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What Is Shatter And What Are The Top 5 Ways To Consume It

What Is Shatter? A Beginner’s Guide To The Fantastic World Of Cannabis Concentrates

What is shatter weed? This blog will answer all questions regarding shatter, including where to buy this cannabis concentrate online in Canada.

As cannabis cultivation and production technologies advance, marijuana enthusiasts are shifting to new products that offer a heavier-hitting high.

And the best options seem to be cannabis concentrates such as shatter, wax, honeycomb, and more to get the most out of this incredible plant. But what is shatter, and how do you consume it?

It can be daunting to navigate this ever-changing industry as a new or experienced cannabis consumer.

If you are confused by the world of concentrates, worry no more; we’re here to give a quick rundown on everything you need to know about shatter. You’ll learn what shatter is, how it is made, how you smoke it, etc.

You’ve got questions, and we’ve all the answers you need. Just sit back, relax and spark that blunt while we spill the tea on shatter and how you can buy weed online and have it delivered to you anywhere in Canada.

What Is Shatter?Close up image of shatter, cannabis concentrate wax. What Is Shatter. Buy shatter weed online.

You may be asking yourself, what is shatter? Shatter is a highly-potent concentrate with an almost glass-like appearance and brittle consistency. It got its name from its texture that “shatters” when handled. 

Its colour ranges from a lighter, semi-transparent amber to a darker burnt golden colour. However, the strain and methods used to produce your product may impact the colour. 

As a newbie, it’s advisable to start with small amounts. Unlike your usual flower that contains about 20% THC, shatter contains between 60-90% THC. Starting with small amounts will help avoid bad trips and make it easier to work your way as you identify the ideal dosage for you. 

How Is Shatter Made?Shatter weed being made in a lab. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

What is shatter made of?

Shatter is a form of “dabs,” a term used to describe cannabis concentrate produced by concentrating cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, and terpenes. When making shatter or any cannabis concentrate, for that matter, most manufacturers prefer to use solvent-based methods. So what is shatter making process like?

One of the commonly used solvents is butane, or 100% n-butane. Blasting cannabis buds with butane separates trichomes from the plant. Trichomes are tiny, glass-like crystals found in a cannabis plant that contains the highest amount of THC and other cannabinoids such as terpenes.

The resulting mixture is then heated to expel the used butane. Heating the mixture leaves behind butane hash oil( BHO). When left to rest, the purged mixture settles to form a thin layer of extract made up of waxes, budders and shatters. 

Budders and other concentrates are usually whipped, stirred, or shaken during the production process, which irritates the extract’s molecules within the extract, resulting in a cloudy, opaque final product.

On the other hand, shatter isn’t stirred during the process, making it translucent. However, agitating the solution too much may lead to THCa nucleation, which might ‘sugar’ the slab. 

However, it’d be best to understand that the level of translucence achieved doesn’t reflect the quality of the final product. The quality of the material and extraction used is what affects the quality of the final product. Now that you know what shatter is and how it is made, how do you smoke it?

What Is The Best Way To Smoke Shatter Weed

Now that we’ve answered the question “what is shatter”, you may be wondering, how do you consume it?

When it comes to shatter, there are several ways you can use, to smoke it. Choosing the suitable way to consume your shatter can be challenging at first. Here are some ways to smoke shatter with or without a dab rig.

1. Using A Dab RigMan using a dab rig to smoke shatter. Buy shatter online, THC concentrates, supreme thc cartridges at online dispensary canada.

If you ask ten weed enthusiasts how to consume shatter, more than half will most likely recommend a dab rig. A dab rig is a specialized bong designed to vaporize concentrate like shatter. 

Unlike traditional bongs, special modifications are done to make them ideal for concentrates. A dab rig includes a banger or the nail, a dab tool, torch, carb cap etc. A typical dab rig setup also has a vertical chamber and a mouthpiece.

