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Is Blue Dream Good for Anxiety

Is Blue Dream Good for Anxiety?

There are certain strains that few forget once they’ve tried them. One such strain is Blue Dream, an exciting hybrid strain first bred on the west coast that has now gained notoriety in cannabis circles the world over. If you’d like to buy weed online in Canada, here’s what you need to know about the renowned Blue Dream, a strain that exhibits many beneficial properties, not least of which the ability to help quell anxiety among many individuals.

The Origins of Blue Dream

Blue dream is a potent hybrid strain that leans slightly to the sativa side. Its genetic roots come from two noteworthy parents in cannabis circles: Blueberry and Haze. The strain originally caught the attention of the famed breeder DJ Short, who set to work refining a variety that would eventually become the Blue Dream we have today. News of the beneficial effects of the strain meant that it quickly garnered legendary status worldwide among cannabis consumers.

The Effects of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is unique in that it strikes that rare balance between optimal body relaxation with a complementary cerebral buzz that injects a mild euphoria into the mix. With its sativa-leaning bias, Blue Dream is often used as a daytime strain that won’t overly sedate. This makes it popular with both recreational and medicinal consumers, with the latter using it to treat a host of conditions.

In many strains, the sativa genetics can sometimes provoke an increase in anxiety. However, with Blue Dream, the mild sedation offered by the strain can often help quell any underlying anxiety, while allowing you to still benefit from an energetic cerebral buzz that can help ensure you remain grounded yet energized.

The Cannabinoid Profile of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is high in THC with values that average between 17 percent and 24 percent THC. CBD content is low, at 2 percent, but the presence of other minor cannabinoids also contribute greatly to its effects. One such cannabinoid is CBN — a minor cannabinoid that often helps to stimulate appetite and can also play a role in relieving the symptoms of pain and inflammation, something it achieves by altering the pain signals received by the brain.

Blue Dream – A Unique Terpene Profile That Fights Anxiety

Blue Dream exhibits a distinct scent that encapsulates sweet, floral, and earthy flavours. The Blueberry parent lends a strong indica berry-like taste that also combines with hints of pine. This is all due to a unique terpene profile that offers a broad range of benefits in addition to a sweet taste and scent.

Blue Dream consists mainly of high quantities of the terpenes myrcene and pinene. Myrcene is most commonly associated with a sedating body high that can often reduce anxiety, while pinene can help maintain mental alertness and excellent short-term memory to overcome the effects of high quantities of THC. If you’d like to accentuate the effects of myrcene and enjoy enhanced sedation, then consider combining Blue Dream with other myrcene-laden foods such as mangoes, lemongrass, cardamom, and thyme.

Other notable terpenes in Blue Dream include limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Limonene is one of the most studied terpenes in cannabis and is commonly associated with a host of benefits that include anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties along with a host of immune system benefits. Caryophyllene is perhaps best known for its anti-anxiety properties. And while the quantities of caryophyllene only approach 0.2% in Blue Dream, these trace amounts can still serve to help quell rampant anxiety in certain individuals. Finally, linalool is commonly known to elicit relaxation, and the small quantities present can help modulate a relaxed vibe when consumed.

Is Blue Dream Good For Medicinal Patients?

Blue Dream is very popular among many medicinal cannabis consumers. With its sativa-leaning properties, it can offer relief to a host of conditions without imparting an overly sedating high. It’s widely used for the treatment of anxiety, while many other consumers find it effective at treating chronic pain, nausea, and depression. In addition to the specific medicinal benefits, many also report that Blue Dream leaves them feeling happy and euphoric, coupled with feelings of relaxation and enhanced creativity.

The Side Effects of Blue Dream

Like every strain, Blue Dream is known for some minor side effects that may affect some users more than others.

Firstly, the high quantities of THC present in Blue Dream can lead to new consumers experiencing bouts of paranoia. If you’re new to cannabis, it’s best to start out low and go slow with this one.

Blue Dream has a wide terpene spectrum that’ll help counteract the effects of high THC in most users. This occurs thanks to the entourage effect, where the different plant compounds naturally synergize with one another to produce a welcome, balanced high.

As with many other strains, Blue Dream can sometimes cause dry mouth and eyes. If you’re particularly affected by dry eyes, you may wish to have some eye drops on hand when consuming Blue Dream.

Blue Dream Alternative Strains

If you like the effects of Blue Dream but can’t get your hands on it, fear not: There are several well-known alternatives that have similar profiles and can produce similar effects.

Maui-Wowie is one such strain. It’s known to exhibit a similar sweet and fruity taste and can even surpass the levels of energy and motivation that many consumers experience with Blue Dream, something that makes it great for embracing your creative outlet.

Strawberry Cough is another viable alternative to Blue Dream. It provides most users with a remarkably similar profile with an uplifting and euphoric buzz that’s free from anxiety and every bit as satisfying as Blue Dream.


Buy Blue Dream Weed Online in Canada

If you’d like to buy weed online in Canada, then Blue Dream is one of those long-time favourites in cannabis circles. Many successfully use it to manage anxiety, but the strain is also helpful in treating a host of conditions that include nausea, chronic pain, and depression. Its unique profile means that it strikes the perfect balance for many between a sedating body high and an uplifting cerebral experience free from anxious thoughts to fuel your creative energy.


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