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What Is A Hybrid Weed High Like & Which Strains Produce Balanced Effects

Sativa Vs. Indica Vs. Hybrid Vs. Cannabis Ruderalis; How Do They Compare?

Walking into a cannabis dispensary can be a little overwhelming. The shelves are filled with hundreds of different strain options, typically classified into three types, indicas, sativas and hybrids. While you may be familiar with sativa and indicas, hybrids are the most common. So, what is a hybrid weed high like? 

Consuming cannabis sounds like a simple process. You buy weed online; it gets delivered, you consume it and get high, the end. Many don’t realize that there are several types of weed with completely different effects and benefits. 

Hybrids are now the most common strains in the market today. In fact, almost every bud you order online is some kind of hybrid due to years of crossbreeding. So what effects should you expect from a hybrid strain, and more importantly, how does a hybrid weed high feel like?

What Is Hybrid Weed? The Different Types Of Cannabis You Can Buy Online Today

Wondering what hybrid weed is? The term hybrid means something formed by combining two or more things. In the cannabis world, a hybrid is a cannabis plant that has both sativa and indica characteristics or parentage.

But to better understand what a hybrid strain is and how it will make you feel, we have to look at sativa and indica weed types. 

Main Types Of Weed

1. Sativaman holding a bud of sativa weed. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

Cannabis Sativa L is the Latinized name for the cannabis plant species that includes the sativa, indica, hybrid and ruderalis substrains. However, when most people talk about sativa strains, they mainly refer to the subspecies of cannabis that originate from warmer parts of the world, including Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America.

Sativas generally have high THC concentrations and lower doses of CBD. The consensus is sativas produce an energizing, anxiety-reducing mind/ cerebral high. This is why most consumers prefer them for daytime use or in the morning when they need to feel more productive and creative.

These strains are also recommended for medicinal uses, including pain relief, appetite loss, nausea, headaches, relieving anxiety and depression. 

2. Indicaphoto of a cannabis indica plant. buy online weeds. best online dispensary canada. mail order marijuana.

Cannabis indica plants originate from the Hindu Kush regions near Afghanistan. Indicas have adapted to the cold, often harsh and dry mountainous climate of the Hindu Kush Mountains, so they tend to be shorter and bushier than their sativa counterparts. 

Indica leaves are chunkier and rounder than those of the sativa plants. They also grow faster and produce more buds than sativas.

Indica strains typically have higher CBD levels, but that doesn’t mean they have less THC. They test at 17% to 22% THC.

Indica strains are associated with the heavy or deep relaxation that will likely have you glued to the couch. It’s for this reason that they have earned the nickname “in da couch.” Because of their sedating effects, indicas are often used by people with insomnia or for unwinding after a long day.

Indica strains’ effects are more physical, and they create more of a ‘body high’ due to their deeply relaxing effects.

3. Cannabis Ruderalis

Ruderalis is a name you will likely come across but probably won’t ever consume. Like sativa and indicas, ruderalis is a subspecies of the cannabis plant first discovered in Russia.

Ruderalis plants grow shorter than the other two types of weed. It has very low levels of THC and higher amounts of CBD, which is why it’s not routinely used for recreational or medicinal purposes. 

4. Hybrid Strainsclose up image of cannabis bud hybrid strain. buy weeds online. mail order weed canada. weed online

What are hybrid strains? Hybrids are exactly what the name suggests. They are plants made by crossing sativa and indica parental strains to produce a strain with more balanced effects or combine the traits of two different strains.

For example, growers may breed hybrids to make the plant grow quicker, improve yields or balance the euphoric and sedating effects of two different strains.

But what are the effects of hybrids vs sativa and indica? That depends on the dominant characteristics. Hybrids are described as sativa dominant or indica dominant, so while they are supposed to bring the best of both worlds, it’s not surprising to have a hybrid whose effects lean more to one side.

But what does a hybrid weed high feel like?

What Is A Hybrid Weed High Like?mature woman relaxing at home after smoking weed she bought online. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

As mentioned before, how a hybrid strain makes you feel is determined by the dominating parental side. A balanced hybrid weed will be relaxing but not too sedating like an indica, but it will also have a cerebral aspect, just not as intense as a sativa.

However, hybrid phenotypes are typically indica dominant or sativa dominant, although there are a few well-balanced strains. The dominant effect is usually stated as a percentage or a ratio to help the consumer predict the effects of the weed. 

For example, a hybrid bud could be described as an 80% indica, 20% sativa, or the same could be displayed as an 80:20 indica dominant hybrid. This means the strain is leaning more to its indica side and is more likely to produce indica-like effects.

This is the reason you might find a hybrid inducing a mildly sedating body high or a cerebral, uplifting high. 

Effects Of Sativa, Indica And Hybrid Strainswoman enjoing tea relaxing at home after smoking weed purchased online from low price bud online dispensary in BC. buy weed online canada.

You are likely to find the effects of sativas listed as energizing, cerebral, uplifting or heady, while the indica effects are described as full-bodied, relaxing, sedating or full-body high. When it comes to hybrids, you have to know which side the strain leans towards.

While we can describe highs as indica-like or sativa-like, you mustn’t forget that effects don’t necessarily coincide with the sativa or indica classification. As a result, you may try relaxing with some indica or indica dominant hybrid, only to find yourself energized with a heady high.

How your high goes is much more directly tied to the THC potency of your bud, other cannabinoids and terpenes present. Each strain has a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile which determines how it will make you feel regardless of whether it’s a sativa, indica or hybrid.

The Most Popular Hybrid Strains To Order Online

1. AAAA Tom Ford Hybrid WeedTom Ford Hybrid Weed AAAA. buying weed online. order weed canada. weed shop online.

Looking to buy cheap buds online without compromising on quality? This Tom Ford weed is the perfect hybrid strain for you. Tom Ford Kush is an 80:20 indica dominant hybrid that gets its name from a luxury designer brand.

Like the high-end fashion brand it’s named after, this strain is known for its gorgeous appearance, top-notch flavours and effects that will keep you coming back for more. Tom Ford Kush has high THC levels of between 23-25%. 

Order this potent Tom Ford Kush hybrid online from LowPriceBud, and we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in Canada.

2. AAAA Death Bubba Hybrid By GasLeakAAAA Death Bubba Hybrid weed for sale from low price bud online dispensary in BC. buy weed online.

Death Bubba is one of the best Indica dominant hybrid strains you can buy online in Canada. This dank bud boasts an insane 26-28% THC, with its deeply sedating effects resulting in a death-like sleep.

Death Bubba has a musky, earthy aroma with piney and spicy lemon flavours with a hint of pungent earth upon exhale. Common usage for this strain includes insomnia, pain relief, and stress.

Get this ultra-potent Death Bubba hybrid weed today at LowPriceBud.

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