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What is Live Resin? Let’s Get to Know It! 

What is Live Resin? The Difference With Live Rosin, Weed Distillate & Shatter

What is live resin?  It is that new kid on the cannabis block that is turning heads, kinda like Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things. 

So, not too long ago, the cannabis family welcomed a new extract called live resin and it blew the cannabis market wide open. 

It was, after all, everything cannabis lovers hoped for and more. Live resin elevates the experience of consuming cannabis in a way that was once thought to be impossible. 

In the coming sections, we’ll dive into the details of what is live resin and practically everything you need to know about this revolutionary extract.

What Is Live Resin: An IntroductionLive resin for sale from Low Price Bud online dispensary to buy weed online. What is live resin?

So what is live resin? It is an extract made from a cannabis plant’s fresh flowers at the peak of the harvest season. Instead of going through the traditional drying and curing process, the flowers are flash-frozen to preserve their flavour profile, potency, and rich aromas.

The new and improved extraction process, when done right, preserves the plant’s trichomes. This is where a cannabis plant’s cannabinoids (psychoactive substances) and terpenes (aromatic compounds) reside, both of which are carefully preserved during extraction. 

Live resin is sticky, gooey, thick, and somewhat batter-like in consistency. Post extraction, live resin bursts with fruity or herby flavours and aromas since the extract is rich in terpenes.

What Constitutes a High Potency Live Resin?Images of lemon slices and orange slices. High potency live resin for sale online from Low Price Bud. Buy vape pen and cheap resin online canada.

Live resin extraction doesn’t involve the use of high heat, which can destroy as much as 60% of terpenes. 

The presence or absence of this natural essence of a cannabis plant is what can make or break the live resin potency

Unlike other cannabis derivatives, live resin is a richer concentrate that retains all its lovely flavors and aromas.

When an extracted substance such as live resin is rich in terpenes, it can support the entourage effect—a deeper and amplified human experience resulting from consuming this cannabis extract. 

Thanks to long-time hash maker William “Kind Bill” Fenger and EmoTek Labs founder Giddy Up, cannabis consumers are now able to experience the full-spectrum effects of consuming live resin.

Now that we know what is live resin cannabis, let’s take a look at how it holds up against other popular concentrates.

Cannabis Variations and Their Differences

There are different kinds of cannabis extracts on the market. Telling them apart can be downright mind-boggling! Let’s compare the following popular cannabis derivatives to understand their differences better: 

Resin Vs Weed

Resin is a raw sap derived from the cannabis plant and contains a high level of THC. Hash or hashish is a kind of resin that is derived from marijuana (dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis Sativa plant). 

Weed is largely a slang term used to refer to the cannabis plant. When cannabis consumers refer to weed, they’re usually referring to marijuana leaves or buds.

Live Resin Vs ShatterImage of live resin next to shatter. Buy shatter online. Buy live resin online live rosin.

Shatter, a.k.a BHO is a hash oil-based concentrate that’s very brittle to touch.  The compound goes through a series of rigorous filtration and purification processes to achieve this brittle structure. 

This kind of dab may be close to its purest form but it takes away all traces of a plant’s essential compounds including terpenes and flavonoids.

Then there is live resin that is extracted through a meticulous flash-freezing process that retains the integrity of fresh cannabis flowers. While shatter is preferred for its ability to inspire creativity, live resin contains more mood-elevating and therapeutic properties.

Live Resin Vs Rosin

These two kinds of dabs are fairly similar (making it easy to confuse the two) yet require different processes to garner the desired output.

To understand their differences better, we’ve pulled up a table with their distinct characteristics explained:

Characteristics Live Resin Live Rosin
Use of solvents Propane or butane hash oil are two kinds of solvents that are used during the extraction process. The solvents are removed last during the distillation stage Doesn’t involve the use of solvents and is safer to make at home
THC percentage Contains 65% to 95% of THC, depending on the type of strain from where the flower is obtained Contains 75% to 85% of THC, depending on the type of strain from where the flower is obtained
What it looks like Sticky, golden, and chunky Crumbly and amber or white 
How to use Can be vaped, sprinkled over a joint or in a bowl, or dabbed Can be vaped, sprinkled over a joint or in a bowl, or dabbed
Pricing 30$ or more per gram based on several factors such as quantity, availability, and the like 35$ or more per gram since the extraction process is time-consuming
Terpenes content Remains intact at its highest level since heat is kept at a minimum during the extraction process Remains intact at desirable levels


Live Rosin Vs WaxLive rosin and cannabis wax from online dispensary & mail order marijuana weed shop Low Price Bud.

Live rosin is extracted without the use of solvents and relies on minimal heat, much like the live resin process. 

