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Purple Haze Weed Review: Why The Iconic Strain Still Tops Our Lists Five Plus Decades Later

Purple Haze weed is arguably the most popular cannabis strain globally and the true definition of a “celebrity strain.” But does it live up to the hype? In this Purple Haze strain review, we look at the origin, effects, and more information about this strain that has remained relevant in the cannabis world for over five decades.

Purple Haze made a name for itself as a long-lasting potent strain with a psychedelic twist that puts you in a haze almost immediately you consume it. It is also considered one of the best wake-and-bake strains you can buy today.

However, having been in the stoners’ sphere for a long time, most of the information about its origins has been lost in the midst of time. Interested in learning how Purple Haze weed makes you feel? This strain review article digs deep into this strain to discover more about one of the most popular cannabis strains ever. Read on!

What Is Purple Haze Weed?What Is Purple Haze Weed?

There’s a constant debate about how this strain got its name. Some people say Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 psychedelic rock song anthem of the same name was named after the strain. Others argue that it’s the strain that was named after the classic song.

Some sources say that the name first appeared around the time – the 60s and 70s, when purple LSD caps, also called Purple Haze, were sold. The strain is also said to have earned the name from its vivid hues.

Whatever the version you choose to believe, it’s evident that the Jimi Hendrix mega-hit popularised this strain. But the name isn’t the only debated thing about this strain. Its origins are also unknown, with several theories floating across the internet.

What is not debated, though, are its effects. Purple Haze is a slightly sativa leaning strain with a  60:40 sativa: indica ratio. Although there is some controversy about its origins, the general consensus is that it’s a cross between Purple Thai and Haze.

This strain is famous for its super stimulating, thought-provoking, and relaxing effects. It is considered one of the best wake-and-bake weed strains you can buy online in Canada today – if you can find it.

Some consumers also report a psychedelic-like effect, so don’t worry if you, like Hendrix, are lost in a purple haze after consuming this classic strain. But where can you find Purple Haze weed? And what is the average Purple Haze weed price in Canada? Before we get to that, here is the strain’s info.

Purple Haze Strain Review & Information

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Purple Haze’s most distinctive feature is the vibrant purple hue that some people claim gives it the name. It has spade-shaped sativa type, loose buds with a broad base that tapers towards the tip. 

The buds are covered with a thick coating of sticky, resinous trichomes that serves as a warning of its potent effects. Purple hairs cover the buds, complementing its light green hue and purple undertones. 


While the beauty of this bud is enough to make you want to consume it, it’s the captivating scents that pull you in, leaving your mouth watering as you break the bud down to get it ready for consumption. 

Opening a jar filled with these nugs gives off a musty, dank, and earthy fragrance with sweet blueberry and tart undertones. The earthy and musty aromas become more prominent when breaking down the buds. You may also note some grape-like scents, although the berries are more pronounced.

FlavourFresh fruit and grapes. Flavour profile for purple haze weed.

Purple Haze continues to impress when it first hits your tongue. This strain has a sweet and fruity flavour profile. The strain’s sweet and spicy notes are more prominent on the inhale, while the grape-like taste is more evident on the exhale. 

Purple Haze’s fragrance and flavours are more pleasant than many other strains. So if you are looking for something that will deliver uplifting, energetic, creative and physical effects while still pleasing your palate, Purple Haze strain may just be the strain you want.

But you know where Purple Haze weed truly shines? The effects!

Purple Haze Strain EffectsMan relaxing while working from home after smoking purple haze weed he bought online from a mail order marijuana weed shop.

Wondering what the effects of Purple Haze are? This strain is moderately potent, with the typical THC content ranging between 15-21% and low CBD levels between 0.5% and 1%.

After hitting a few draws, you may experience a slight pressure on your temples or flushing in the cheeks which may be odd to some consumers but are expected when using Purple Haze. These sensations ease off pretty quickly, giving way to an energetic, euphoric cerebral stimulation.

Ideas seem to jump around freely, and some thoughts become more interesting than they typically are. Purple Haze also stimulates conversations, making it an excellent strain to use as an ice breaker in social situations. 

While experiencing the mind high, this strain also spurs creativity, this is the perfect time to complete that art, writing or any other project you have been putting off due to a mind block. Its energetic effects are also best utilized when you have a heavy workload. 

As the high progresses, the physical effects start creeping in, but if you expect to be couch-locked or intensely relaxed, it will hardly be so as the transition to the body high doesn’t mean the buzzy effects will wear off. They remain, making it more trippy and stimulating. 

Consumers report that it has a psychedelic effect. You may experience a heightened visual and auditory perception, making it the perfect strain for movie or music sessions. Purple Haze can also have aphrodisiac qualities if used under the right circumstances.

This strain’s colourful psychedelic high provides a boost in energy, creativity and lifts your mood,  leaving you uplifted and in a happy space. However, the combination of psychedelic and potent cerebral effects may not be suitable for the novice smoker.

Purple Haze Medical BenefitsHappy woman with her arms raised celebrating life in her kitchen. Buy weed online in Canada from best online dispensary Low Price Bud.

Purple Haze does more than give you a good time, it also has some medicinal benefits, making it a valuable tool for medical marijuana users. This strain’s long-lasting euphoric high is said to benefit people suffering from anxiety and depression among other disorders. 

It’s mood enhancing effects are valuable to people looking to de-stress. As a classic wake and bake strain, this strain’s energetic highs are also said to be valuable for consumers suffering from chronic fatigue and may also offer you a much needed energy boost to get through the day. 

However, it’s important to consider its potency and psychedelic-like effects, especially if you are prone to paranoia and anxiety attacks.

Where To Find Purple Haze Weed In Canada

Although Purple Haze is an icon in the cannabis world, it’s getting harder to find as fewer growers and online dispensaries stock it. What’s Purple Haze’s price? A gram of this celebrity bud goes for anywhere between $10 and $12, depending on the quality and where you buy it.

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