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How to consume cannabis

How do I consume cannabis?

There are many different ways to consume cannabis, and finding the best method for your needs is really just a matter of preference. Below are some of the different methods explained so you can get started:

Joint: The classic marijuana cigarette, this is one of the prevalent methods for smoking due to its portability and ease of sharing. A joint is created by taking ground cannabis flower and wrapping it in a rolling paper.

Pipe: Just like tobacco, marijuana is often smoked out of a pipe. This is a great method for personal use as you can easily control the amount you smoke by putting in only what you want to consume. Pipes can be made out of anything from wood to glass, and come in many different shapes and sizes! There is a different pipe for everybody, and it can be a fun way to express your personal style.

Bong: A staple in the toolkit of any seasoned cannabis user, a bong (or water pipe) is much like a regular pipe in how it’s used. However, the base of the bong is filled with water, which acts as a filter preventing heavier particles and water-soluble molecules from entering a smoker’s airways. It is suggested by some studies that bong smoke is less harmful than its unfiltered counterpart, however further studies must be executed before we can say for sure.

Vaporizer: These are devices that heat the cannabis rather than combusting it, causing the active compounds to release without the contaminants you would find while smoking a joint, pipe, or bong. Compared to other methods, vaporizers, or “vapes,” are relatively odorless and portable (you can shove them in your pocket without creating a mess), making them good for the users at home or on the go. This is known for being one of the most efficient ways to consume marijuana due to the effects being felt almost immediately.

Edibles: By extracting the cannabinoids from the cannabis flower and using them in cooking, people have created a delicious way to consume marijuana without needing to inhale anything. As edibles sold in retail are pre-portioned in doses, they are an extremely easy to measure out while being equally as discreet. The effects are stronger and longer-lasting than other methods, but the THC takes a while to reach your bloodstream due to digestion – and as such you should start with the lowest dosage possible if it’s your first time.

Concentrates: Concentrates, coming in a wide variety of forms including shatter, budder, rosin, and hash, are highly potent extracts from cannabis. With THC levels of 70% or higher, these aren’t recommended to beginners due to their strength. Consuming these requires specialized equipment, such as a dab rig or pen, and are considered the strongest cannabis substance available. We suggest working your way up to this one!

Overall, knowing if cannabis is right for you is a matter of trying it for yourself. While some people swear by it, other people dislike it for similar, or sometimes the same, reasons. If you’re looking to try it out, starting slowly is the best way to determine whether you’ll like it or not, and will help you find your preferred dosage. Check out our shop here to find a product right for you!

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