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Why and How You Should Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

You can buy cannabis online in Canada, but you could also just grow your own outdoors. Growing outside is a rewarding experience that doesn’t have the associated costs and equipment requirements of indoor growing. Thanks to the sun, the earth, and the air in between, mother nature has provided everything we need to grow outdoor cannabis cheaply and easily. Here’s what you need to know about the art of outdoor growing.

Why Grow Cannabis Outdoors?

There are many reasons for you to try your hand at outdoor cannabis. Growing it as mother nature intended means that you benefit from the power of the sun. This means no more expensive lighting costs, AC units, or dehumidifiers.

With no space constraints in the great outdoors, cannabis plants can really stretch. This often leads to higher yields when compared to indoor plants that grow in more restricted spaces.

Outdoor cannabis is also more environmentally friendly. If you live in a sunny clime and want to do your fair share for the cause, then by growing cannabis outdoors, you’ll avoid wasting energy on fans, lights and other equipment.

Outdoor growing is also a fun and relaxing hobby. If you’re the type that would rather work under the sun in the open air than under LED lighting in a closed room, then outdoor growing may be for you. The therapeutic benefits that come with outdoor growing are significant for those who love nothing more than relaxing afternoons spent tending to plants.

How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

If you want to grow cannabis outdoors, there’s a lot more to it than setting a seed in the ground and returning in three months. Even before planting, there are several factors you’ll need to consider if you want the best results. Here’s what you need to know.

The Climate

Local climate is the first thing to consider. Cannabis plants are hardy, but they won’t grow well in any old place. When the temperature sustains above 30°C for periods, cannabis plants won’t thrive. Likewise, if the temperature falls below 12°C for periods, they’ll stunt and possibly even die.

A continual steady breeze and regular rainfall are great for strengthening and nourishing cannabis plants. But if the winds are strong and the rain is heavy, then problems can quickly arise. Mould formation, physical damage to the plants, and low yields are likely to occur under such conditions, so you’ll want to avoid them.

You’ll also want to consider the shifts in the length of day throughout the growing season. Cannabis plants need plenty of sunlight, and the time exposed to it dictates when the plant moves from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase.

Choose A Prime Location

The yield you’ll get outdoors is heavily influenced by the location and condition of the grow area. If you can, choose a fertile area with existing lush vegetation if you’re planting directly into the ground. Valley floors are one of the best places as they tend to have rich topsoil from alluvial deposition.

Valleys may be in shadow for much of the day, so be aware of how much sun exposure your plants will get, along with how much the temperature will drop when it’s in shadow. A south-facing slope is a good alternative bet if sun exposure is a problem. You can also grow in your garden or your balcony, just make sure they get enough sun.

Selecting Genetics

The climactic and ecological conditions of the area should determine what strain you choose to grow. Different varieties of cannabis evolved over time to adapt to specific environments. For example, some strains flower quicker than others so as to escape the late fall rains and ever-shortening days in their locations of origin.

You can’t change the weather or the length of the day, but you can select the genetics. If you want your ladies to thrive, then don’t just plant any old strain. Go with the tried and tested for your environment.

All About Soil

Cannabis plants do well in soil that’s rich in organic matter and has good drainage. Silty soil is ideal for outdoor cannabis. It drains well, holds nutrients, and is easy to work with. If the soil is dark and loamy, then it may be perfect as is without any amending.

If the soil is too sandy, then it may struggle to hold nutrients. While if the soil is the heavy clay sort, then it’s not going to drain well, neither of which is ideal.

If you can’t find the ideal soil, then you can purchase soil blends specifically tailored for growing. If you place your plants in containers, then you should also size up from what you would normally use indoors. Go for at least 10 gallons if possible. However, many outdoor growers go with 40-50 gallon pots with excellent results.

Don’t Forget to Consider Watering

You may live in an already wet climate, but there may still be dry summer months where you’ll have to water your plants. You’ll need a reliable water source nearby in dry times as large outdoor cannabis plants may drink up to 10 gallons of water per day.

If you live in a wet climate, then you may need to improve the drainage around the grow area. Lying water encourages pests and disease formation that can quickly spread through a crop.

Dealing with Pests and Animals

Many wild animals love nothing more than chewing on cannabis leaves or roots. This can be challenging to deal with in remote locations, and the only real defence is a fence around the grow.

There are also insect pests to contend with, and they can attack anywhere. Strong, healthy plants are the best defence against these predators, but you can also minimize your risk by keeping your cannabis plants separate from the rest of your garden if you’re particularly susceptible.

Either way, it’s important to keep an eye on outdoor plants throughout the grow phase. If issues arise with pests, then with early intervention, you can still save the crop. However, if a pest takes hold, it can severely hamper yield or even kill the plants.

Growing cannabis outdoors is rewarding, therapeutic, and downright cheap. And while the bud may not be as strong as that from those finely tuned indoor environments, outdoor plants grow larger and will make up for it with a bumper harvest if you steer the course!

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