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What is a Dab Pen & How to Use One?

What Is A Dab Pen? Discover The Different Types Of Dab Pens & Where To Buy Them Online

Dab pens are growing in popularity among the stoner community — that being said, you may still be asking yourself, what is a dab pen, and why should I care? How can I use one to maximize my high? 

In this article on the dab vape pen, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this helpful device, including where to buy a dab pen worth your time and money.

You’ll also find the answers to the common questions, including “what is a dab pen high like?”, “what is a disposable dab pen?”, “how to get a dab pen?”, “how much is a dab pen” and more. 

Before jumping straight into the guide about the dab pen and featuring the dab pen definition, we’re here to remind you that purchasing quality products matters. 

When you buy a dab pen, make sure that it is working correctly and that you have all the pieces you need for proper functioning. 

Of course, only reliable dispensaries such as Low Price Bud will offer the best dab pens on the market. Please make sure you take your time to select a trusted online retailer.

Without further ado, here is the comprehensive guide on what’s a dab pen and how to use one.

What is a Dab Pen?Selection of dab pens top smoke shatter weed and other cannabis concentrates. what is a dab pen?

A wax, dab, vape pen… What’s the difference? Let’s begin with the dab pen definition. What is a dab pen? 

In short, a dab vape, or a “wax pen,” is a device created for vaping wax concentrate of substances such as cannabis. The most popular term for these unique wax concentrates is “dab”. 

Now that you’re aware of the dab pen definition, the question remains, why is the dab vape so popular? Until this day, a dab vape is one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. 

Nowadays, you can find a variety of devices of different shapes and sizes referred to as “pens”.

Hopefully, this definition cleared your confusion on what’s a dab pen. Up to this day, you can find many different types of wax pens and dab pens, but essentially, all of them operate the same

A good dab pen has a hard outer casing, typically in metal. This casing should display the various controls and, in some cases, a readout screen and LED operating light. The device should also feature a removable reservoir and a removable mouthpiece. 

The reservoir is a crucial element of the dab vape pen, as this is where you’ll place your cannabis. 

You can find many high-quality vapes for these devices, but only if you purchase from a reputable retailer. If you’re looking for premium vapes, we recommend the CG Extracts Premium Concentrates Blue Cheese (1ml) and the Diamond Concentrates – Blackberry Kush (Limited Edition).

You’ve got the answer to what is a dab pen. But how did it get its name? In essence, the term “dab pen” is derived from the popular dab rig. This is a water pipe created for concentrate use, and it is famous for providing a potent high. 

Later in this article, we’ll elaborate on “what is a dab pen high like?”. Stay tuned.

What is a Disposable Dab Pen?Image of a disposable dab pen for sale online in Canada from Low Price Bud online dispensary to buy weed online.

This brings us to the question, “what is a disposable dab pen?”. In short, these devices are pre-charged and compatible with extracts, e-liquids, distillates, oils, and more. You can buy them empty and fill them up with whatever you fancy. 

Nevertheless, you can find disposable dab pens that are already pre-filled. However, disposable dab pens are unique because you can recycle or discard them with other electronics after using the first fill. 

Overall, these devices aren’t intended for repeated fills. On the positive side, disposable pens are more cost-effective for consumers and producers. 

Who might like disposable pens? If you are looking for:

  • Something on the go
  • A convenient option that doesn’t require a cartridge, charge, or a full kit
  • A cost-effective alternative to expensive kits

The GASLEAK Disposable THC Vape Pens are an excellent choice for stoner enthusiasts looking for a practical alternative.

What is a Concentrate Dab Pen?

A concentrate dab pen is exactly what it sounds like—a dab pen created for concentrate use. A concentrate dab pen is compatible with all concentrates, including wax, rosin, budder, shatter, and crumble. 

How to Use a Dab Pen?Woman blowing vape clouds after smoking wax from a dab pen. Buy weed online in Canada from the top online dispensary for weed online.

Knowing the answer to “what is a dab pen?” isn’t enough. You’ll want to educate yourself on the steps on how to use one. Luckily, the steps are simple. 

Begin by turning on your device. There will be a power button on the concentrate dab pen. You will likely have to press the power button five times to see a blinking light. After the device is on, you’ll need to pack and load the chamber. 

The first step is to take off the attached mouthpiece. Using a unique tool for your concentrate dab pen, scoop a tiny wax piece. If you don’t have a special tool, you can try using a paperclip.

Place the wax onto the coil gently. Remember, dab coils aren’t multi-use, so you will need to replace them in the future.

As a reminder, when you buy a dab pen, look for trusted retailers. If you purchase from a dodgy website, you won’t know what you’re getting. 

Finally, you can move on to vaping the wax. Once you click on the power button, the wax will melt. Ensure the mouthpiece is attached. 

Also, pay attention to prime the wick. When you dab the wax on, click the button for about two seconds and allow it to melt on the coil.

You finally made it. Now you know the answer to “what is a wax pen?” and how to use one. Here are some helpful tips on vaping:

  • Always keep the wax fresh.
  • Keep the pen upright.
  • Keep inhaling slow and short. Utilize the diaphragm.
  • Make sure your pen is always clean.
  • Be gentle with the coil, as it can break.
  • Refrain from using high heat, as this can affect vapor quality.

What is a Dab Pen High Like?Woman enjoying the high from a dab pen while at home. Buy vape pen and cheap resin online canada.

If you’re wondering “what is a dab pen high like?”, imagine this. You are smoking weed, but the effects are more intense and powerful. A good-quality dab pen is stronger because it uses concentrated cannabis.

Usually, concentrated cannabis features four times more THC compared to regular weed. This means, if you want to enjoy the best high of your life (possibly the best one!), a dab pen is a great option for you.

How to Get a Dab Pen?Woman shopping online to buy a dab pen from the best online dispensary for weed online.

You can purchase a dab pen from a reputable retailer online. We recommend scanning the website for reviews, testimonials, and detailed descriptions of the featured products. 

At LowPriceBud, we offer a wide array of premium vapes, concentrates, and more for your total enjoyment.

How Much is a Dab Pen?

The cost of a quality dab pen will range anywhere from $30 to more than $100. However, remember, price does not always equal quality. Nevertheless, the best shatter pen will typically cost more.

What are the Best Dab Pens?

The good news is that today’s dab pen market is constantly improving. This means that you will likely find a lot of excellent, high-quality options for these devices. Here are the two best dab pens, according to customer reviews:dab pens from so high extracts for sale at low price bud mail order marijuana online dispensary.

1. So High Extracts THC Distillate Disposable Pen – Mix and Match 3So High Extracts THC Distillate Disposable Pen. Mix and Match 3 vape pens. buy weed online.

2. So High Extracts Premium Vape 0.5ML THC – Blood Orange

Either one could be the best vape pen, for many reasons. Both taste amazing and they’re user friendly. So, even beginners will enjoy using them. 

However, even if you buy the best shatter pen, you’ll want to use a good quality cannabis. For example, So High Extracts Premium Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies could be a great choice for you.

How much is a dab pen? As you can see, these products range from $30 and up. Luckily, you can always find some amazing discounts.

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