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Cannabis Cultivation: Is Pink Kush Hard to Grow in Canada?

Cannabis Cultivation: Is Pink Kush Hard to Grow in Canada?

The sweet vanilla scent and sparkly pink hues of Pink Kush make this candy-like strain popular among weed enthusiasts. You know that if it’s part of the Kush family, it will pack a powerful punch, and you’d be right.

If you’re interested in not only smoking this strain but growing it as well, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. It’s not overly hard to grow, but you’ll need certain conditions if you want to have a successful crop.

You can typically order seeds from a weed shop online in Canada or visit a dispensary in-person to see if they have what you’re looking for.

Here is everything you need to know about growing Pink Kush in Canada.

What is Pink Kush?

Pink Kush is the pretty cousin of OG Kush. It’s indica-dominant, with a 90/10 indica/sativa split. The strong indica base induces a powerful body high, making it a fantastic choice for treating chronic pain and insomnia. It also triggers the munchies, so it may help people who experience appetite loss. You can buy Pink Kush from just about any weed shop online in Canada or your local dispensary.

One look at the strain, and you can quickly identify it. The buds are light green with bright pink hairs and a sugary coating of trichomes. The pink hairs are where this strain gets its name. It smells of vanilla and candy, and it tastes just as sweet. But don’t be fooled by its delicate exterior; the effects of Pink Kush are anything but delicate.

The THC level of Pink Kush typically sits around 20%, which is well above your average strain. If you’re looking for a delicious and potent strain, this will be one of your best options.

A Guide to Growing Pink Kush

Ideal Climate

Pink Kush is most popular in Canada and in the drier, more mountainous parts of the western United States. The reason for that is that the climate is ideal for growing in these areas. Since the buds are incredibly dense, this strain must be grown in a dry environment with low humidity. If you’re in a wet climate or don’t have a properly controlled greenhouse, then the bud could develop mould.

Pink Kush prefers to grow outdoors and in an arid climate. That said, it can be grown in both soil or water. If you choose to grow your Pink Kush with hydroponics, make sure to invest in dehumidifying packs to ensure that you don’t lose your crop to mould.

Ease of Growth

Pink Kush plants are generally easy to grow compared to other strains. As long as the conditions are right, growers can expect a high yield on this strain. Pink Kush is also resistant to many parasites, making it a good option for new growers who aren’t familiar with the different forms of parasites.

Flowering Time

Indica plants don’t grow as tall as sativa plants but are much fuller and bushier. Pink Kush, in particular, doesn’t grow very big, only to about 1.2m tall. Whether you grow inside or outside, it will still grow to around the same height.

The time it takes for Pink Kush to flower depends on whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. The flowering time is quite long for an indica strain, and it takes between 55–65 days before you’ll see bud.

If you’re growing indoors, you can expect to harvest the flowers at between nine and 11 weeks. For those growing outdoors, the Pink Kush will flower in early fall and be ready for harvest late into October. If you can leave it for one extra week, it will increase potency, but you don’t want to leave it long enough to get hit by the frost.

Expected Yield

Although the plants are small compared to others, the yield is just as big, if not bigger. The buds are very dense and heavy, meaning you don’t need as many buds to get that weight up.

If you’re growing plants indoors, the expected yield is around 18 ounces per square meter. Outdoor plants have a much higher yield, with an average of 25 ounces or more per plant.

Growing Indoors vs. Growing Outdoors

What is the difference between growing Pink Kush indoors and growing it outdoors? Not everyone has the space to grow their crop outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good yield. There are many benefits to growing Pink Kush indoors as well.

Both an indoor and outdoor crop of Pink Kush will produce marijuana of equal potency. But there are some differences to be aware of when you’re choosing how to grow your crop.

1.   Quality

Although growing Pink Kush outdoors gives a higher yield, the quality is generally lower. When you grow indoors, your plants don’t receive as much damage, so the buds are more aesthetically pleasing. There is also no wind, powerful rain, or animals that may knock off the plants’ valuable terpenes. Indoors, you can grow your own Pink Kush near to the same quality as that of bud from a weed shop online in Canada.

2.   Time and Effort

Growing your Pink Kush outdoors requires less time and effort than growing indoors. Your plants will grow faster outdoors, meaning you’ll need to trim them more, but that’s still less effort than growing indoors. If you have an indoor crop, you have to monitor it continuously, keeping an eye on both the lighting and the temperature. One wrong move and you could ruin your product.

3.   Cost

Regardless of whether you choose to grow indoors or out, there are startup costs involved. And after those initial costs, growing indoors will continue to cost you money, as you have to pay for your temperature control system and lighting. The sun and rain outdoors are free, but you don’t have control over when they choose to show up. Growing indoors is more expensive but gives you a level of control, meaning you can produce a better product.

Pink Kush Seeds from A Weed Shop Online in Canada

If you’re trying to choose the best strain to grow in Canada, then Pink Kush is a great option. The dry climate is ideal for growing this potent strain, and you can easily obtain the seeds from a weed shop online in Canada. It might take some time to flower, but with a bit of patience you’ll soon see the beautiful pink hairs and sparkly terpenes appearing on your crop.

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