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CBD-Dominant Weed Strains

10 CBD-Dominant Weed Strains That You Should Try

Years ago, everyone used to be obsessed with THC-rich weed. The higher the THC, the more Canadians wanted it. But these days, the tables have turned. Finding CBD flower online in Canada is paramount because everyone across the country is curious about the benefits.

What You Need to Know About CBD

Is CBD just a medicinal product? Absolutely not. According to new research, 91 percent of American consumers chose CBD for its recreational benefits instead of medicinal ones. CBD-dominant producers deliver relaxation and stress-relief, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

How does that compare with THC? For starters, CBD isn’t intoxicating. That means, even large doses of CBD won’t get you stoned and are perfect for medicinal benefits before work or during the day.

With all the benefits and none of the side-effects, why wouldn’t you buy CBD flower online in Canada?

10 CBD Dominant Strains

Every strain of weed contains a unique blend of cannabinoids. There are actually over a hundred different known cannabinoids, each with different medicinal applications. At the moment, most strain profiles highlight two: THC and CBD. These two help you determine what the bud might ultimately feel like. More THC, you’ll feel more intoxicated. And if it has more CBD, you feel less intoxication but more relaxation.

Here are some of our favourite CBD-dominant strains on the market today.

Charlotte’s Web

The most famous CBD strain is, of course, Charlotte’s Web. A Colorado-based breeder developed this strain for a little girl named Charlotte Figi, who had a rare form of epilepsy. This strain, like many CBD-rich strains, helped reduce the frequency and severity of her seizures. This strain contains some of the highest CBD levels found in any pure flower — an amazing 20 percent. Its flavor is earthy, lemony, and a touch of pine.


ACDC is a sativa dominant strain that still contains pretty significant levels of THC. Generally, you’ll see ACDC with 20 percent THC and a hefty dose of six percent CBD. This percentage of CBD is enough to mellow the high completely. If you are prone to feeling anxious from THC-rich flower, this strain should inspire relaxation instead. Smokers report this is a euphoric, sociable, and happy high. The flavor is sweet, spicy, and earthy.


Need a better balance than ACDC? Checkout the almost perfectly balanced Harlequin strain. This flower contains up to 10 percent THC and 10 percent CBD. Could this be the ideal ratio for relaxation and intoxication? Patients report this strain is especially useful for inflammation, pain, and stress relief. It’s another strain with sweet and spicy vibes and a hint of earthy flavor.


Consistently ranked one of the best CBD-dominant strains, Cannatonic delivers a beautiful cannabinoid profile, including up to 15 percent THC, 12 percent CBD, and one percent CBN. Together, these cannabinoids create focused, happy, and euphoric experiences. This is also an ideal strain for many mental health concerns, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Like most CBD-rich varieties, this is another earthy flavored one, but with delicious citrus hits.

Sour Tsunami

If you want to replace the flavor of Sour Diesel, but stick with CBD-rich flour, look no further than Sour Tsunami. It’s super sour, with that underlying diesel flavour you are longing for. But, unlike its THC-rich cousin, this strain only has 10 percent THC and a hefty 11 percent CBD to balance out the high. A fantastic option for treating arthritis, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and migraines, among many other health issues.


Pennywise doesn’t always pop up on CBD-flower lists, but it’s a secret worth keeping. This strain combines the power of Jack the Ripper and Harlequin for measurable levels of CBD. Expect up to 15 percent THC and 10 percent CBD with every single bud. Yes, you will feel stoned, but in a beautifully gentle way. This strain also has a unique terpene profile, with reviewers tasting bubblegum, coffee, herbal, and everything else in between.

Stephen Hawking OG

What do you get when you cross Harle-Tsu with Sin City Kush strains? Stephen Hawking is an extremely mellow vibe, well suited to anyone who can’t handle the high. If you can find this rare CBD flower online, it’s well worth the search. Cannabinoid content is five percent THC and five percent CBD, but it delivers bright bursts of fruity, cherry flavor. Again, this is an incredible strain for anyone highly sensitive to THC or suffering from anxiety conditions.

CBD Kush

Breeders can create some remarkable re-mixes these days, and that is clear by the CBD Kush cultivar. CBD Kush contains roughly equal measures of THC to CBD (eight percent each) for a chill, mellow high. It’s relaxing, stress-relieving, and a powerful option for anxiety. It has a unique nutty flavor, underlaid with woodsy and earthy notes.

Strawberry Kush CBD

A rare CBD strain, but one worth a shout out!. If you can find Strawberry Kush CBD, it contains up to nine percent CBD and five percent THC. You’ll feel only a mild buzz but experience massive stress-relieving effects. As the name suggests, this strain tastes intensely like summer-fresh strawberries.

Ringo’s Gift

If there was a perfect CBD flower online, this might be it. Ringo’s Gift is almost all CBD (15 percent or higher), with minimal THC (under one percent). This is an excellent option for patients if they cannot find Charlottes Web or would like to try something new. Ringo’s Gift is often used in the production of concentrates because of its super-high levels of CBD. Expect earthy, hash-like flavors, and a super cerebral experience.

Why Wait? Buy CBD Flower Online

Canadian’s tastes in weed are rapidly shifting from super-potent THC-rich buds to a mellowing CBD-dominant vibe. It seems as if many connoisseurs across this country are now leaning into more balanced strains—stains with an even THC and CBD component, or in some cases, no THC at all.

CBD-forward buds are stress-relieving, super relaxing, and still deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. They work for people who need to work during the day, dislike the THC experience, or simply want a more gentle strain. If you can’t find any flower, check out the other options like edibles, tinctures, and topicals. These days you can even get 99 percent pure CBD isolate and lips balms!


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