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What Should You Expect From Your First Time Dabbing

What Is Dabbing? Top 5 Things To Expect And Tips For A Successful First Time

What is dabbing? What is a dab? These questions have probably crossed your mind numerous times, especially with the recent hype about cannabis concentrates. But what does taking a dab mean?

Even if you are an expert in smoking weed, your first time doing dabs will be a completely different experience. This is because dabs are more potent than cannabis buds and edibles.  

Also, the setup may throw you off for a moment as it may look more like a chemistry lab than a smoke sesh.

So, what should you expect on your first-time dabbing? This article will take you through your expectations as a first-time dabber. We will also provide tips to help make your first-time experience a success. 

Read on to find out what dabbing is and how to dab like a pro.

What Is Dabbing?

Asking yourself what is dabbing? It is a cannabis concentrate consumption method where you place the weed on a hot surface, it’s vaporized and you inhale the vapour on the other side. Most of the dabbing is done using a dab rig. 

But what is a dab rig and what does it look like?

A dab rig is a glass pipe that looks and functions the same way as a bong. But unlike a bong, it has a nail instead of a bowl and the nail is heated instead of lighting the flower itself. Dab rigs are designed to be used with concentrates instead of flower. 

New to dabbing? Here is our comprehensive guide on dabbing for beginners

Now that you know what is dabbing, what are the 5 things to expect when dabbing for the first time? 

5 Things To Expect During Your First-time Dabbing

1. Expect To Get High Right Away.Relaxed woman smiling at home after buying weed online from Low Price Bud mail order weed online. What is dabbing?

Expect a powerful, immediate effect that will get you outer-space high. Concentrates of cannabis can be 4 to 6 times stronger than flowers. And given that THC is readily absorbed when it reaches the lungs, the effects kick in shortly after.

Try dabbing if you’ve tried everything else and still can’t get high. It’s by far the most effective method of consuming concentrates and enhancing your cannabis experience.

2. Superior Flavour

If you have never dabbed before, you are missing out on this glorious experience. Compared to smoking flowers, inhaling pure THC vapour is an entirely different level when it comes to flavour. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever tried.

This incredible flavour is because dabs are often loaded with terpenes derived from cannabis. Depending on the product type, dabs can contain more terpenes than the plant they are derived from. Therefore, the flavour will undoubtedly be excellent. 

However, the way the dab rig works is another component that contributes to the improved taste. Instead of burning the concentrate, dabbing heats and vaporizes cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in better flavours.

Dabbing at lower temperatures also preserves the terpenes, resulting in superior results and flavour.

3. Expect Some Coughs and Sweats

Like your first joint or blunt hit, taking a dab will likely leave you coughing. Not to mention the sudden temperature rise that may leave you sweating profusely. 

You may feel like your lungs are shrinking, or as if they might come out anytime. The worst part is that it doesn’t go right away. You may find yourself coughing the entire time you are dabbing. However, this isn’t something to worry about as this gets better with practice.

4. Embrace The CouchWoman on her couch at home stretching out and relaxed. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

Dabbing, especially when using indica, or indica dominant concentrates may cause intense couch-lock due to the high THC potency.

Once the couch-lock kicks in, you do not want any disturbances. You will just be lying there in your zone, feeling like you are one with the couch. Most first-time dabbers end up in such a position, so ensure before you start dabbing, everything you need is within reach.

5. Intense Munchies And ThirstWoman eating a burger at home. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

This is one of the few similarities between dabs and smoking marijuana. Just when you start feeling high, you suddenly start feeling hungry and thirsty. At this point, you can eat anything. As a result, it is recommended that you have meals ready to go before dabbing. 

Ensure the snacks and beverages are within reach. Ensure you also hydrate to reduce or avoid cottonmouth.

What Is Dabbing? Here Are Our Top 5 First-time Dabbing Tips

1. Try It Out With A Few Trusted Friends And In A Safe LocationMan smoking cannabis concentrates and dabbing with 3 female friends. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.  What is dabbing?

It is important to note that a dab will get you higher than a joint because of its higher THC concentration. Therefore, you need to find friends with whom you are comfortable getting high around. These friends are not your regular hype type of friends. Get those that will not encourage or force you to dab more than required.

Friends and a safe location will determine whether or not you get an incredible first-time dab. Also, don’t try proving yourself to your friends as you may over consume dabs and get a bad trip.

2. What Is Dabbing? It’s Not Anything Like Smoking: Go Slow!

THC in dabs can be up to six times higher than in regular flowers. Therefore, even if you are a regular weed smoker, dabbing for the first time will hit differently. While dabbing comes with a pleasing high, this is not your sign to overdo it.

Ensure you take long breaks in between dabbing. While dabbing for the first time, knowing how long a dab high lasts is crucial. Typically, it lasts between 1-3 hours. Knowing this, you can gauge how much you can dab. However, if you use a product with a high THC concentration, the effects may last all day.

3. Buy High-Quality Concentrateswoman buying cannabis concentrates online from mail order marijuana dispensary for weed online, Low Price Bud.

Quality is usually the number one priority in every cannabis product you buy online in Canada. If you buy a good quality dab, you are assured of a pleasing and smooth experience. Be careful while purchasing dabs for the first time. Don’t be lured by excessively cheap dabs, as the producers may have taken shortcuts to reduce costs. 

Always go for premium dabs such as this Sherbet Cookies budder from LowPriceBud, an online dispensary known for excellent quality, low prices and timely shipping. 

Only buy dabs online from a trusted dispensary in Canada like LowPriceBud to ensure it doesn’t have any harmful substances and get the best prices.

It is also worth noting that dabbing without a rig may compromise the quality of your experience. However, if you find yourself with no other option, here is how to dab without a rig. 

4. Try Not to Get Your Fingers Burned

You will primarily be using a blowtorch to heat the nail. The temperatures typically get very high, and you may injure yourself if you touch the nail. Additionally, the tools remain hot for some time before eventually cooling down. 

Avoid touching the open flame to avoid getting burned.

5. Stick to Dab Nails Made of Quartz or Grade 2 Titanium

You might be wondering, “what should I dab for the first time?” When you go for your first nail shopping, know the different materials used to make them. One of the most popular nails is quartz. It also has the purest material, and its flavour is incredible! 

You can also decide to go for the Titanium nail grade 2. It is also pure, has low heat resistance, and has minimal byproducts when heated.

Where To Buy Weed Dabs Online In Canada

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