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What is the Best Haze Strain

What is the Best Haze Strain?

The results are in and, despite the name, it’s crystal clear: Haze strains are some of the hottest buds around! As descendants of Original Haze, each Haze-spawned strain comprises a distinct array of effects and characteristics from their parent plants. As such, you can find a number of unique Haze strains when you buy cannabis online in Canada.

But which Haze is the best? With so many options out there, there must be one that outdoes them all, right?

Wrong! Different strains have different attributes, from their appearance, scent, and flavour to their mind-altering recreational and important medical effects. As such, each Haze-based strain is valuable in its own way. And while it is impossible to choose only one top Haze strain, listing a bunch of our favourites and their invaluable effects is definitely something we can do!

Why Choose a Haze Strain?

Haze strains are popular amongst both medical and recreational cannabis users, and it comes as no big surprise as to why. Original Haze is known for its giggly, psychedelic effects, yet its mood-boosting attributes, along with its ability to drive creativity, make it an ideal option to support a number of health issues.

While the exact genetic makeup of Original Haze has been lost to human knowledge, the sativa-dominant hybrid was initially bred in the late 1960s and early ‘70s by the Haze Brothers in Santa Cruz, California. It is suspected to have a Colombian, Indian, Mexican, and Thai background. A favourite amongst recreational cannabis consumers, it is just as revered in terms of its medical value.

Original Haze is particularly beneficial to those experiencing depression and anxiety. With a potent combination of both uplifting and calming components, Original Haze interacts with the endocannabinoid system to regulate mood-altering functions within the human body. Receptors also inhibit pain and fatigue.

This combination works to give those suffering from depression a boost in both mental and physical energy and drive. This, in turn, allows them to complete tasks and function in a more balanced and regulated manner. However, the calming, anxiolytic effects also reduce overthinking and insomnia, promoting better rest.

Original Haze is additionally recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic, making it invaluable to individuals suffering from a variety of uncomfortable physical ailments. In particular, it is known for its efficient painkilling attributes. This makes Original Haze one of the top choice strains to consider if you plan to order bud online in Canada, as it is so efficient at dealing with pain.

Which Haze Strain Should I Choose?

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the mind-bending lovechild of Original Haze and a variety of landrace strains hailing from Hawaii, Jamaica, and Thailand. Potent and versatile, it boasts both recreational and medical values, with THC levels generally sitting at around 22 percent.

Amnesia Haze is well-loved by recreational users, demonstrating the same psychedelic aspects as Original Haze with a slightly more laid-back vibe.

This trippy bud offers all of the creativity-inspiring power of its parent Haze, while concurrently reducing pain and anxiety. Known for its ability to lift moods and reduce depressive symptoms, Amnesia Haze has proven beneficial to those suffering from certain mental health and mood disorders.

Blue Haze

A sativa-dominant Haze strain slightly overpowers Blueberry to sire a delicious, well-balanced flower in the world-renowned Blue Haze. While Original Haze is commonly the Haze parent of Blue Haze, growers may breed different Haze parents with Blueberry, including Amnesia Haze and Super Silver Haze. While each edition varies slightly, the fusion of these particular strains with Blueberry often result in a similar genetic makeup, due to their collective, shared Original Haze parentage.

With THC levels varying between 16 to 22 percent, one might think Blue Haze would offer an inconsistent high, yet its dynamic effects prove both healing and heady, no matter the case. Blue Haze serves a buzz felt at both the mind and body level, making it a favourite amongst regular consumers. Its medical uses include the reduction of anxiety, as well as pain and nausea, the latter making it popular amongst cancer patients.


Perhaps the most laid-back strain on the list, Delahaze is a bright, fruity bud offering an easy high, along with myriad therapeutic effects. Recognized for its sweet, citrus scent, this child of Mango Haze and Lemon Skunk could nearly be plucked straight from the produce aisle.

Whether being consumed for medical or recreational purposes, Delahaze is known for producing a happy, uplifting high. It is neither sedating nor buzzy, making it an excellent choice for individuals experiencing anxiety and depression. Despite the name, it will not leave you in a haze, allowing consumers to get up and get stuff done.

If you’re looking for a bedtime bud, look elsewhere. Delahaze is known to boost energy levels! A popular choice for daytime use, this euphoric bud generally boasts a THC percentage hovering around 20 percent.

Lemon Haze

Between the uplifting attributes and the invigorating aroma of citrus, Lemon Haze is anything but subtle. This potent strain is descended from a commanding cerebral Amnesia Haze and tasty Lemon Skunk. As a result, it provides all of the powerful mood-boosting benefits as its parent plants.

Besides its palatable flavours and aroma, the psychedelic effects Lemon Haze has inherited from its Haze parent make it a premier choice amongst the seasoned recreational cannabis consumers.

Yet its value is just as apparent in the medical realm, with its motivating, depression-quelling abilities making it invaluable to individuals living with a degree of depressive disorders.

With THC levels floating between 18–21 percent, Lemon Haze can prove a bit hard-hitting for some consumers. As such, always remember to consume responsibly and in moderation when you buy cannabis online in Canada.

Blue Lemon Haze

By far one of our favourites, perhaps due to its rare quality, Blue Lemon Haze is an indica-dominant hybrid bred from Blueberry and Lemon Haze parents. It is, in a word, delicious!

Esteemed nearly as highly for its unforgettable flavour as it is for its powerful effects, this versatile dynamo of a bud hits hard with psychoactive attributes. The result? A dreamy, buzzy high that leaves you engaged yet entranced and ultimately relaxed.

Blue Lemon Haze is high in THC, with levels varying between 24–29 percent. With such potency, it comes as no surprise that it exhibits a wide array of invaluable medical benefits in addition to its psychoactive effects.

Blue Lemon Haze is known to decrease tension and muscle spasms, making it especially useful for individuals experiencing menstrual cramps. It is also of great value to individuals living with epilepsy, as it can relieve tension, spasms, and pain post-seizure. Further, it is one of the most efficient strains in reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

Through the Haze I See a Light

And the light through that haze just so happens to be the ever-growing selection of carefully conceived, crafted, and bred Haze strains popular amongst cannabis consumers. Each Haze strain offers its own exciting array of psychoactive and therapeutic effects, making it one of the most versatile strain families out there. Whether you are looking for a flower, a vape, a concentrate, or an edible, there is a Haze strain out there for you! Next time you buy cannabis online in Canada, why not check out one of the many awesome Haze strains available!

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