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What Are The Best THC Distillates You Can Buy Online In Canada Today?

Cannabis concentrates are slowly becoming the preferred weed products in Canada. The reason behind their popularity is their high THC potency which ranges between 60-90%+. But among the weed concentrates, THC distillates are the most potent, testing at over 99%+ THC. In this article, we look at what THC distillates are, how to use them, and the five best weed products to buy online in Canada.

What Is THC Distillate?THC distillate

As the name suggests, distillate THC is a highly purified form of THC created through a distillation process. The distillation process eliminates everything found in the cannabis extracts, from plant lipids, other cannabinoids, terpenes and other cannabis compounds, leaving behind almost 100% pure THC.

THC distillate can be sold in ‘distillate carts’ and ‘distillate pens’ for vaping directly or in syringes so you can consume it as is or make your own THC infused products, or use it to add a little kick to buds. But is it safe to use distillate? How is THC distillate made?

How Is THC Distillate Made?man making THC distillate. weed online canada. order cannabis online. buy weed online.

Wondering how THC distillate is made? Distillates are cannabis products made through distillation. Making a distillate starts with a crude extract that contains all the cannabis compounds. The first step is to remove impurities, including waxes, lipids, etc., through winterization. In this process, the crude extract is mixed with ethanol and placed in a cold environment for 1-2 days.

The impurities settle at the bottom of the container while the ethanol and cannabinoids float. THC at this point exists as THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, an inactive cannabinoid that becomes THC after decarboxylation. 

The next step is to decarboxylate the THCA, converting it to THC. The final step is the actual distillation. This step separates the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds using vacuum pressure and heat according to their unique boiling points and molecular weight.

The final product of this step is a translucent viscous oil that contains nearly 100% THC, called THC distillate.

5 Best Distillates To Buy Online In Canada

1. So High Premium Syringes – Master Kush (Indica)1. So High Premium Syringes – Master Kush (Indica)

This is one of the best distillates you can buy online in Canada today. So High Premium Master Kush distillate contains 95.79% THC, with the rest being terpenes from the legendary weed strain – Master Kush.

Master Kush, also known as Grandmaster Kush or High Rise, is a popular indica strain that has gained worldwide popularity for its flavour and potent effects. 

While Master Kush is a potent strain, this So High Extracts distillate you can buy from LowPriceBud takes it a notch higher. As we have mentioned before, this 1 gram syringe contains 95.79% THC distillate that is then infused with cannabis-derived terpenes from the Master Kush strain.

As a result, expect hard-hitting effects that kick in almost immediately you consume it. You can expect deep relaxation, and elevated moods as the indica side of the Master Kush strain creeps in, and you find yourself one with the couch.

Buy This High Master Kush Distillate from LowPriceBud today!

2. So High Premium Syringes – Maui WowieSo High Premium Syringes – Maui Wowie. Buy weed online.

Looking for a distillate that delivers both in effects and taste? This Maui Wowie distillate from So High Extracts delivers delicious fruity flavours and euphoric effects that will have you mentally sunbathing on the tropical beaches.

This distillate comes in a 1 gram syringe containing 95.79% THC and is infused with cannabis-derived terpenes from the delicious Maui Wowie weed strain. 

The terpenes from this strain lend the distillate sweet pineapple flavours with effects ranging from energy bursts, euphoria, and creative drifts. 

These effects combined with the highly potent levels of THC make this distillate a perfect product for use during the day, when doing creative work or anytime you need a pick me up. 

Get this Maui Wowie distillate from LowPriceBud; the best mail-order marijuana dispensary to buy weed online from in Canada.

3. LowPriceBud So High Premium Blueberry Kush DistillateLowPriceBud So High Premium Blueberry Kush Distillate. buy weed online.

Distillate alone can be pretty bland as it only contains THC. But not this one. This distillate from So High Extracts is infused with terpenes from the potent Blueberry Kush to improve the taste and bring around the much-loved indica effects.

Blueberry Kush is known for its heavy body high that leaves you deeply relaxed and stressless as it pulls you into a deep sleep.

This distillate syringe recreates those effects by taking a pure THC distillate and infusing it with cannabis-derived terpenes from the Blueberry Kush strain. The end product is a high-quality distillate that delivers 95.79% THC and terpenes.

The best part is it comes in a syringe, so it’s easier to dose and dispense. Get this THC distillate from LowPriceBud today and get it delivered anywhere in Canada.

4. So High Extracts Pineapple Express Distillate (Sativa)So High Extracts Pineapple Express Distillate -Sativa. buying weed online. order weed canada. weed shop online.

This is the distillate for you if you are after long-lasting energetic effects that kick in right away! Testing at 95.7%+ THC, one dab is all it takes to make you feel buzzy, rejuvenated and creative. This 1 gram distillate contains cannabis-derived terpenes from the legendary Pineapple Express hybrid marijuana strain.

Pineapple Express is known for its energetic effects that kick in immediately when you consume it, and with the THC content in the 95%+ range in this distillate, you can expect nothing less.

Get this Pineapple Express syringe distillate today at LowPriceBud.

5. LowPriceBud Pure Delta-9-THC DistillatePure Delta-9-THC Distillate for sale from online dispensary to buy weed online.

Maybe the terpene-infused distillates don’t work for you. Perhaps you want a flavourless, pure THC distillate to dab or bake weed edibles. Perhaps you just need something with a harder kick. Whatever your reason may be, this pure delta-9-THC distillate is just what you need.

This delta-9 THC distillate from LowPriceBud contains only delta-9-THC, no additives or impurities, to ensure you have the most potent weed experience. This distillate tests at 96.23% THC and is available in different quantities, from 7 grams to a full pound. 

Buy this delta 9 THC distillate online from LowPriceBud, Canada’s cheapest mail-order marijuana dispensary.

Best Ways To Use THC Distillate

1. Dabbingman blowing vape clouds after dabbing THC concentrate and distillates. buy weed online.

This method requires special implements, including a dab rig, nail or e-nail, torch, dab tool, carb cap, and distillate. All you have to do is heat the nail with the torch for 20-30 seconds, or if you are using an e-nail, plug it in and set the temperature.

Let the nail cool to the desired temperature; then, using the dab tool, put a tiny drop of the distillate on the hot nail and inhale the vapour produced. To learn how to dab, check out this guide on how to use a dab rig like a pro.

2. Take It Sublingually

Distillates can be consumed under the tongue or sublingually. All you have to do is put a tiny drop of distillate under your tongue and hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. 

3. Adding It To A Joint, Spliff, Bong, Blunt

You can add some distillate to a joint or any method that uses combusted flower to enhance its potency.

4. Vape

You can vape THC distillates using disposable distillate pens, carts or filling a refillable cart with your own distillate.

5. Can You Eat THC Distillate?weed gummies made from THC distillates. buy weed online. order weed online. mail order weed. online weed dispensary. buy weed online.

Yes, you can, and probably already have. Pure THC distillate is odourless and flavourless, making it the most preferred ingredient in commercial edibles such as gummies.

You can also use distillate to make THC edibles at home.

Where To Buy Cheap Weed Distillate Online In Canada?

Wondering where to purchase weed products online at the lowest prices? LowPriceBud is Canada’s cheapest mail-order marijuana dispensary where you can buy weed online at the guaranteed lowest prices in the market without worrying about the quality.

LowPriceBud online dispensary stocks all weed products, from concentrates such as shatter, wax, crumble and THC distillates to high-quality flower from premium strains. Order weed online from us today, and we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in the country.

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