To use a dab rig, first, heat your banger/nail with a torch. Then, use a dabber to place your shatter wax on the hot nail carefully and cover it with the carb cap. 

The hot nail will vaporize your shatter, and the carb cap will keep the vaporized cannabinoids locked for you to inhale through the mouthpiece. Rotating your dabber tool will prevent the oil from sticking to the tool, reducing wastage.

However, dabbing technology has changed over the years, and the introduction of electronic nails ( e-nails) has influenced how people consume their shatter. 

E-nails are connected to an electricity source, eliminating the need for a torch. It also gives you complete control over airflow and temperature, ensuring that you get the most out of this product. 

How To Smoke Shatter

No dab rig? No worries; there are still other ways you can use to smoke your shatter. They include:

2. Smoking Shatter in A Blunt Or SpliffsRolling a joint to smoke shatter weed. order weed online. mail order weed.

Using a joint is one of the easiest ways to smoke shatter for newbies. It’s known as the “baby steps towards shatter” as it makes it easier for you to gauge your reaction to the highly potent concentrate. Crush a small amount of shatter when rolling your blunt, and sprinkle it on the flower before closing up. 

Avoid keeping it near the end to save it from the open fire, as you may end up wasting most of it during smoking. 

3. How To Smoke Shatter In A PipeMan with mobile phone using a pipe to smoke shatter outside. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

This method works the same way as smoking a regular dried flower. However, heating your shatter with fire instead of a rig may give you a harsher hit.

The temperature is also uneven and non-ideal, meaning the shatter won’t vaporize as neatly. Our advice? Having an icy cold drink nearby may reduce the harsh hit on your throat. 

4. VapingWoman vaping cannabis concentrate wax using a disposable vape pen. Buy shatter online, THC concentrates, supreme thc cartridges at online dispensary canada.

Vaping shatter is one of the easiest ways to smoke, provided you have the proper setup. It also offers the convenience to smoke shatter on the go.

You’ll need a vaping setup and a separate atomizer(a fancy name for the heating coil) to smoke your shatter. Ensure you follow the given guidelines to identify the right temperature for heating your shatter. 

5. Can You Eat Shatter?

Now that you know what shatter is, can you eat it? Shatter, like other BHO concentrates, is designed to be vaporized. However, since it’s already decarboxylated, it may be possible to infuse it into foods. However, we recommend that you stick to vaporizing shatter dabs for the best, instantaneous experience. 

How To Store ShatterWoman with hands in a cookie jar. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

Shatter is a highly potent extract, so a little bit of it can go a long way. For this reason, consumers need a place to store it between uses. The type of storage you’ll need depends on how long you’ll need to keep your shatter. 

For instance, if you want to store shatter for a week or less, you can use parchment paper. To offer extra protection, put your parchment bundle in a child-proof bag. 

Place your parchment bundle in a sealed container for medium or long-term storage. Depending on the local weather conditions, you can consider freezing your shatter, protecting it from water and other external elements. 

What Is Shatter? Final Words & Where To Buy Weed Online In Canada

Despite the growing popularity of shatter, it can be overwhelming to buy your weed online, especially without the necessary know-how. 

With so many mail-order marijuana dispensaries to choose from, only LowPriceBud has a reputation for delivering quality products to customers on time and at the lowest prices. At LowPriceBud, you’ll access a wide range of shatters and other concentrates at pocket-friendly prices.

You can now order weed online, including this premium LPB Shatter – Granddaddy Purple (Indica) that delivers an overwhelming feeling of physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria. You can also order Durban Poison shatter by GASLEAK (Sativa), which provides a strong, happy head high for creativity and daytime use.

At LowPriceBud, all products undergo thorough testing to ensure you receive quality products, giving you the most value for your buck. Buy weed online in Canada now, and we’ll ship it to you anywhere in Canada. 

We hope you’ve learned something and that the next time someone asks you what is shatter, you will have a ready answer. Otherwise, reach out to us with any questions regarding shatter and other weed products.

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