This kind of concentrate is made by crushing fresh flowers, unlike sugar wax that is obtained from lipids that begin to disintegrate and separate from the cannabinoids.

What gives the deep yellow wax its ‘sugary’ appearance is the result of the extraction process that involves crystallization and distillation. 

Like live resin, sugar wax involves the use of solvents that are extracted at the end. 

Live rosin is more fluid in nature compared to the crumbly nature of sugar wax.

As far as their terpenes content is concerned, both concentrates contain high levels of this essential compound and are tastier than shatter.

Live Resin Vs DistillateTHC Distillate cannabis concentrate from Low Price Bud online dispensary in Canada.

The main difference between these two concentrates is the extraction process. Live resin is made from frozen cannabis and distillate is made from cured, dried cannabis. 

Both concentrates rely on the kind of decarboxylation and winterization methods, solvents, and post-extraction processes involved.

A distillate goes through a fractional short-path distillation after extraction. This separates the cannabinoids from the plant and obtains a more concentrated extract. Ultimately, it contains a high percentage of these cannabinoids but loses all its terpenes. 

Live resin contains a lower percentage of cannabinoids but is high in terpenes.

Live Resin and Shatter: Which One’s Better?Photo of shatter cannabis concentrate. Buy weed online in Canada.

What is live resin and shatter? While both live resin and shatter are solvent extracts, their difference lies in the way the cannabis flowers are harvested. 

Live resin is extracted from fresh flowers whereas shatter is derived from dried cannabis.

So, what is shatter cannabis? Shatter is a potent marijuana extract that takes on a glass-like consistency (hence the cool name). 

It is easily recognizable for its honey-hued, orangish colour. 

Many cannabis users prefer to consume shatter for its high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) profile, meaning that its psychoactive effect is much stronger than regular variants.

Alternatively, live resin has a more malleable consistency but scores high in the flavour and aroma department. 

While the live resin potency may not be as high, its effects are subtle yet intense. 

Shatter is devoid of plant matter, meaning that it doesn’t contain terpenes unless this compound is reintroduced to the substance post-extraction.

When you line up the two, live resin wins hands down for its more rewarding and complex effects even if shatter contains higher THC levels. 

Depending on what you expect from the extract, shatter and live resin make ideal choices for experienced cannabis consumers.

Take note of the above details on what is live resin cannabis and shatter to make your cannabis buying experience a cinch!

How to Make Live ResinMaking live resin in a lab.

Live resin is best bought from a trusted dispensary since it involves the use of dangerous chemicals and processes. Leave it to the professionals while you enjoy the end product. 

In case you’re a curious cat, making live resin involves flash-freezing plant matter by submerging it in an insulated cylinder. Either liquid nitrogen or a cooler filled with dry ice is used for this part. 

Once it reaches a temperature of -40 degrees F, it is unfrozen and introduced to chemicals that encourage the extraction of vital compounds. 

In the end, the extracted compound is placed in an oven at minimal temperatures to purge it from impurities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Dabs Out of Resin?

Yes, you can make dabs from resin with the help of a dab rig. Using a dab rig ensures better airflow and control over the concentrate’s vapors.

Can You Eat Resin?

Eating resin just like that won’t give you a high. You can instead turn to edibles such as cannabis-infused butter, live resin hash oil, cookies, gummies, or tinctures that are crafted to slowly release THC into your system.

How Do You Store Live Resin?

The best way to prolong the longevity and live resin potency is to store it in an airtight container away from moisture, air, heat, and light. Place it in the refrigerator after every use.

For those who use live resin hash oil, the same approach works to maintain the substance’s integrity.

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Cookie Monster ResinCookie Monster Resin from online dispensary to buy cannabis concentrates.

For cannabis consumers who want to spice things up, our Cookie Monster Resin is crafted to offer a mellow yet satisfying experience. Expect to taste woody undertones and hints of mint with a lingering aftertaste of subtle lemon and vanilla.

This live resin extract works up an appetite, dims migraines, and soothes neuropathic aches.

Pink Alien (OG) Resin (Hybrid)Pink Alien (OG) Resin (Hybrid)

The sweet high derived from consuming Pink Alien is best described as euphoric and transcendental. It’s the perfect go-to cannabis extract that targets creative blocks, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Earthy, woody overtones with subtle notes of flowery sweetness make Pink Alien truly one of a kind.

What Is Live Resin? Takeaway & Where To Buy It Online In Canada

By now, we’re sure your curiosity has gotten the better of you and led you to our reputable, legal, and discreet cannabis dispensary! 

Our customer care team will be happy to talk you through the different strains of cannabis, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. 

To make the most of your canna experience and reap the long-term benefits of microdosing, remember to consume this fine product of nature responsibly.

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