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Unicorn Horn Strain Review; How This “Mystical” Bud Will Make You Feel

Unicorn Horn Strain Review & Info By Low Price Bud

Did you know you could stumble upon a unicorn horn in Canada? No, sadly, we’re not talking about the mythical creature! 

Although the Unicorn Horn strain might not be related to the actual magical creature itself, it sure has some “mystical” properties of its own. Sounds exciting?

Before you order weed online, you might want to look at all the facts and figures on this unique cannabis strain. 

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That being said, what’s the Unicorn Horn Strain and why should you consider it? 

In this detailed article, we’ll take a look at the strain, analyze its “parents”, and the expected health effects (both recreational and medical).

If this sounds good to you, let’s get on with this Unicorn Horn Strain review.

Unicorn Horn Strain: An Overviewbuds of weed online from low price buds online dispensary for low buds. buy weed online. Unicorn Horn Strain review.

When you buy weed online, you want to know exactly what you’re getting. Every trusted online dispensary should have a detailed description of the product they’re offering. So, what does the description of the Unicorn Strain look like?

The Unicorn Horn Strain is a unique Indica-dominant hybrid strain (70% Indica and 30% Sativa), and it’s an offspring of Dairy Queen (an evenly-balanced hybrid) and The White (a popular Indica-dominant hybrid). More on the parent strains later in this review.

According to some users, the Unicorn Horn Strain contains “record-breaking” levels of THC, while others claim that the CBD levels are the super high ones. 

However, expert reviewers note that these claims aren’t too close to the truth: this strain contains approximately 20% of THC, and unknown levels of CBD. So, we aren’t sure how high the CBD levels are. But, what we know is that the Unicorn Horn Strain will undoubtedly get you “high”. 

The flavour profile will appeal to stoners who love everything citrusy. The Unicorn Horn’s flavour is sweet and citrusy without being overpowering. You will also taste a hint of pine that complements the bud’s overall flavor and aroma profile. Overall, it’s delicious and refreshing.

Like the enchanting stallion, the Unicorn Horn Strain can be challenging to find. Occasionally, better-equipped dispensaries will have it, but you’ll also need to trust your luck. 

If you are looking for the Unicorn Horn, but you can’t seem to find it, we’ve got some excellent alternatives for you. 

For instance, you might enjoy Blue Venom, a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid bed by crossing White Widow and Blueberry. Blue Venom will give you a full-body relaxation that slowly transitions into deep sedation, easing stress, pain, and insomnia.

Couch-Lock is another fantastic alternative (also Indica-dominant with solid sedative effects). We also like Rainbow Driver, a reasonably mysterious strain with ultra-strong properties. A true delight for real stoners.

Of course, there are plenty of trusted dispensaries where you can buy weed online in Canada. You’ll just have to look a bit harder. Hint: LowPriceBud might have some unicorn “magic” for you.

Understanding the Unicorn Horn Straincannabis leaves in a man's hands. Unicorn Horn Strain review from low price bud online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada.

Just like in any marijuana strain review, we take a deep dive into the facts on the parent strains that made everything possible. In the case of Unicorn Horn, we’ll check the Dairy Queen and The White strains. Let’s begin with the evenly-balanced Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen is a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica hybrid bred by crossing the mouth-watering Space Queen and Cheese strains. Although Dairy Queen got its name from its flavoursome parentage, it also suggests a flavour punch. 

According to stoners, Dairy Queen is an ultra-sweet strain with a powerful creamy vanilla flavour. You can taste accents of cheesy cherries and sugary berries, so if the berry, creamy, fruity, vanilla, cherry, and sweet flavour profile sound good to you, you’ll fall in love instantly. 

Overall, the Dairy Queen is delectable and a true treat for lovers of all things sweet. The aroma is similar, with an overpowering sweet fruity cherry tone and a hint of cheese. The effects of the Dairy Queen are impressive too. 

You can expect a full-body effect that boosts your energy, sharpens your mind, and stimulates your body. 

With Dairy Queen, you’ll feel mentally sharp to start working on creative projects and tasks. So, if you are an artist, or anyone lacking a bit of creativity, the Dairy Queen will get your creative juices flowing. 

At the same time, Dairy Queen will relax your entire body and give you a wholesome “soothing” effect. However, don’t assume that this combo will sedate you. According to stoners, you will feel aroused, energized, uplifted, happy, and relaxed at the same time. 

Some medical conditions the Dairy Queen can alleviate include anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress, asthma, and mood swings.

On the other hand, The White is an Indica-dominant hybrid with 15% of Sativa and 85% of Indica. 

The genetics of the White remains a mystery. 

Some people like to make up theories about The White’s origins, claiming that the bud got its name from White Widow. 

However, the truth is that The White’s name has nothing to do with the mentioned strain and that it actually got its name from its unique appearance. You can spot the White by its dewy white buds when the harvest season is in full swing. 

That being said, we do know that The White is incredibly high in THC levels. 

Namely, it contains anywhere from 20 to 28% THC, making it a powerful strain on the market. 

Its aroma will appeal to users who prefer the sweet, woody, and pine flavour profile with overpowering sweetness. 

What about its effects? In short, avid users describe this bud as “a creeper”. You won’t feel anything until it hits you out of nowhere. 

You can expect an overwhelming feeling of relaxation that travels throughout your whole body, giving you a euphoric high. 

You can also expect to feel giggly and friendly, making this strain a good choice for a close gathering with friends. As the strain wears off, you’ll get “the munchies” so keep some snacks on hand. 

The White can also make you sleepy and drowsy, so this is a good strain for you if you have trouble falling asleep. 

Overall, the medical conditions the White can help you with include anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADD and ADHD, arthritis, chronic pain, appetite loss, PTSD, PMS, and hyperactivity. 

Of course, if you have moderate to severe cases of these medical disorders, make sure to consult with your healthcare professional for expert advice. 

Do not attempt to self-diagnose and self-medicate before receiving professional guidance.

Effects of the Unicorn Horn Strain

In the sections below, we’ll briefly go through some of the most important facts on the recreational and medical effects of the Unicorn Horn.

Recreational EffectsHappy man staring at the ceiling at home on his couch after buying weed online from low price bud mail order marijuana online dispensary.

Based on all of the information above, we can better understand the Unicorn Strain’s effects. Experts say the Unicorn Horn Strain has an overall calming effect that kicks in relatively fast. 

Due to its dominating Indica genes, the high is potent, sleepy, and euphoric. You can expect a relaxing, warming sensation to travel from your toes to your fingertips and up to your head. It will likely lift your mood to a euphoric high, and you will feel complete bliss. 

Since this strain is sleep-inducing and relaxing, it’s the perfect choice for winding down after a hard workday. It’s also a good choice for a lazy Friday night watching Netflix with your loved one. Lacking creativity? Unicorn Horn will give you a bit of “spark” to get creative!

However, since the Unicorn Horn causes the “couch-locking” effect, it’s not an appropriate bud for early mornings. If you are looking for an energizing strain, you can instead opt for Pop Tart. 

Medical Effects

The Unicorn Horn strain is excellent for a wide array of medical conditions. Thanks to its euphoric effects, this strain is a good choice for people who want to alleviate stress and everyday struggles. 

It can help with mood swings and lighter cases of mood-related disorders. Thanks to its sleep-inducing, relaxing properties, the Unicorn Horn strain can also help with chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia. 

So, if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, Unicorn Horn strain might be a gift sent from above!

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