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Step By Step Guide On How To Smoke Hash

5 Best Ways To Smoke Hash Explained

Hash, also known as hashish, is a little different from all the other concentrates that have come up in the last decade or so. If you are already accustomed to other types of concentrates, you may be wondering how to smoke hash safely and without wasting much of the product.

Whether you are just looking to venture into using hashish or are already a fan, it is always great to discover a new way to smoke hash effectively. In this article, we discuss a few methods of smoking hashish. Read through and decide which best fits your style or the type of equipment you already have at home.

What Is Hash?

Hash is short for hashish. It’s a cannabis concentrate made by isolating trichomes from the cannabis plant and pressing them into a brick-like shape. Hashish is made mechanically by rubbing off the trichomes from the buds. 

Trichomes are the fine hairlike outgrowths mainly concentrated on the buds of the cannabis bud but can also be found on the leaves. Cannabis trichomes have glands that secrete cannabinoids, including THC, terpenes and flavonoids.

As a result, hashish contains higher THC and terpene concentrations than regular flowers, making them more potent and flavorful. The appearance and consistency of hashish depend on the preparation techniques and the kind of cannabis plant used.

Hashish is arguably the oldest form of cannabis concentrate. Although there is no definitive agreement on when and where hashish originated, there is evidence that the practice existed as far back as the 12th century in Central and South Asia and some parts of Northern Africa.

Hashish is easy to make; you can even make some after handling cannabis buds using the sticky substances (trichome resin glands) that stick to your hands or gloves. However, this simplicity can sometimes bring along a lack of purity. Hash often has some plant materials meaning it may not vaporize completely.

How To Use Hash

Before we get into how to smoke hashish, ensure you test your product. High-quality hash like this Katema Gold Moroccan hash that you can buy online from LowPriceBud will have less plant matter than regular hash, which means it will be more potent. This type of hash will be softer to the touch and may even be malleable.

However, that doesn’t mean hard and brittle hash isn’t potent. It is, but softer hashish typically has more THC content. The malleability may also be essential in some of the smoking methods below. 

How To Smoke Hash – 5 Top Methods

Here are five ways to smoke hash. We will list the requirements for each technique first before getting into the step-by-step guide.

1. How To Smoke Hash In A Joint, Blunt or Spliff

What You Requireimage of weed in a joint ready to be rolled and smoked. where to buy weed online in canada.

– Hash

– Weed bud

– Rolling paper or cigar wrap if you are using a blunt

– Lighter

The first step is building the foundation for the hash. To ensure it burns well, start by putting a thin layer of smokable flower at the bottom of the rolling paper or wrap. This will ensure hash burns well.

Next, add a layer of hash. You can try to shape it onto a thin cylinder so it’s easier to work with; anyway, you roll it, ensure the weed completely coats the hash with no bits exposed. If you are using a spliff, the procedure is the same but with the hash being covered by tobacco.

Add a bit more flower on top of the hash and roll the joint, spliff or blunt like you usually do. 

2. How To Smoke Hash In A Dab Rig Or Vaporizer

What You Need

– Dab rig or vaporizer that can be used with dry flower/concentrates

– E-nail, nail or banger

– Blowtorch

– Water

Do you know how to use a dab rig? First, add water into the rig’s water chamber, break a piece of hash with your dabber ready for dabbing, then use the blowtorch to heat the nail/banger. If you have an e-nail, plug it in and select the desired temperature – THC vaporizes at around 315 degrees Fahrenheit, so temperatures between 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit are recommended.

Once the nail is hot enough, place the piece of hash onto the hot banger/nail. Use a carb cap to regulate airflow as you inhale through the mouthpiece. 

If you are using a vaporizer, ensure it’s compatible with this type of cannabis concentrate. If not, use an adapter. To use, simply drop a piece of hash into the chamber, select the recommended temperature, turn the vaporizer on and inhale.

3. Smoking Hash Using A Bowl, Or Bong

What You Needimage of cannabis weed, bongs, and grinders. buy weed online in canada from mail order marijuana dispensary

– Hash

– Pipe of your choice

– Marijuana bud or metal screen

– Lighter

Are you smoking hash on its own or mixed with ground bud? If you are smoking hash on its own, start by putting the screen at the bottom of your pipe before adding a piece of hash. If you are mixing it with bud, add a thin layer of flower to the bottom of the pipe, then add a piece of hash on top.

Once the device is loaded, grab your lighter and smoke your pipe or bong the way you usually do.

4. How To Smoke Hash Using Hot Knives

Note that this method is not recommended and should only be used when there is no other alternative.

What You Needphoto of hash smoker heating a knife. how to smoke hash. where to buy weed online in canada.

– 2 uncoated knives, preferably similar size with insulators

– Hash

– Heat source

– A mouthpiece (a plastic bottle cut in half or a conical paper)

Put the two knives on a stove or heat them with a blow torch until they start glowing red. Let the knives cool slightly as you get ready for the next step.

Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and hold it there; place a chunk of hash on one of the hot knives and quickly press it with the other knife. 

As soon it’s sandwiched, the hash will immediately start smoking. Use the mouthpiece to try and suck up all the smoke. Be careful as the hot knives may cause burns if they contact the skin. Also, literally any other method on this list is better than this.

5. Smoking Hash With A Glass And Pinhead

This method relies on your hash being somewhat malleable, but it can still work with dry hash, just not as well.

What You Require

– Hash

– Lighter

– Piece of cardboard

– Glass

– Straw

– A straight pin

Stick the straight pin through the cardboard and set it upright such that the cardboard acts as the base and the pin is facing upward. Take a small piece of hash and mould it around the head of the straight pin.

Grab the glass and lighter and apply the flame to the hash. When it starts smoking, quickly place the glass over the pin. Once the glass is full of smoke, tilt-up slightly, insert the straw and inhale the smoke.

The Best Way To Smoke Hash

Of the five methods discussed, the best way to smoke hash is by adding it to a joint, bong or dabbing. The knife technique will probably deliver little THC as most of the hash smoke escapes into the atmosphere. 

The knife smoking method is also risky and may cause burns if the hot surfaces touch your skin. The glass and pinhead method is safer, but like the knife technique, most smoke ends up being wasted.

Whatever method you choose, ensure you have high-quality hash. You can easily buy hash weed online at the lowest prices from LowPriceBud and have it delivered anywhere in Canada. Order weed online from us today and experience the best hash high!

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