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What is a cannabis dab pen?

What is a cannabis dab pen?

The way in which we consume cannabis concentrates is very much a personal thing. Some want convenience; others want portability, while others seek enhanced flavour. If you want a solution that encapsulates all three, then dab pens may be the ideal solution for you.

Dab pens fall somewhere in between large and cumbersome dabbing rigs and vape pens. They’ll provide you with a convenient solution to consume a wide range of forms of cannabis, including many forms of concentrate and cannabis flower.

Easy to use and with control over the temperature in one simple and transportable device, dab pens offer numerous benefits to those who wish to enjoy a wide range of cannabis concentrates with minimal fuss. If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online, then here’s what you need to know about one of the most convenient ways to consume them safely.

What is a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are also known as wax pens. They are similar in size and style to a vaporizer and are most commonly used to consume cannabis concentrates. Where consumers traditionally had to obtain a blowtorch and a dabbing rig to consume concentrates, dab pens offer consumers a much more convenient and hassle-free way to dab.

Dab pens are discreet and straightforward to use and often come complete with a micro-USB recharge option or EGO rapid chargers for ultimate convenience.

Dab Pens Vs Dab Rigs and Vaporizers

Dab pens stem from the world of dabbing, a process whereby consumers vaporize cannabis concentrates with complex dabbing rigs engineered to preserve taste and potency. Although it may be more labour intensive, dabbing offers consumers several advantages over vaping or smoking flower. It tends to provide consumers with more control over the experience by allowing them to choose from a wide variety of concentrates with differing textures and make-ups.

On more sophisticated dabbing rigs, you can set the exact temperature and tailor the experience to preserve certain compounds for enhanced therapeutic benefit. But while dabbing rigs offer several advantages, they’re not a portable option.

It’s for this reason that many consumers prefer to vape cannabis concentrates. Vaporizers are portable, give off little odour, and are among the most discrete consumption methods around. And while they are no doubt convenient, this convenience often comes at the price of a low-quality product.

Vaping cartridges often come with thinning agents added to the cannabis oil to make it viscous enough. In addition, the cannabis oils in cartridges are often very generic in nature and don’t offer the variety associated with different forms of dabbable concentrates.

The Advantages of a Dab Pen

Dab pens strike the optimal balance between both worlds. They are a portable solution that also address the shortcomings of vape cartridges. This makes them ideal for those who wish to maintain discretion and portability while also having complete control over the experience.

Dab pens come in different types. Basic versions consist of an attachment atop a standard vape battery with a replaceable ceramic bowl and a coil that generates heat when activated. Others offer a mechanism whereby you can change the vaping temperature by varying the battery voltage for a more tailored experience.

More advanced models of dab pens are somewhat bulkier and expensive but offer a host of features that add to the experience. Rather than using coils, they tend to use a ceramic oven for more even and consistent heating. With more precise control over the temperature, it ensures that dab pens avoid damaging delicate compounds like terpenes with excessive heat. Not only does this lead to a more therapeutic hit, but it also improves the overall taste.

The wide range of configurable temperatures ensure that dab pens are more suitable for a wide range of cannabis concentrates that extend beyond simple oils to include concentrates like rosin, shatter, wax, and live resin.

How To Use a Dab Pen

Dab pens are simple and intuitive to use, but people often run into difficulty when trying to get the concentrate they wish to dab into the pen. Many cannabis concentrates are sticky and require a little manipulation to get them from the packaging into the device.

Some consumers prefer to briefly cool the concentrate in the fridge to make it more manageable. Either way, once the concentrate is in the dab pen oven, it’s simply a question of dialling in your preferred settings and activating it.

Are Dab Pens Safer?

With several questions around the safety of cannabis oils that contain additives, dab pens offer many consumers with increased peace of mind. With dab pens, you can buy the highest-quality cannabis concentrates available and avoid many of the potentially harmful additives in vape cartridges.

With the science still unresolved around how harmful the presence of compounds like Vitamin E acetate in vape cartridges are, dab pens offer consumers a method of consumption that avoids such compounds altogether.

In addition, dab pens also offer consumers the ability to vaporize cannabis flowers. It’s this extra versatility, coupled with an already discreet and easy-to-use design that attracts many consumers.

They may be more expensive than competing options, but a dab pen is an excellent investment if you are looking for a convenient and portable option that provides a configurable experience compatible with various forms of cannabis.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online

Dab pens allow you to change your consumption habits and mix things up a little. By consuming different forms of cannabis concentrates, we allow ourselves to experience not only new flavours but also a wide array of beneficial plant compounds within the cannabis plant.

Many of the terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids are destroyed through heat, but dab pens with configurable heat settings can help preserve many of these beneficial plant compounds and provide a more therapeutic experience.

If you’d like to buy cannabis concentrates online and mix things up to expand your cannabis experience, then at Low Price Bud we stock a wide range of cannabis concentrates to get you started. Between budder, live resin, and shatter, we have several options that preserve much of the original plant spectrum in concentrate form, meaning that with a dab pen, you can enjoy the enhanced therapeutic benefits and complex flavours from this miracle plant even more!


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