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Rainbow Driver Strain Review By Low Price Bud

Rainbow Marijuana Strain Review And Information

Rainbow driver is one of those strains you don’t hear much about. However, don’t let its “low-key” profile fool you! The Rainbow Driver strain is a potent Indica/Sativa hybrid with plenty of potential health benefits, including anxiety relief and chronic pain relief. 

Since there is a lack of hands-on information on Rainbow Driver on the internet, we did our best to compile the facts and present this interesting strain to you. 

In this article on Rainbow Driver, you’ll find everything you need to know about its profile, potential benefits, and drawbacks. 

We also present similar products to the Rainbow Driver strain if you find it challenging to buy this weed online. 

Without further ado, here are the facts on Rainbow Driver.

The Rainbow Driver Strain: Must-Know FactsRainbow decoration with cannabis leaf on top of it. Rainbow Driver Strain Review from Low Price Bud online dispensary & mail order marijuana weed online.

As mentioned, not much is known about the Rainbow Driver strain. However, we know that it’s an Indica/Sativa hybrid created by crossing Sundae Driver (a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Grape Pie and FPOG) and Rainbow Belts (Indica strain from Zkittlez and Moonbow). 

The buds of this strain are tiny and pebble-like. It grinds up effortlessly, and the finishing results are full of flavor and aroma. If this is your first time handling the Rainbow Driver, you’ll be taken with the instant aroma emanating from the packaging. 

According to users, the aroma is fruity with a slightly peppery flavor profile and hints of pine. You’ll enjoy the Rainbow Driver strain if you love savory and sweet mixes. 

Luckily, if you prefer your kush on the sweeter side, you might still love this one. When ground up, the fruity terps become even more prominent. 

That being said, is there a risk of buying a low-quality Rainbow Driver?

When you order weed online, the product is often not as impressive as you expect. Unfortunately, that’s usually the case with a dodgy online dispensary. The good news is that the Rainbow Driver strain is typically safe for purchase. However, you’ll always want to make sure you order weed online from reputable dispensaries.

 If you buy your weed from a trusted online dispensary, you’ll likely get a high-quality product. According to users, the smoke should be very smooth and clean. 

As mentioned, you can expect a diverse smoke with hints of peppery tones and herbal spices that gradually turn into a delicious fruity aroma. 

At first, you can also expect a heavy and sedating buzz. So, if you’re searching for something “lighter”, you may want to try something else, such as the Herbivore Edibles with a similarly adorable name: Sour Stripes Rainbow!

Overall, if you want a potent strain that will put you in a trance-like state and relax your entire body, the Rainbow Driver is perfect for you. Many users claim that this is one of the best strains you can get for a relaxing nighttime smoke or something you can roll into a joint after a long day at work. 

Rainbow Driver and Its Parents

When reviewing any strain, we love to look at the parent strains that made everything possible. As mentioned, in the case of Rainbow Driver, the parent strains are Sundae Driver and Rainbow Belts. 

So let’s take a look at these parent strains to gain a deeper understanding of Rainbow Driver and its qualities.

Sundae Driver QualitiesClose up of Rainbow Driver cannabis plant.Buy weed online in Canada from Low Price Bud mail order marijuana weed online.

Sundae Driver, or popularly “Sunday Driver” is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Grape Pie (Indica leaning hybrid) and FPOG (Also “Fruity Pebbles” or “Fruity Pebbles OG”, “Fruity OG”; it’s a mix of Tahoe Alien, Granddaddy Purple, and Green Ribbon). 

Users claim that Sundae Driver has calming effects that make you feel balanced and happy. The flavor is creamy, mellow, and sweet, making it perfect for people who enjoy mild aromas. That being said, the THC content is 21%, so this is a relatively potent strain. 

About 22% of users claim that Sundae Driver helps with alleviating anxiety symptoms, while 20% note it’s a good strain for stress, and 18% prefer it for pain relief. 

As with any other cannabis strain, you’ll want to enjoy Sundae Driver with moderation. 

Some of the reported adverse side effects you may risk with overconsumption and improper use include paranoia, dizziness, and elevated anxiety. 

In addition, if you’re going to be using any of these strains for treating medical conditions, you’ll want to consult a healthcare specialist before self-diagnosis and self-medication.

Rainbow Belts QualitiesTwo women friends relaxing on the sofa with coffee after buying weed online from mail order marijuana online dispensary Low Price Bud in BC.

Rainbow Belts or “Rainbow Belt” is the other parent of the Rainbow Driver strain. This Indica cannabis strain is bred by crossing Zkittlez and Moonbow, resulting in a relatively high THC strain (19% THC and 1% CBG).

In most cases, Rainbow Belts will make you feel calm and relaxed. According to some consumers, this strain can give you a euphoric high that leads to a state of relaxation and happiness. 

As mentioned, this strain has a relatively high THC percentage, so if you have high THC tolerance, this might be a good option for you. However, besides its euphoric qualities, Rainbow Belts will make you feel sedated. So, we recommend it during the evening hours when you want to unwind. 

What about the aroma and the flavor? Based on reviews, this strain will remind you of fruity, sweet candy. 

As for the benefits associated with Rainbow Belts, experts advise it for insomnia symptom relief

The Rainbow Belt strain will likely evoke feelings of happiness arousal, and it can give you a tingling sensation. Don’t be surprised if you or your friends feel giggly after trying this strain. But, again, as with other cannabis strains, you may experience slight paranoia, dizziness, or dry eyes. Remember, these adverse effects are unlikely to happen if you are careful with cannabis use. However, if the side effects become severe, make sure to visit a healthcare specialist for expert help.

Rainbow Driver Strain QualitiesHappy woman smiling and stretching out on her bed at home after buying weed online. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online.

Based on the information on its parent strains, Sundae Driver and Rainbow Belts, we can make a summary of the expected effects and benefits of Rainbow Driver. 

As its ancestry suggests, the effects of this strain are balanced. You may expect an uplifting buzz that transgresses into total relaxation and bliss. Your body will feel relaxed, sedated, and balanced. 

As you may imagine, we recommend this strain for late-night use, date nights, hanging out at home with friends, or as an unwinder after a long day at work. If you’re searching for the ideal stress reliever, the Rainbow Driver strain may be the best option. 

You can also use this strain for:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Spasms
  • Cramping
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Pain

Since this strain will boost your overall mood, it can be a suitable supplementary treatment method for depression. However, remember that if you are diagnosed with depression, you may need added therapy and other medication. Therefore, always talk to your doctor first.

Similar Strains You Can TryRainbow Driver buds and popcorn cannabis from online dispensary Low Price Bud.

Sometimes you can’t find a specific strain (however, this is highly unlikely if you order weed online in Canada via Low Price Bud!) or you want to try something similar. 

In that case, you may want to try Rainbow, or “Rainbow Kush“. Often, people confuse Rainbow Driver and Rainbow, mainly because the names are similar. However, the latter is a hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Blueberry and Dancehall. 

Rainbow is a sweet/spicy and fruity strain with pain-relieving effects. According to some users, Rainbow tastes precisely like tropical Starburst candy. Like Rainbow Driver, Rainbow will make you feel tingly, aroused, and giggly. 

However, its effects are more energizing than the calming Rainbow Driver. The THC percentage is around the same, at 18%.

Now, if you’re looking for a strain that will give you even stronger sedative effects, you can consider Couch-Lock (AAAA). This Indica-dominant strain is perfect for anxiety relief, insomnia, eating disorders, and nausea treatment. 

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