discreet home delivery.

You can choose from a wide selection of dried magic mushrooms. Each magic mushroom strain is unique, so you can browse product descriptions and reviews to see which one suits you the best. You can also mix and match a variety of strains when you choose to Build Your Own Mushrooms Half Oz or Build Your Own Mushrooms Oz.

If you’d prefer to drink the effects of your magic mushrooms, you might want to try magic mushroom teas. While you can brew dried magic mushrooms into tea, these readymade tea mixes make the process even easier. Plus, you’ll know exactly what dosage of shrooms you’re getting when you use these products.

Alternatively, you can also find convenient magic mushroom capsules and magic mushroom edibles. These products make it extremely easy to manage your magic mushroom dosage as each serving will contain a fixed dose of psilocybin. That way, you can take as much as you need without any hassle and adapt your dosage accordingly.


There are many advantages to microdosing magic mushrooms. You can enhance your mood, creativity, and focus and even reduce anxiety and depression without dealing with the overwhelming effects of a classic shroom dose. Simply take a small dose of 0.2 to 0.7g or use handy shroom capsules and edibles to make the process easier.

No matter how you choose to take your magic mushrooms, you can order everything you need online for safe and discreet delivery. Along with a wide selection of dried magic mushroom strains, you can find magic mushroom teas, gummies, chocolates, and more online at Low Price Bud.

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