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Cannabis indica is a landrace hailing originally from the high Himalayan mountains surrounding the Indus Valley. Because of their harsh alpine environment, indicas evolved into short, stocky plants with densely packed and super-sticky buds.

Indicas are beloved for their super mellow vibes, and sleep-inducing qualities. Expect a long-lasting body high, that's uplifting, relaxing, and great for night time use.

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A hybrid strain contains all the best aspects of a sativa and an indica. Over the years, breeders have worked hard to cross and re-cross various strains, from all of the spectrum into beautiful new creations.

Pay attention to the indica:sativa ratio to learn more about the end experience. A hybrid is a mixed bag, but it means you can enjoy the best of both worlds all in one bud.

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Cannabis sativa evolved in hot, humid tropical regions of the world. Its a big, bushy plant, with a long growing season. The flowers have a deliciously fruity aroma that is sweet, spicy, and highly sought after.

Sativas deliver energetic vibes that are great for socializing and getting to work. They are creative, uplifting, and almost entirely cerebral. Medicinally, sativas are best for day time use, especially for mood disorders.